Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Why does Donald Trump advocate for Children to be in Abusive Homes

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Now that enough time has lapsed in the theft of the Alabama Senatorial election from Christian Roy Moore, it is time to think about something which was the fury of those on the left, in why they hated Judge Roy Moore.

Roy Moore's Fixation on Protecting Children From Gay People ...

Roy Moore has never been one to back down from a fight—and for many years, his chief battle was with same-sex parents. Moore has argued that the govern ...

Now the question in this is, why was it so important for Ivanka Kushner to expose children to unstable sodomites that she smeared Roy Moore? Why was it so important for sodomites to have contact with children that John Kelly initiated his pedo protecting Chief of Staff from Afghanistan to steal votes from Roy Moore? Why was it so important to Mitch McConnell to the entire Bush political wing to defeat a man whose intention was to keep children safe by raising them in the best environment of a Christian home?

Why was Donald Trump so interested in having deviants who are so obsessed to inserting things into their anus and vaginas which are not supposed to be there, having children exposed to all of that?

It is still a question which requires an answer, for the reason you keep wanting to ignore it.

2 Studies That Prove Domestic Violence Is an LGBT Issue ...

2 Studies That Prove Domestic Violence Is an LGBT Issue. ... "Abuse is not about violence; it's about control," says Beth Leventhal, ...

Roy Moore is protecting children based on scientific and legal fact. Donald Trump is not. Now why is that?

Why did the sodomite lobby smear the innocent Judge Roy Moore as a pedophile and all of the above agreed to it.