Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Donald Trump and the Abuse of Grace

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Donald Trump is the most notable definition of what St. Paul stated in the Bible was the abuse of Grace. There comes a time in a Christian's journey with Christ when satan whispers to them in "Jesus forgives you all your sins, so you have a license to sin, so go ahead and sin". That is not what Grace is nor Mercy from God, but Donald Trump in his political apostasy has placed Christians, Patriots, Veterans and Gun Owners in a blasphemous position of defending his leftist, sodomite socialist policies, none of which Americans voted for in 2016 and what Donald Trump has been sullying America up with ever since.

The Presidency is not a WWE event as Donald Trump engages it as, nor is the Presidency a bait and switch to con the WWE crowd of the fake performance, the Presidency is the embodiment of the will of the American People of responsible liberty to always present oneself in Biblical virtue whether it is Ronald Reagan's indignation or George Washington's solemn respect for this office.

What I resent in having put this Jehu into place is as a Christian I have to waste the time and energy I do not have to explain all of this, as Donald Trump tears apart Reagan's Republican Party, and liberals are helping him accomplish this to make Trump the leader of the national socialist conglomerate state, as the democratic party divides from that to the Obama communists, leaving Americans only those two choices in Hitler and Stalin to suffer under.

The realities are all there as Donald Trump takes Christians out for a bit of sullying up, and now has shifted this that immoral liberals are the ones lecturing Trump on his profanity, a potty mouth that Donald Trump said he would never use words like that again. Just another Trump promise broken teaching what few good children America still has that lying is acceptable.

Joe Walsh is correct. The president does not use vulgar language while the Citizen does. The sad fact in this, is that Vladimir Putin is the most American President in the world just as he was under Obama.

This entire Obama press corp is there to keep whittling away at Trump support by design as Donald Trump intends to win 2020 without the base.
Peggy Noonan: I Did Not Call Trump a Neanderthal — ‘That Would Not Be Fair’ to Neanderthals

It is just a mark of the times that a Bushite Mary Matalin now is in love with Trump. Why should she not be as this is Jeb, George and George politics of gun grabbing, bringing in foreigners, tax breaks for Wall Street and nuclear war with Putin. This is Jeb Bush 2018 so why should not Matalin be thrilled over Bushism in Obama's 3rd Term destroying Conservatives.

Mary Matalin Does a Complete 180 on Trump: Performance So ‘Stunning’ I Can ‘Die Happy Now’

Donald Trump punishing law abiding Americans, instead of tackling a real issue of what really happened with Nikolas Cruz, but this is about destroying the NRA base of the GOP to marginalize it all according to John Kelly's following the DIA's protocols of what Webster Griffin Tarpley said would take place in American politics.

FOX: Trump WH Expected to Support Raising Minimum Age to Buy Long Guns

It comes down to the disgusting lumping together of all things Christian and immoral. An innocent like Judge Roy Moore has been lumped in with Donald Trump. Donald Trump who keeps having women popping up and saying MARLA MAPLES ADULTERY puts this all on a Christian's plate and expects them to eat this foul, as liberal press are whittling off Evangelicals in shaming them, as their whorish leadership led by the likes of Tony Perkins sold out for a phone call from Trump to keep silent on aborticide as Trump oversees 250,000 abortions a year as a pro life president.

As TL mentioned, "You know Trump calls all of these people up, from Bannon to whoever and asks their advice yet, makes them think they are insiders and special to the Don, and the next thing you know he is off doing Obama things, and they all shut up and take it, because they all know they are breaking bread with Trump and do not want to believe they have been had by him.

Last story on Maggie Haberman was that Trump was speed dialing her, in leaking about Reince Priebus to get Priebus gone. What is she going to do, tell the world she is cuddle buddies with Donald Trump, and be ostracized for life from her liberal pals? It is the perfect Trump intimidation.

