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I am sitting down for the first time in two days, after going non stop for over a week as I have had several snowstorms, 1 pulled baby calf and a back that is auditioning on going out from lifting calves. In order to post this blog, I do not have the luxury of just writing nor the luxury of having only good people donate to this site, as there are a few who think they can jerk me around in pseudo accounts which are being investigated for fraud.
That is fascinating to me as this blog is literally what is keeping people alive, and by those who distract me and waste my time, it means one click nearer to their nuclear armageddon.

‘I’m Not Bluffing’ Putin Tells the West, Announcing Advanced Nuclear Weaponry

The purpose of this post is to explain to you the basis of the coming nuclear war in things which you are going to be lied about in the same way your idiot grandparents believed all the lies about Adolf Hitler, in this case the bad guy is Putin.

State Dept. Rebukes ‘Cheesy’ Russian Video Presented by Putin Showing Florida Nuke Strike: ‘We Don’t Think It’s Responsible’

Now from that you wonder why Russia is acting this way, and yet for the past year, and the past two months, Donald Trump has been unleashing on the Russians in thee most threatening of postures, and it begins with Ukraine now ending the Minsk Accords which protected Russian Nationals in Ukraine, and the latest in Donald Trump is arming Ukraine to attack Russia

This all began in the Christmas season, when Donald Trump dispatched that nutty Marine commander to Norway to sound insane in telling the world that there was war coming.

'There's a war coming,' Marine Corps general warns US troops

Dec 23, 2017 · A Marine Corps commandant on Thursday warned U.S. troops stationed in Norway to be prepared for a coming war.

Imagine if Russia had sent a general to Canada and issued this statement aimed at America. That is what Donald Trump, Mad Dong Mattis, John Kelly and Herbert McMaster have been engaged in, as you were diverted by bogus tax cuts or school shootings.

All of this is by design and is the policy which Barack Hussein Obama began for the globalists as he started redeploying American tanks into Poland, literally most of the US tanks are now deployed in Poland against Russia.

So with all of that Trump activity, what is the result is the Russians showing Florida receiving a nuclear strike in a Russian production. The net result is the American Patriot press rushing to blame the Russians, but the fact is word for word in the past decade, the American based Russian press, led by the Russian Times have been more honest than the deceptive American fake news.

America is not being backed into a war with Eurasia, America is being drive there now by Donald Trump in deliberate actions which have obliterated the Reagan Peace with Russia in Trust but Verify. Think of the gift of Ronald Reagan in what Bill Clinton inherited. The end of the Cold War, the ending of nuclear targeting of America by Russia, but after Bush43, Obama and now Donald Trump, America has gone past Bush43 lying to Moscow in deployments against them, to Obama initiated coups against Putin to Donald Trump literally flipping levers to trip a nuclear war.

Professor Stephen Cohen on Coast to Coast AM, made one of these most astute observations in where America now is. Thee American left which created Russian sanctions to blackmail money out of Russia to be stolen on the US stock market, and what the Russian dossier was all about in the same pressuring, has now painted Donald Trump, by Obama trolls to being an asset of Russia.
When the crisis comes and there needs to be a step back as John Kennedy was afforded by the American press in the Cuban Missile Crisis, there is not the same leeway there for Trump. Trump who has been antagonizing Russia for over a year to prove he is not an asset and his thin skin on Russian gamesmanship outplaying Trump, is now in a position where if Trump has to give ground as John Kennedy did to Nikita Khrushchev that the minute Donald Trump does that, it will be branded as absolute proof that Trump is a traitor and the left will call for his arrest.
For those on the left who are as shortsighted as those who think themselves clever in attempting to distract me, the end result will be real Russian nuclear missiles with real cobalt, eradicating all life for 5 years in that toxic poison will kill them.

Friday, March 2, 2018

The Putin Doctrine

The Trump clappers are zero help in this, as they chant talking points of Art of the Deal like Bill Mitchell, but in nuclear warfare there is not any leeway for pulling back. Russia has now deployed cobalt torpedoes, hypersonic nuclear Navy and US base killers and smart ICBM's which can not be shot down. This is reality. There is not any Trump negotiation which will pull back from this as there is nothing to negotiate.

We have before us the reality that what the whining left was terrifying America with in the Cold War in nuclear wars, is now for the first time a reality, of not happening by chance, but by design.

Russia believes as policy that it can introduce small battlefield nuclear weapons as a warning to America to stop further contention. It does not make any difference why you believe is right or wrong with Russian policy, because this is what Russia believes, as they believe they can not win a conventional war against the Americans. Those nuke are the line in the sand to Washington to not start a conventional war with Moscow as this will be the Kremlin's response.
Vladimir Putin in being pushed by the worst political left and Trump Junta created the Putin Doctrine which is the final solution in Putin as this blog exclusively explained will after America retaliates with Trump battlefield dial up nukes will attack US bases and allies in Asia.
In the far east, Russia will hit South Korea if North Korea is attacked, along with American bases in Okinawa, Guam and Diego Garcia, along with the US Navy in progression if America responds.

