Friday, March 30, 2018

Bon Appetite HAARP Blizzard Bombs

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was fascinated in a blizzard appeared out of nowhere in North Dakota on Good Friday. It was not forecast and suddenly this huge are of moisture and snow cyclone generated for six hours, and of course will disappear once it moves across Minnesota.

What captured my attention is it was once again centered to deal with the radioactive fall out of the Minot nuclear missile field when it would be attacked by the Eurasians.

The center of this was a cloud barrier in North Dakota, and then this intense snow cyclone appeared.

What is of interest in the study of this effect is with Minot as the radioactive generation point, the center of this moisture is a definitive corridor. Most of these towns will not mean anything to you, but this HAARP event reveals an absolute drop zone of radioactive snow or rain to cleanse the atmosphere, so it does not affect populated communities in Illinois east.

In tracking this using NOAH forecast for snow drop, the chosen scorched earth zone is a 75 mile wide band from Minot to a location called Brainerd in Minnesota. This is crucial in this scorched earth line would in theory, rectify in protecting the Mississippi River watershed which was questioned here. It would poison Indian lakes, but move north of Minneapolis and progress this into nowhere Wisconsin. Any river drainage for the most part would take the majority of this north to Canada or held in inland deep water lakes.

Only one forecast produced his blizzard in warning. All others including Yahoo had one inch of snow and little wind. This was not a long range planned event apparently.

The Yahoo forecast. Quite difference from 50 mph and half a foot of snow compared to 1 inch and a breeze.

 This is an area around 150 miles wide in snow dump, but it appears to be a reality of a very strong hot zone line and lighter radiation in the event of a war as HAARP cleanses the atmosphere. One would produce a literal scorched earth as the Russians or Chinese would factor in two warheads per US silo, with the fringe areas having bleeding asses if they ate the glowing snow.

As I have another sinus headache this is losing a great deal of interest. I just happened upon this in running the weather loops and keep posting the facts on this to provide a patterning of these events.

Oh and one more thing, HAARP can move jet streams. The NOAH is forecasting the Arctic jet stream will move north finally April 7th. Apparently the President's oil barons are more important than feeding people as the spring wheat should be planted by the 18th, and last reports I had is there is still 5 feet of frost in this region in the soil.

Bon appetite