Friday, January 12, 2018

Oh by the way...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I woke up this morning with the Holy Ghost bringing something to mind which still steamed me, and with permission from TL, I am recording it here.

The basis of this is how "family" take advantage of good family members and never give a damn about the danger or how taxing the demands are.

Where this starts is TL is in the metro and I am in the brier patch. We are talking on the phone as it is 10 o'clock and it is time to tuck TL in, as TL works in getting up at 6 AM in a very labor intensive job, even if it is research and development.

A phone call comes in, and TL takes it. It is from the mother who has just returned home from a visit to the relatives, where mother now has a hacking cough and is sick. Perhaps if someone would stay the hell home instead of going to diseased lands they would not have hacking pneumonia for the next several years.

So it is getting close to 11 PM and TL is requested to go pick up some whatever to alleviate the symptoms of the mother, and TL being a good soul, jumps at the request to go out in the middle of the night, in the metro, and to pick up shit in a bad part of town, because no other venues are open at that late hour.

As TL later mentioned, "Maybe they could of mentioned as they  were coming home that they needed something, in a text, because TL could have then stopped off after work and picked things up when the hoodlums were not prowling around".

The key word in this is THEY, because no sooner does the mother have her shopping list for 11 PM, and a 20 minute drive, on a cold night, where someone might have car trouble or hoodlum trouble, who phones but the sister and says this gem, "Oh by the way TL as you are coming over, would you pick up a bottle of contact lens solution as you are stopping anyway".

Now I was steamed already about this intrusion and abuse of TL, as there is a father living at that residence who if things had been that dire for the old gal, that he could have gotten into the vehicle and driven........hell she could have as she was traveling and had to DRIVE THROUGH THE METRO ANY WAY, but no TL was the one tagged so the old gal could hold court, as TL was always relegated to the audience section to cheer.
Same situation whe the sister go married. She was not going to put TL in the wedding, but we could drive 20 hours to get there, so sit in a pew so the sister could taunt TL that TL was not in the wedding.
We did not attend that function, even when the sister attempted to bribe TL with 500 dollars to play the organ for her. Yes not chosen as a place of honor, but you can be the hired help so you can be glowered over and bossed around.

So TL went, I held my cool, but not my tongue and said it was really a crappy thing which had been done in endangering TL, putting TL out that late in the night, and exposing TL to some vermin disease, as TL did have to work for a living.

This is what I mean about family taking advantage of normal people who are nice. My Gram Lyd, used to have the words, "Would you be so kind". My dad's phrase was, "We can do this", which meant I would be stuck doing this all by myself. I used to ask if he had a mouse in his pocket for the WE.
My mother had a scam of asking to do one thing and when I did it, she had a half dozen other things which just needed doing. Odd in all of these things that none of my other worthless siblings ever got asked, because they would not do them, so they were never asked.

As for TL, when we left the metro, it took the sister about the time it takes to write this before she fled the parentals too. See the sister thought it was a competition where the parents were some prize, and once she got stuck listening to the old gal complain and pops being his lazy self, she did not want the work that came with the prize that TL was always stuck doing.

When I was there, TL redid their upstair's bathroom without a thank you. This part in me driving the old gal around and hauling home materials had another non thank you, but I was informed that "I could not go upstairs, because that was for family only. And I suppose in all that paint and wallpaper paste, TL and I would have been having sex in every room, as that is what that woman's mind was always churning out.

I did though rebuild their dangerous dock which would have cost them all they had if someone had been hurt on that thing. After I kept prodding pops to get moving, I tore out the planks, got the wood with him, cut it up, and started screwing in the planks, where he immediately took over and puffing and sweating where I thought he was going to die on the last few boards, he announced that he was pleased with his new dock THAT HE HAD BUILT.

If I had not moved along things, it probably would not be done yet, as that was the game the parentals played in delaying things or things just "breaking" by miracle the moment TL appeared to hold TL hostage for a few more hours. It was always for a few hours just stopping by and then it was six hours.

The more I type, the more things come to mind in just how noxious people can be. Like the time I helped clean out hog barn for my godfather, and I never took anything for doing it, as that is the arrangement with my Beloved Uncle as he would always say, "You damn shit, I will make it up to you" and he did. godfather though just said "I'll have to get you back again", and  I never went back and he never did make things up for that labor.

The positive is TL is away from those people who were just abusive and expected to be served as they thought themselves so special. I suspect by the waves of negative energy which appear here from them, that the newly wed sister, with her fag husband, have been at that point of, "Yeah I don't have to be nice to the inlaws anymore as they suck, so I am staying home for the holidays and I don't want that shit here either".

I tried my best to mend the fences for TL and the family, but they detested me, and were only interested in a broken TL that they could manipulate. I would that it could have been the Waltons, but don't expect the Waltons when you got people who only care about themselves.

There was not one offer to help us move, pack or anything else. But there was always the phone call to run them over to pick up a vehicle or take them to some event. Oh and also the bitching that I was always along. Yes I was along because I was there to watch over TL to keep TL safe or at least die with TL, as one night we checked on the old gal and almost got killed in a traffic accident.

That time I got bitched at for being along to check on her, as it was my car which was driven and my life wasted.

Lord, I know I am never going back to that metro even to bury that bunch, and I will not let TL be exposed to that again, as all that would happen is TL would be blamed for something.

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