Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Real Leaked Shit Hole Exchange of President Donald Trump

Senator Dick Durbin, I feel penetrated by your words
and it makes me uncomfortable sir to be vocabulary foundled


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Now that we have it from the lips of the leader of Homoland Security in Kirstjen Nielsen that everyone was using foul language in the Shit Hole Gate meeting at the White House, the Lame Cherry feels it is now proper to release the recorded exchange for all to assess the entire meaning of it.

“I don't remember the specific words [Trump used],” Nielsen said under questioning from Durbin. “What I was struck with, frankly as I'm sure you were as well, was the general profanity that was used in the room by almost everyone.”

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen

 We are here to discuss the Trump Wall and DACA and as
usual Jared has something to say.....

You fucks build that goddamn wall as I need them 
sand niggers and sand pepes to fill my slum shacks with!!!


As representing New York Jewry, I can get 1400 dollars from OPEC 
for every goddamn sand nigger I import to cut beef in Iowa
and 850 for every Mexican I ship to New Jersey to do asphalt.


You cocksucking Shylocks always got it down to the dollars,
I'd like to tomahawk some illegals up your asses as 
I need them to die in my Mideast war!

Aren't any of you motherfuckers going to talk about
how I need Mexicans to polish my toilet after
I shit in it eating cheesy pasta??


Well fuck allah, I need some Muslim cash to beat Paul Nehlen!
Fucking Jews get the 30 pieces and I have to suck Koch!


I haven't got shit out of this deal and it's why I want a fucking infrastructure...


The shits getting deep in here. Somebody needs to dig a hole!


Let's talk about the lack of toilets my slave workers in Africa have
to dig their own holes to shit in. 


You're such a racist cunt you cocksucking bitch. I'd bend you over my knee
and spank that ass of yours beet red, over and over, take selfies,
 and have you call me daddy dick.......


You fucks are all about money. Have any of you cum dumps
ever have started a day off with a golden shower from 
those foreign bastards?


 I'm this close to fucking forcing Trump out and you shit heads
are talking piss bathes.....
Ah I didn't say that out loud did I?


Can we just shovel the shit in this hole to
con Americans as I  goddamn got PMS and a weapon on my thigh
and I need to go arrest my menstrual flow!!!

As you can witness the President is not a racist, things got heated by other parties and Dick Durban could not keep up with the conversation in the real leaked shit hole exchange.