Friday, February 2, 2018

The Cannibal Voles of the Brier Patch

Lame Cherry recreation of an actual event
as I can not afford name brand crackers.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I love poison. It is the greatest invention to rid the world of rodents and large predators. The problem is the cartel makes poison illegal, except for themselves where they use poisons in vaccines to make profit off of the human population in created diseases, and the cloth of the land is left with rats and lions.

I used to be able to use poison in the house here to kill off the mice which horde into Mom's shack to survive winter. With the Puntz though, that is ended as cats eating dead poisoned mice end up with the same blood thinner death that the mice perished from.

So with voles and mice outnumbering us, as I think they had a batch of them this winter, as the Puntz will not kill them. All the Puntz does is catch them, make them scream for about 20 minutes in play and then lets them go.
Of course I had vole wars too in their fighting and screaming, and eating each other, but that was not remedying anything, so the Holy Ghost arrived at the Cracker Box Hotel.

In order to trap voles, and not catch cats, the hotel was the answer and it was just an inch by two and a half inch rectangle cut on the side of the box, so that the trap would slip in. I placed this where the rodents were coming out to eat the Puntz's food, and braced it with a bottle of vinegar and I was in business.

For bait, a simple smear of peanut butter will work. It does not take a gob, just enough to fill the little holes, as they have good noses and with the added enticement of the security of the hotel they will capture themselves.

I began this by trying to trap them in a runway, but one vole got caught, pulled out of the trap when I was pulling back, and the next time it ran off with it. Voles around here are rather large apparently, and an anchor of some sort might be advisable, I have not had any problems since as the Cracker Box Hotel positions the rodents to be captured in the correct guillotine position........well except on one occasion where dude made a six inch journey in being captured in a 45 degree angle over the left shoulder and chest, but otherwise it is lights out when the Victor bar springs.

I do not like these new Victor mouse traps. They have a plastic pan and one refused to sit. The older varieties were much better with the metal clip so you did not have to be concerned about snapping your fingers. That trap was confiscated by the voles and is somewhere under the stove, so that solved that defective problem.

In trapping, in most cases, animals except canines like having overhead cover. It works very nicely these cubbies or pocket sets for voles in the Cracker Box. I remember reading about Tom Krause trapping mice for his wife with little trinker traps and a pen drag, but that does not work with a cat in the house, so one has to trap in a box to not trap the cat.

This is a simple trapping lesson and if the Puntz would kill the voles instead of chewing holes in me, I would not have to be trapping, but that allowed me to be Inspired by God to post something on this. The nice part of this is is that the cracker box is quite durable as the Puntz has knocked it around a bit, and I have caught like 5 voles in it, and it is still like new.

That about wraps it up in this trapping lesson of the cannibal voles of the brier patch.

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