BRENNAN: Michael, I want to ask you. You just wrote an in-depth piece about sort of the struggle within — as you see it, the search for the soul of the evangelical movement in many ways. You say they have lost their interest in decency. What do you think the evangelicals who support President Trump make of the Stormy Daniels scandal?
GERSON: Well, I think that it is the height of hypocrisy. And we saw it with Roy Moore as well.

GERSON: Well, they are acting like, you know, slimy political operatives, not moral leaders.
They are essentially saying, in order to get benefits for themselves, in a certain way — they talk about religious liberty and other issues — but to get benefits for themselves, they are willing to wink at Stormy Daniels and wink at misogyny and wink at nativism.
And that, I think, is deeply discrediting, not just in a political sense, but actually in a moral and religious sense.

You might not quite get it yet, even with the Lame Cherry explaining it, but Donald Trump kicked each of you voters off the bus long ago. He was bragging in Pennsylvania that he alone already made America great again, and you had no part in this.
It is by design to offend and inflict political rape, but it is the ultimate propaganda, because with 95 million Americans still unemployed, housing and car bubbles about to pop, Wall Street nothing but a fraud, American high energy prices sucking the life out of most Americans, and Trump ruling with an Obama Keynesian stagnant growth economy of under 3% and it will never rise beyond that with Trump policies, that this is 'great' to Donald Trump. Trump is the recession on top of the Obama super depression cake.

“I can’t say Make America Great Again because I already did that,”

The point in these posts is to educate you, so you know what is coming as it is coming. There is zero doubt what Donald Trump has engaged in and is engaging in by design. He is in league with those who advocate the White Christian Genocide of America, meaning replacing them with a more malleable slave tan class to exploit and to so impoverish that class it simply dies out, so the conglomerates will not have to exterminate millions in their immortal control over America.

Each of you can only get suckered if you choose to be suckered by this. I have no intention of supporting any of this and that is what those behind this intend. By God's Grace though, I simply am not becoming emotional and reacting. Instead, the realities are posted here so thousands of others will become informed and when these things start taking place and everyone sees them again, then it will be a matter of "Oh yeah I knew that".

I did not know any of this was coming to this leftist Jehu degree. That part has surprised me, but if I had known I would have balked and God did not want that, because the point of Donald Trump was to witness if God's children would choose the right path and they did. People can not help it being lied to and others breaking their promises. I would have been content if Mr. President was a right proper tyrant of the right, like the Argentinians were, but what America has is a Trump who is simply a fascist in the organized state rules and manages the people, as it takes rights from them.

As a Christian under Grace my solace is I have Christ, so there is no emotional outburst or anger. It is a point of, "Well a bird shit on my best blouse, nothing to be done about it, except it goes to the rag bag now", and I am moving on as to be drawn into this is ridiculous and a complete waste of time and energy which I do not have.

Donald Trump is a perfect example in the abuse of Grace, political grace in the people who trusted him to vote for him. He is by action now a national socialist of a managed economy and forced labor work force as those in ivory towers drink champagne as this WWE carnival event is meant to distract as this Nazi state of sodomite socialists ploughs on. That is why Mr. President is in the SS tags and dressed as a Nazi, because that is all he is, a national socialist in all of the anti American Republican form of Government policies of state control.

What you need to know is Donald Trump and the left in America are working for the same agenda in making the majority of you a minority and ruling you with either communism or socialism. The rhetoric does not matter as it is the actions and results, and the actions are about destroying Reagan's party and the ends are a two party state in America where the choice is Nazis or Bolsehviks.

As I have said, my place is looking for Christ as I am stuck doing this blog, as there is not any future for me in politics of this type as I am not, nor will I ever be a communist or a socialist.

Oh and one more thing, put it to bed the meme about Trump was better than "her". I can tell you that Hillary would have gotten you a better deal on taxes as Bill did, Hillary would have gotten rid of Obamacare and fixed it, and Hillary would not have dared to grab your guns the way Trump is, because people would have been all over it.

That is the reality.

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