Friday, March 9, 2018

Donald Twit

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

After the Lame Cherry explained to the world yesterday the absolute ignorant policy of Donald Trump in meeting with Kim Jong Un of North Korea as Mr. President announced yesterday, shattering all United States foreign policy, today Sarah Sanders appeared and said, "Never mind".

So then the administration rushed out its breakthrough announcement. But now the administration has to slowly back away without quite acknowledging it is doing so. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters today Trump won’t meet with North Korea unless they offer concrete concessions beforehand:

Donald Trump is not German. Donald Trump is not Scott. Donald Trump is not even American. I think he is the offal of English livestock breeding in the English Twit.


This is nuclear terrorism which this is about. This is about South Korea disappearing from nuclear bombs. This is about parts of Japan disappearing. This is about American cities disappearing from nuclear attack. This is about millions of innocent people from Korea to America being turned into ash. This is an important issue and Donald Trump with Herbert McMaster, John Kelly, Mad Dong Mattis and Rex Tillerson have completely been incompetent, and that includes Mike Pence in ignoring the sister of Kim Jong Un, when he could have had a Nixon moment with Khrushchev.

After the latest betrayals of Donald Trump to Veterans in leaving Seaman Saucier rot in prison, to American gun owners denied their rights, to Obamacare rationed death still on the books, to Mr. Trump fining his inner democrat, it is time for Donald Trump to stop disgracing that Germanic name of Trump and change his name to Donald Twit.