Sunday, February 4, 2018

Just Say Nancy

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Now that the Lame Cherry has correctly assessed who Nancy Reagan was in this world, and that I would not like this woman as she is not my taste, but praised her for being a good First Lady about 60% of the time, it is time to shock all of you in defending her, and exposing to your minds just how vicious the press was to this woman.
If you think what they smear Donald Trump with is deplorable, be shocked by the following quote of the nutty Mockingbird media, to understand what vicious is.

Nancy Reagan has an interested smile, the smile of a good wife, a good mother, a good hostess, the smile of someone who grew up in comfort and went to Smith College and has a father who is a distinguished neurosurgeon  (her father's entry in the 1966-67 Who's Who runs nine lines  longer than her husband's) and a husband who is the definition of Mr. Nice GUy, not to mention Governor of California,  the smile of a woman who seems to be playing out some middle class American woman's daydream, circa 1948. The set for this daydream is perfectly dressed, every detail correct......Everyone on the set smiles, the social secretary, the state guard, the cook, the gardeners."

Saturday Evening Post
Joan Didion

Nancy Reagan took this all personally and never did figure it out what her crime was in he was a working woman, who had a husband, who had a family, who was moral, but she was not a feminist who hated men, and wanted to smell of body odor  and hated being a woman.
That was Nancy Reagan's crime as in the Tavistock Stanford Cultural Revolution or Societal Rape, she was what all these failed women who could not get a date without spreading their legs, and were furious that men treated them like the whores they were, and they simply could not compete with women who actually enjoyed being women.

Twelve years later the feminist man haters were still in a fury at Mrs. Reagan and this appeared.

She never seems to get an itch, her lips never stick to her teeth. She hardly ever blinks. Don't her legs ever go to sleep? Haven't they ever had a terrible fight just before the speech? Isn't she ever bored hearing the whole thing over and over and over?"

Washington Post
Sally Quinn

In the above, Mrs. Reagan's crime was again that she had a husband she was devoted to and loved. The nuance of this was, is these women attacking her had no one, not even a lesbian who they did not detest and who detested them.

This from Julie Baumgold of the New York Magazine, really went for the throat:

"She does not provoke, she flatters  and always suppresses the little touch of the bitch inside".
New York Magazine
Julie Baumgold

Yes being polite and not letting  real bitches in the media get to you, is what really was driving these feminists nuts. Nancy Reagan had a husband who kept winning, winning and winning, Americans loved him, and they once again loved America and were proud and these America haters were just coming unglued.

As none of the June Cleaver smears were working and none of the loving her husband smears worked, and none of the bitchy smears worked, then came out the big guns in smears in waving the Jew Card in the Reagan WASP was not to  be sullied by Jewry.

Nancy  Reagan would make the White House comfortable and "all their non Jewish friends would be there".

Los Angeles Herald Examiner
Wanda McDaniel

That quote was sourced to Rupert Allen,  and he was so furious in being libeled that he threatened to sue the paper as he never said anything like this about the Reagans.

Do you get hint of the same patterns here in what Nancy Reagan was hit with, that Donald Trump is being run down the line on the same stories to see what will stick?

 Then read on as this next smear stated that Nancy Reagan was a brainless bimbo.

"She is the marzipan wife. The rare woman who can perform the miracle of having no interests at all."

Ms. Magazine
Gloria Steinem

For those who are unfamiliar with the "marzipan" line, it is the origination of the Hate White People which has erupted by George Soros funding. Marzipan in English and is  white desert of egg whites and almond paste. Yes racism was employed by the left against Mrs. Reagan in people were supposed to hate her because she was White!

Lastly in this smear campaign is Mrs. Reagan's favorite quote and it rivals anything Vice President Spiro T.  Agnew ever was inspired to utter as it is priceless in the depths of depravity it conjured up against Nancy Reagan.

"Queen Nancy the Extravagant, an aloof former debutante and move star whose main concerns are fashion, decorating, lunching with rich girlfriends, whose idea of hard times is tablecloths that shrink, whose doe-eyed devotion to her husband leads to hard-eyed terrorizing of her aides".

Chicago Tribune

 So you see the feminist left really hated Nancy Reagan and did everything they could to destroy her. She was called The Iron Butterfly, The Belle of Rodeo Drive, Fancy Nancy, The Cutout Doll and in what was a humorous dig, Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show quipped that her favorite junk food was caviar.

None of that was true and it was extremely hurtful. Mrs. Reagan had supporters one the left from Kay Graham of the Post to Speaker Tip O'Neill but it was all in private and even Sam Donaldson did not show any support until he saluted ex President Reagan on their leaving the White House.
It all though was coordinated against the American Christian, Mother. Wife and Woman, to destroy that perception of what fulfilled a woman was the thing to be discarded for the horror of what Western society is in making women into lezmen whores, who hate everything from their bodies to the world.

Donald Trump is not suffering half of what Nancy Reagan had heaped against her. For the most part she suffered quietly and never spoke out as Twitter did not exist. All of this though is placed here for the record that none of this is new, and it was first unleashed against Ronald and Nancy Reagan. It was horrid then and it is horrid to this day.

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