Monday, February 12, 2018

Know your line and don't bump into the Furniture

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Nancy Reagan as a young actress was given this advice by her mother's friend, Spencer Tracey on being a good actor, "Know your line and don't bump into the furniture".

Nancy Reagan is a good study in work, as she worked summer stock theater to learn the craft, but never acted. Yes she had a part of a maid who said to Diana Barrymore, "Madam the dinner is served", but how she learned to act was watching professional actors act.
She always said modern actors and actresses suffered greatly as they never developed in stock theater.

One thing you notice about Nancy and Ronald Reagan is they always understood it was who you knew and not what you knew. Mrs. Reagan's mother was an early actress who knew all of the legends as her friends, and they often appeared at their home.

Her first part was with Zasu Pitts in the play Ramshackle in, and her next part where Mary Martin a family friend, helped her get a small role was with director John Houseman in Lute Song.
Houseman was a bastard and did not like having friends of stars stuck in his plays. He later recalled  "It was the usual nepotistic casting...........At Mary's behest to play the princess' flower maiden, we engaged a pink cheeked, attractive but awkward and amateurish virgin by the name of Nancy Davis."

Nancy Davis got her start though, and her first firing, followed by her dating Clark Gabel, which really got her attention. Mr. Gabel was the consumate gentleman and from this, Nancy Davis got screen test.

When Nancy Davis' break came, it was not so much a break, but an opening and immediately her mother called up Spencer Tracey to get him to get director George Cukor to direct the screen test. Howard Keel assisted and one of the best cameramen in George Folsey recorded it all.
The insider  work paid off as MGM, the biggest studio, soon had her under the standard 7 year contract, of 42 weeks a year paid at 250 dollars.

In comparing Nancy Davis who accepted help, her children Ron jr and Patti, refused and scorned every opportunity, which was the worst thing in these children's careers as they became preyed upon by Ronald Reagan's enemies, in ABC and Playboy both misused Ron jr. and Patti was crotch spread in Playboy and writing "books" smearing her family for money.

See in life, no one makes it on their own. You are either utilizing the opportunities with the good people you know or you will be misused by those who hate your or hate the people around you.  Ron jr. was used by democrats in the 2000 convention, still trying to make his father into his image. It was a sad thing to watch all of this, because these children thought they made their way on their own, but when it came down to it, it was still opportunities which only appeared because of Ronald and Nancy Reagan. Instead of embracing the opportunities as Nancy Reagan did, or the one chance like Ronald Reagan did in being invited out for a screen test, the Reagan children scorned the chance and did not flourish as they should have.

For example Chris Wallace of FOX, his old man Mike Wallace the worst bastard in media, a dripping leftist, but he was usually good to Nancy Reagan. When Chris got his chance as a leftist to move to FOX, he lied to the public, sounded like a Reagan Conservative, and when the chips were cast for Obama, then faggot Shep Smith and Wallace betrayed everyone and their leftist reality came out.
Chris Wallace exploited his chances by being what he was not. That is the norm, and in that at least Ron jr and Patti Reagan were always honest about being what they were, but who is at the top of the heap and who is a forgotten footnote on society.

Some people like Ivanka Kushner are children who seize opportunities, when they have absolutely no ability.  They are their daddy's pet and once that power disappears, they disappear. Again Chris Wallace had ability and seized opportunity, and is successful at being a fraud, but Ivanka Kushner seizes opportunity, and has no ability to hold that position.

It is the lesson in this, that Nancy Reagan never was a great actress, but she made a living. Her greatness was Ronald Reagan's star and she never resented that place as Hillary Clinton scowls over being Mrs. Bill Clinton as it was never enough. In contrast, Chelsea Clinton seems to have a moderate ability at management, but she is forever ruined by her parent's criminal enterprises and the intelligence minders around her who are always functioning to cover up the crimes.

In life you assess your opportunities and you make more out of what you take. I remember my sister who was Suma Cum Laude in college stating, "I would have partied more instead of being straight A as the stupid kids got jobs just like the smart ones".
There is always balance in all things, but you never scorn a door that is opened to you.

I am a poet by trade, and have had more doors slammed in my face in no one ever gave me an opportunity, so I ended up on a blog, and by God's Grace excel by a media that no one excels at due to the burn out rate. I watch the content here be stolen, reposted under other  trolls ideas, and I never receive credit or monetary compensation as this is a group of thieving propagandists without morals that are on the prominent sites across the internet, because it is always some Mockingbird, Soros or Koch funding their mind warping, as that is how you keep out of prison and how your conglomerates get that nazi money out of the US Treasury.

I would have loved to have had opportunity, but I never did. Talent and ability is stolen by those without it and they take the credit.  If you train yourself, do the best you can, you still need in numerous cases that door open by someone who wants to exploit you, or someone who knows you or your family.
To get somewhere after that, you need God's blessing and talent, as the fact remains there are a thousand Einstein's in this world, but they are in love, drunk, working at a printer job or just hate math and refused to develop the talent.

That is the lesson of Nancy Davis. You start small in not making mistakes and deliver in the small things and use your opportunities to your best opportunity. The Lame Cherry would counsel for the Glory of God.

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