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A Necessary Special Prosecutor to Investigate Justice Roberts Collusion

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With Chairman Devin Nunes now looking into the criminal corruption of Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts in collusion with Barack Hussein Obama, Eric Holder and the conspirators at Justice and FBI in connection with the FISA warrants signed by Robert's Obama appointee, Judge Rudolph Contreras which began this witch hunt, it is a reality that a series of Special Prosecutor must now be appointed due to the widespread corruption involved.

Chief Justice John Roberts implicated in Collusion in Russiagate Warrants

Judge Rudolph Contreras of the FISA Court
which began the witch hunt against Donald Trump
was chosen for Obama by Chief Justice John Roberts

There can only be one man for this job in oversight and that is Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch. Mr. Klayman has spoken of his appointment and how he would clean out the Department of Justice, but this is honestly too large for one man, as what would be preferential would be to appoint Mr. Klayman as Goverenor General of Prosecutors, and if so inclined he could head the Department of Justice Division.
John Roberts is now a Person of Interest of the United States Congress criminal investigation

Nunes: We´ve ´grappled´ with
approaching Chief Justice Roberts

The Hill [Washington, DC], by Katie Bo Williams    Original Article
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House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) has weighed whether it would be possible to bring Chief Justice John Roberts to “testify” before Congress as part of his investigation into political malfeasance at the Department of Justice. In an interview with Hugh Hewitt on Wednesday, Nunes said GOP investigators had “grappled” with how to approach the courts about their conclusion that the FBI misled a clandestine surveillance court. Roberts appoints the judges to that court. “This is something that we have, like I said, we have thought a lot about this. And the answer is we don’t know the correct way

There must now though be one to examine Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama and what will be the gem of the investigations in Chief Justice John Roberts. Finally with a Special Prosecutor unleashed on John Roberts, the nation will discover what this homosexual was being blackmailed with by the Obama regime for Roberts to rewrite United States Law for Obamacare rationed death in one of the most ludicrous decisions to ever be handed down by the courts.

It is time for Prosecutor General to hear the evidence brought before him by investigators concerning John Robert's collusion with Birther Hussein, and reach an immediate indictment whereby John Roberts will be immediately be removed from the Supreme Court and replace by a Trump appointment.
John Roberts has proven incapable of upholding the laws of the United States, and it would be in the scope of this investigation to examine the Obama and Clinton appointees, who should have recused themselves on security issues, and the political nature of Ruth Bader Ginsburg in being anti Trump, and when such improper behaviors are discovered, they too will be indicted by the Governor General for prosecution, and removed from the Court.

What would be required is for Congress to pass a bill for Trump to sign into law of the Governor General Act of Special Prosecution, which would limit the scope of investigations with proper time limits of 90 days and limit funding. There would never again be another Robert Mueller coven of 500 spending hundreds of millions of dollars without any boundaries as Rod Rosenstein for the deep state gave Mueller carter blanche to persecute the President.
In this, I would in checks and balances advocate that Congress would appoint the Governor General in this, and oversee the appointments of the Governor General, as Rod Rosenstein has shown the fox watching the hen house is not in the interests of the American People.

It is of necessity in the lawlessness of the secret society, who have not budged as they are conducting the bidding of the deep state against Americans, that a new step must be undertaken in the investigation of the Chief Justice of the United States for criminal collusion.
In the case of John Roberts his Obamacare finding would be immediately nullified as it was a matter of fraud and collusion with Birther Hussein. In short, an indictment of John Roberts negates Obamacare and removes it from the books as unConstitutional. It can be revisited if picked up by the Court with another Trump Justice appointee, and Chief Justice Sam Allito leading a real Constitutional Court.

It is projected out that in the investigation of the Court, Roberts would be removed, Sotomeyer and Kagan for deception, and Ginsburg for politicizing the Court. This would be truly a Trump Court in he would appoint 5 Justices, perhaps 6 if the Governor General examines Justice Breyer inclusion of Sharia Law into American rulings from the Court which is unConstitutional.

It is time now that the Nunes Committee is seeking to interrogate Chief Justice John Roberts for collusion in Russiagate, that Congress begin appointing a check and balance investigative arm in the Governor General of Special Prosecutors which in 90 days would hand down indictments and actually drain this swamp.

Donald Trump by Christmas 2018, could have appointed 6 Justices to the Supreme Court if the Law is enforced in the United States of America.

The Lame Cherry simply states that the next Trump appointment to the Court is Heather Heald, the adopted daughter of Roy and Kayla Moore by her first marriage, who is a board member of The Foundation of Moral Law.

The only way the Supreme Court will return to serving the American People and the Constitution is the appointment of not lawyers, but the appointment of those who are based in God's Christian Law as the Founders explained was the foundation of a free society. No government can stand when immoral people are running the mechanisms as Russiagate has proven.

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