Sunday, February 18, 2018

Poodle Time Lines for Dynasty Results

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I sometimes forget in these private conversations with myself that people do not know sometimes what I am typing about. It was in that the subject came up in a note concerning time lines, so tonight I am going to do something I enjoy, without mentioning politics.....well politics will be mentioned,  but as the example in what I mean when I mention time lines.

Thank you for your Godly posts. It sounds very familiar to my life. But what is the timeline constructions that you mention? How does that work? I don't see that in Bible. Please explain further.

Sometime before 2015 I locked onto the time line which was to be Jeb Bus the nominee and Hillary Clinton the nominee for 2016.  I posted on such, and about a year later the always experts online were stating that it was a done deal. I mentioned that nothing was not a done deal and laid out a possibility where that Wisconsin Governor could actually be the nominee for the GOP and defeat Hillary Clinton, as the Lame Cherry was  not signing on to more Bushism or Clintonista globalism and lies.
The Holy Ghost started mentioning to me Jehu from the Bible. I knew who this furious driver was and interpreted it to mean God had something and someone in mind to makes fools of people who thought they were in control.
I knew Jehu was  out there, hoped it was that Wisconsin guy, but as he faded, I became focused on Donald  Trump, and began constructing a time line to make him President. Remember this was 2015 and everyone knew him to be a fool. His being in the White House now looks easy, but it was not easy placing him there as by God's Grace I could generate a time line on this scale, but it was necessary for someone to assemble the wetware, and that is where Maggie appeared. I would that I could introduce all of you to the most important person  to elect Donald Trump, but I can not. If it were not for her though, Donald Trump would not have reached the White House, DIA help or not. She assembled the key people and I know I have ragged on Reince Priebus to be rid of him, but if it was not for Priebus and the Christian outreach he began before Trump was even in the race, that platform would not have brought the votes in those key states of Wisconsin,  Pennsylvania and Michigan.

At this point, you might look  around at all of this chaos and realize that when someone writes a new time line and make someone President by God's Grace that satan and the  rest of the  time line convulses to the extreme. I was knew to this, and no one had ever attempted this before, except for hints when God  made David or Jeroboam king, or other things He wrote the time lines for.

All of us can affect time lines by our wills and choices. It is why lottery tickets are so variable as you have millions of people driving their will into the matrix. Some of us like Dick Algire the Remote Viewer watches the matrix and reports events. In 2016 he was engaged in a remarkable record in revealing terror events before they took place. In the summer of 2016, he was seeing a city in America being destroyed. A popular girl started observing the matrix and tracking this event in order to stop it. I posted on such things, in the location, the problems with the device and other such things to create a wave of people not wanting this event to take place. I was a bit to precise and that is why Homeland appeared and started interviewing me.
This is why I do not post on things like this and do not become involved in event structures or time lines, as I do not want the hassle, my file expanding or to interfere with events, as I work for the return of Christ.

My intention for electing Donald Trump was simple and that was to make peace with Russia, protect Christians east and west, to restore America and lessen the blow of Judgment. 2017 pretty well  had the junta undoing what the best laid plans were and now it is a reality of the original time line of war re establishing with the President moulded into the time line.

The specifics of what God moves me to do is not something that children can be expected to play with, so I do not provide the details. It does require a popular girl though as the armature to direct the current.

If you remember the episode on Star Trek where Spock mentions that time is thought to be a river of eddies and currents, which sweep to specific locations and events bring them forward, that is close to what the matrix is. In studying Dick Algire he and his associates actually wear grooves into past time lines, so that lesser viewers will be swept to Algire's rut in the road. When I started undoing bad events, it was proven that the time line could be rewritten, but there is energy and events in the time line, and events do form again, and stopped enough they will produce an energy which needs to be released.
Think of a bad event like you getting killed in a brick falling on your head. You or someone stops it in the matrix, but if you are supposed to die, that event might build to an entire city collapsing into a sink hole.

There are many factors in this, like the Bible speaking of their iniquity was not yet full, meaning the evil had not generated enough negative energy to bring fire and brimstone from Heaven or the Israelite wiping out the Canaanites. Of course God is not going to place into the Bible a manual on how to write time lines, or people would try and change them, but all it would do would be to drive forward a surge in the current bursting the dam, as God's Will, will be  done. Nineveh was to be judged as Jonah stated, God relented and the time line moved to another date of Judgment.

The reality is that events good or bad are sort of like a souffle in a number of things have to happen to have a tornado form and it has to be a perfect set of events or it all collapses  and has to start building again. That is the matrix, and God spoke, God through me revealed the plan, Maggie provided the wetware and Donald Trump was President.

Of course no one wants to believe this, and people will scoff, but the evidence is in the archives here and while I did not change the time line, I set rules for Sarah Palin to be on the 2008 ticket by God's Grace and this blog by God's  Grace told everyone that Romney was a straw man. People did not believe me until the events took place and Obama stole another election.

I am by God's Grace once again working on something that I hope to share with Richard and Stephanie. I will not go into details, but it is the same God Light, or energy generation formed by will. All matter is energy at it's center in the God Light, it is there that God assembles the light into gold or a horse by Will. The mathematical equation would   be Results = Thought (God's Will) + Matter (C2). R=TW + MC2.

That is how you make Donald Trump President or how you write a time line.What  intend to generate is goodness in spheres for people. satan sneering at God about building a hedge about Job for his prosperity and health.

For me personally, once God accomplishes something through me or I learn something can be done, I lose interest in been there and done that.

Oh I was going to write that a poodle was bred to be a hunting dog in France for waterfowl as their oil coat kept the dogs safe while retrieving. Could you imagine a red poodle Irish Setter fetching ducks. How pretty that would be.
That has nothing to do with  time lines, but I like pretty dogs and appreciate the hunting heritage of the poodle.

Each of you affects your personal  time lines, and sometimes national  time lines by your wills. If you would as Christ states God's Will Done and not your will, the time line would run smoothly and not be in competition of where you  are going to end up anyway. My life has been in such a shambles in spiritual attacks and being burned out that I have not the energy to have things rectified and rely upon God Who can do all things, which is a lesson in I am not as gung ho buster buster that I hoped to be, as I too need to be humble in God directs  and not thinking I wrote time lines that make me wonderful. The wonderful part is the Holy Ghost in me accomplishing all things..

That probably is not the full answer which was expected, but it is an overview of the work accomplished through me that all have forgotten as it is always what rabbit can you pull out of your hat tomorrow to save us.

Everyone wants to be the one on top, but they never consider the costs. I sowed in the Lord a beautiful garden of peace and now it noxious  war weeds again. God knows all of that and all anyone can do is the right thing and God will sort it all out, so goodness or good deeds are not lost as God remembers and rewards.

That is about all there is as I have to do some  things before the night comes and no man can work.