Sunday, January 21, 2018

Pedo Paddock

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Now that we know that Stephen Paddock was a proud hero of NAMBLA in kiddie porn as appeared on his laptop, which makes him a hero in most Obama voter ranks, like his brother who was under FBI surveillance for kiddie porn so it should beg a question of now the Paddock boys who left tracks all over pedo sites were unknown to the authorities, but that is not for the Citizen to know, as we now have more information released from Las Vegas Law Enforcement and on the massacre, in which problems are arising as we are still told of a "lone shooter" scenario, but evidence points to someone else in this suite.

There are police reports of another person of interest, logic would point to his brother, but this is not about pedos or persons of interest, this is about the newly released evidence.

 Look at the following photos, and tell me what you see about the weapons there, as they are telling you something.


To not drag this out, we know that Stephen Paddock was right handed, as we were told this by the bloody evidence and the official report of self inflicted suicide.

Did you notice on the above, that the rifles are laid in opposite directions? The only way this would happen is if a left handed person was laying those weapons out, along with a right handed person.
For those who would submit that Paddock was carrying a weapon in each hand, the evidence shows that Paddock was laying down one rifle with his right hand and numbers with his left hand. Forensic psychology would conclude that two people were in that room, and the left handed one was the individual who was placing most of the stockpiles for display.

That is one of those things which haunts the official narrative which makes one doubt the official narrative.

Then there is something which really exposes the official narrative as a lie.

This is the door which the camera was wired to.

Notice anything about the door?

How about this hallway photo. Do you notice anything about this?

 I am not doing the Johnny Q jerk around here of you, as I know you are not seeing what needs to be seen, but am building this so you get the point, in what you needed to see was which side of the door was the automatic door closer on?
It is on the inside and it lays the foundation for the official photo evidence below.

We were told absolutely that Paddock fired through the door, as the closed door. The hallway photo shows no door fired through, only the one removed. As Paddock was not firing through his webcam door, which would have been a sight fire, instead of a blind fire, the public is left with the above door, which is from the inside of the door.
The problem is the bullet holes are raised on the inside. If Stephen Paddock was firing through the door to the outside, they would be dimpled, instead they are raised and someone on the outside fired 29 rounds into Paddock's room.

None of that is in the evidence report, and it literally destroys the official scenario.

The official report indicates approximately 1050 casings were recovered in the room. Again we were officially informed that over 200 rounds were fired in the hallway. That leaves 850 rounds fired into the concert.

Remember the 850 as Wiki reports this:

2017 Las Vegas shooting - Wikipedia

2017 Las Vegas shooting; 1. 2. 1. ... fired more than 1,100 rounds from his suite on the 32nd floor ... About an hour after Paddock fired his last shot into the crowd ...

Then this from the New York Daily News on forensic audio examination.

Las Vegas terrorist fired 280 rounds in 31 seconds into crowd ...

Las Vegas terrorist Stephen Paddock fired 280 rounds in 31 seconds into ... the fleeing crowd across Las Vegas ... in the Las Vegas massacre.

If 1100 rounds were fired from Paddock's suite into the concert, then who fired the other 250 rounds? If all that is recorded is 280 rounds on audio, then where did these other 820 rounds go?

In review of this in another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, there was a right and left handed individual in that suite laying out weapons. Furthermore, someone was shooting into that room, and it was not Paddock firing out of that room.

Every time the authorities start releasing information and making it official, it exposes the official narrative as bogus.

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