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Do not celebrate the Nunes Memo just yet

 Look at my tits as you want the Action

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

You can thank the lovely and perky breasted Shannon Watts for this piece of media which hints at what this blog warned you of and what Steve Bannon was complaining of, as it is money laundering that Robert Mueller is going after Donald Trump over, and while you were celebrating the Nunes Memo, Robert Mueller leaked his fodder to McClatchy News which Michael Bloomberg's pretty lass has been just gushing over.

Here let me give you the quick tour in the under the skirt version.

I wondered where this ad campaign girly appeared from to capitalize on gun fodder kids, and then this photo emerged so it explains who is pimping the operation.


 Sell it Sugar as dead babies are not enough as abortion proved that

See Michael Bloomberg capitalized in Sandy Hook in buying an ad queen, who he got on the cheap, as while he is trying to sell the MILF gun control in cougar city, Mike needed to give her boob job as she does like jutting them out, but she is frightened about lifting her skirt in showing the thigh so she would get the press coverage necessary, but who is the popular girl to critique a billionaire in what he presstitutes.

Now that you got that information, and agreeing with the popular girl that Shannon Watts needs comforting breasts and to lose 4 inches off her nether skirts, here is what is making her ejaculate with glee all over her leftist funded website.

Note it was Bloomberg who was dogging this story before it was as story and the lead is a Putin ally for American Russian gun rights in Alexander Torshin.


I want Americans and Russian Patriots all armed

Torshin, a leading figure in Putin’s party, has been implicated in money laundering by judicial authorities in Spain, as Bloomberg News first revealed in 2016. Spanish investigators alleged in an almost 500-page internal report that Torshin, who was then a senator, capitalized on his government role to assist mobsters laundering funds through Spanish properties and banks, Bloomberg reported
A summary obtained by McClatchy of the still-secret report links Torshin to Russian money laundering and describes him as a godfather in a major Russian criminal organization called Taganskaya.
Investigators for three congressional committees probing Russia’s 2016 operations also have shown interest in Torshin, a lifetime NRA member who has attended several of its annual conventions. At the group’s meeting in Kentucky in May 2016, Torshin spoke to Donald Trump Jr. during a gala event at the group’s national gathering in Kentucky in May 2016, when his father won an earlier-than-usual NRA presidential endorsement.
An FBI spokesman declined to comment on the investigation.
"We have not been contacted by the FBI about anything related to Russia," said Steven Hart, an outside attorney for the NRA, in a statement provided to McClatchy five days after publication of this story.

See what Mueller is digging for is NRA political funding which went for Donald Trump. The source would be this Russian NRA member for life in Alexander Torshin, who has been providing funding in the past for gun rights. All of which is PERFECTLY LEGAL, as any NRA member can donate to NRA causes, but you can understand where this is going as the deep state left is furious that the Russians have been courting American gun owners, and American gun owners have been in love with Putin for years.

Let the Lame Cherry add a new twist to this, in ask yourself how was it that Robert Mueller knew to start dogging the NRA and Alexander Torshin?

Torshin’s contacts with the NRA and the Trump campaign last year also came to the attention of Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and key adviser. When Torshin tried to arrange a personal meeting with Trump near the NRA convention site last May, Kushner scotched the idea, according to emails forwarded to Kushner.

I know you missed the above past the obvious of Jared Kushner is the common denominator in Russian meetings leaked about Don Jr. and Russians to Mueller which Mueller had no idea of, but the question you have to ask is how did Jared Kushner know that Alexander Torshin was Russian Mafia?

It is because Kushner  is part of the Jew mafia which has been dumping money out of Russia into Tel Aviv and Jared Kushner New York investment deals.
There is a pattern in Jared Kushner in where he appears, Robert Mueller soon has knowledge of the contact and begins looking at the situation.

Now what would make nipples more perky than Russian meddling in American elections, and the funding came the Russians funding NRA political ads. Talk about wiping out the last right wing bastion of political power. It is almost as if it was by design, and how fortunate it all was discovered by Robert Mueller, who leaked it to the anti Second Amendment group of #NeverTrumper Michael Bloomberg, and the common denominator is leftist Jared Kushner, who once again is fingering his brother in law Don jr. and the Russians.

I told you the insurance policy was money laundering and it did not come in full force out of Russia, but that is what Mueller is dogging now. This is what Bill Clinton was telling Jeb Bush, that Donald Trump would be handled. The diversion is all of this Pissgate to grab the attention, set you up, and then pull the rug out from under you in the real target is American gun owners, the Second Amendment, destroying that political base, just as Donald Trump has put the Evangelicals on a leash over saving babes in the womb.

See there are rules in this, you never tell women anything who need breast implants and who tits are too perky, as they are going to spill the story before Bobby Mueller springs the trap.

I am telling you that this was never about impeaching Donald Trump. This was about something more nefarious, in you get the Presidency not by getting Trump and installing Pence, but you get the Presidency by getting rid of Mike Flynn and Reince Priebus and installing Gary Cohn, John Kelly, Krissy Nielsen and Herbert McMaster and Donald Trump goes where they lead.
One destroys the Republican party as Webster Tarpley stated would take place, by putting Russian money into the NRA, which Donald Trump has absolutely deniability and in that you take down the NRA, which takes down right wing America.

Evangelicals on the Trump leash signing of on sodomy, butchering babies and denying Christ, and the gemstone of the NRA in criminal court forever smeared. 

You had better not be celebrating the Nunes Memo just yet, as the trap is set and you have just been warned by the Lame Cherry to not step into it as you are going to not get any help from Donald Trump, no more than he gave Christian Roy Moore.

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