Friday, January 19, 2018

Open Season America

What is armed and dangerous?
Who have you licensed the police to legally murder?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If you read of the police shooting an armed person, would you conclude they were a bad person or a good person?

Your prejudice is what drives stories online and the Daily Caller posted a group of statistics from the Washington Post which found that police shoot armed people most often. One could ask the question in what are police shooting people without guns like LaVoy Finicum and later planting a weapon on them to justify the murder, because the fake news who has a stake in the police state protecting them while criminalizing and murdering you, has you biased into thinking people with guns should be shot by police.

Ask yourself this, in what if the person was a bit off in the head like most of you have relatives who are not all there, but harmless, is that ok that the police shot your goofy cousin?

Nearly 25 percent of those killed were also said to be suffering from some sort of mental instability at the time of their deaths, according to the report, but nearly 90 percent of them were armed with weapons varying from firearms to a pitch fork.

The internet has examples of the police shooting unarmed people, sometimes on their knees crying, and sometimes trying to comply with orders which are confusing. Is it ok for the police to shoot at those people?

I want you to read that line above about someone with a pitchfork, as in degrees of separation, I actually know the people that this event happened to from a person of that community and I would like to add some details to this story so you can make up your mind if this was something you would want happening in America.

The man shot was the son of a mail carrier. They were good people, served in the military and lived on a farm. They rented their land out to another farmer who appeared with a group to hunt on the land. The man who the police shot, appeared and told them to leave and threatened them, because he did not want them on the land.
Instead of leaving, they phoned the police, who soon enough appeared. The farmer's son appeared again, and this time in defending his property and his land, charged the group with a pitchfork, at which point the deputy put a load of 12 gauge buckshot into this man's chest and killed him.
Now was a pheasant worth the life of another human to hunt that bird? Was a man who had some psychological problems, but never harmed anyone or anything in his life, deserve to be shot by a shoot to kill trained police force in America?

Are you comfortable with the above events or are they beginning to make you uncomfortable, when that officer could have shot this man in the leg and disabled him as he was not a threat to anyone.

What if I add that the people who told me this story, stated they visited the farm later as the family was selling the dead son's pickup truck. The truck was a blue Dodge Ram, and had a great deal of grease on the seats and the console as this was a working farmer's truck and he worked his entire life.
Would it make any difference in the son's father was given Christmas gifts every Christmas because he was such a good mail carrier?

What if I added that the people who told me this said they were out for a walk, as this deputy rented a home a mile from them in this rural area without any crime, and this deputy upon seeing a 75 year old woman and her son out for a walk on the road, drove deliberately at them from a great distance, and then drove by glaring at them like he wanted to shoot them too.
This deputy is now in another state, armed and glaring at people too, after having employed deadly force where none was necessary.

Does it matter when a statistic takes on a life, like yours in having a working vehicle, not wanting people on his property, having rights and then not having any rights, because an officer shot him, because it was legal.

What happens as now when Americans are being criminalized and the trespassers are foreigners being protected, that it might be you who is the next statistic, as before reading this, you jumped to the conclusion that people being shot by the police, deserve it.

Here is something not recorded in the Post or the Caller, in did you know that there is nothing illegal about having a firearm, knife or pitchfork in America and that does not mean the police can just shoot you or anyone? Do you realize how far America has gone from the Minute Man, John Wayne Cowboys and boys having a Red Ryder BB gun, in guns and being armed were accepted, and now your thought process is, not questioning why the police are shooting people, as you think people deserve it.

America is  a nation where the police shot 3000 Americans the past several years.  That averages 600 Americans per state. Do you really think all of those people deserved to be shot, or do you ever consider like Andy  Taylor or Mayberry, that most of these people if the cops would stop pushing them in invading their space, would back down and no one would ever be dead.

This blog has made it a point in calling for the disarming of every government official, except your county Sheriff, the FBI, Border Patrol and US Marshals. The rest of them should not have guns and should be put on foot. Every state police should be abolished, as all they do are highway men robbing people in tickets.

You build a police state, and sooner than later, those officials will invent ways to criminalize you, to justify their jobs.

- Lame Cherry.

Where I live there is not any crime. The last murder here was that cop shooting a farm boy.

What is coming next in America will be drones, spying on all of us, making criminals out of all of us. So those little things you do, that you are getting away with are going to be recorded and you are going to be a criminal, and be made an example of as how long do you think it will be, before someone  tests your lawn and you applied too much bug or weed spray and are going to be fined or perhaps SWAT will appear.

In America it is legal for the police to murder Citizens, legal to rob Citizens and legal to spy on Citizens.  All of the dead in those statistics were not bad people, just as not were all good people. All were Americans though and that is the fact in this data that Armed Citizens deter more crime than the police ever do, and more importantly Americans do it without lethal force in most instances.

Every one of these dead has a real story. None of them deserved to be shot in the street. Executions are for Juries and hangmen, not police.  The old protect and serve is gone from police. It is now rob and shoot.

Do you really like cringing when you see police, and being afraid? Do you know that you are paying the police to shoot and rob you, and if it is not you, it is your neighbors? Is that what you intend when you pay taxes, to be afraid of the police state showing up and putting you into prison which the government extorted money from you by force in taxes, to protect the system, to throw you or anyone who they judge a pitchfork carrier into prison or the grave.

It is open season on America, and it is time that America unemploys 3/4's of their police force, as that is what the Sheriff is for and people can as they have for generations since 1776 policed themselves.

Would America meltdown if these 3000 dead were still alive? We will never know, but we do know America is degrading to worse lawlessness with the 3000 armed officers still active who shot that many Americans because it was legal.

This system is not working, as it was not created to execute these kinds of numbers of Americans. The tragedy is there are few people bringing this to the public's attention that people are so conditioned now that the mere mention of a gun, and people think Americans should be shot.

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