This will then move to ICBM's striking the United States in the second phase, and phase three will be cobalt torpedoes to scorch the American earth, as Russia has been responding to American aggression and humiliation, and this is the Kremlin scenario of where this is going if Washington begins further assaults.

If this is the Mideast, the situation in Southern Lebanon with the Jewish interests attacking Hezbollah, who is a client state of Iran, that once again triggers the Putin Doctrine, in first the Jewish nuclear arsenal will be neutralized, and if Iran is attacked, this triggers the obliteration of all US bases in the Mideast in theater warfare.

If this is Ukraine, the Kremlin will obliterate the Kiev Nazis, with the progression to neutralizing NATO in eastern Europe, with a no NATO zone for security, and as this escalates the Putin Doctrine will launch the ICMB's.

We were informed by David John Oates on the Rense Program for the past several years that Obama, Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton were all speaking of European scorched earth. This is what was plotted two years ago, and now Mr. President has initiated it. War comes into these  three regions and this will become a thermonuclear war as this is what the US State Department under Obama and Trump have cemented into place.

None of this is Russia's fault. The Kremlin has been extremely patient and tactful when it has been pressured as in Syria or the Ukraine. The mindset in Russia now is that automatic response has been made policy. When America does this, this will be the nuclear response an when America responds, it will be full nuclear warfare.

On Twitter the parrots there always put in the talking point of, "Well Russia does not know all America has". Russia does not need to know, because it is what we know or certain that Russia has in toxic nuclear system which can roll back American military presence to the Atlantic and Pacific shores in 15 minutes, and when this escalates cook America with cobalt is the necessary information, because as David John Oates discovered weeks ago in the State of the Union, Mr. President in that profanity laced speech revealed that NORAD, the American nuclear defense has a hole in it, which it can not stop nuclear strikes on America.
It is deemed more than a southern hemisphere strike as most of the American looking glass is toward the North Pole launches, but that as Vladimir Putin has stated, the United States can to stop hypersonic nuclear cruise missiles, can not stop hypersonic merv ICBM's which fly evasive and can not stop stealth cobalt torpedoes moving slow and not leaving a wake or acoustic signature.

President Trump To Make Decision On Iran Nuclear Deal Within Next 90 Days

The problem in this is, President Vladimir Putin having been bullied for the past decade by three American presidents of zero ability has already made the nuclear decision in response to American cartel threats, and this has now become a Rad War.

Trump: ‘Trade Wars Are Good And Easy To Win’

Trade wars are what began two world wars, and America is already past that in what the Russian response is in the red line which America crossed under Donald Trump.  One must understand in this, that Trump can propatweet (Twitter Propagana) all he desires as policy, for signaling to the sheep to trust him as he bans guns.

NRA Says Trump Opposes Gun Control After ‘Great’ Meeting

The difference is the headlines people believe.

 Gun Owners of America’s Mike Hammond: ‘Donald Trump is Now Officially the Most Anti-Gun President in the History of the Country’

And Russia no longer believes America, and where Americans are in the gulag police state where they will be murdered or imprisoned for resisting this regime, the Russians have the nuclear arsenal to respond, and the activities of Donald Trump, his State and Defense in carrying out Bush and Obama policies just caused the Russians to cock the nuclear weapon so it is ready to have the safety off.

I hope in the next days to have something for Monday, but I need time and I have more weather to prepare for, but it is important to set the record straight in what Mr. President is engaging in deliberately as he abandoned his promises of 2016 for the 2017 Jew street and Pentagon proliferation of the Nazi conglomerates which are robbing Americans blind, and indications are that this is going to bring a nuclear blinding flash

This is no longer the Amerocentric world of what America will do, because America has already initiated the Great Eurasian War, the Rad War is in place, and the next act that Mr. President takes will be the Russian's deciding what type of nuclear response in the defense of their motherland or their allies.

I asked you before month ago while the trolls were still wasting my time, do you want to die for Ukraine? Do you want to die for North Korea? Do you want to die for Jews in Lebanon? I said no and created a time line for peace with Russia, but that has been obliterated. We are approaching a time when our response no longer matters, as this is now like cogs falling against sprockets as the momentum is taking this forward.

Oh and someone asked about iodine pills for nuclear fall out. If you were paying attention in the HAARP weather zones dealing with nuclear warfare, a thymus pill is not going to fix this kind of hot zones. I do not know if my Faith is strong enough to ward off radiation as Jesus said of treading on adders. My plus minus will be to discuss with TL what opiod or Winchester cartridge will be our Custer solution, instead of bleeding out of our asses for a week before we rot from the inside out.

Policies matter and if this goes to where it is now in motion to, you will discover that policies have consequences just like your wasting my time as you thought it would be clever.

America is out of time and requires an immediate appointment Americans as Professor Stephen Cohen an Edwin Meese to lead a detente with Russia, backed by the United States Congress, which will enforce Constitutional Authority that no wars with Russia, including nuclear strikes will be allowed by the Pentagon or President, without Congress first voting on a Declaration of War from the executive.

America must return to the Republican Form of Government in Constitutional Authority by Congress to reign in the actions by the United States which has created the Putin Doctrine.

War Powers Clause - Wikipedia

... sometimes referred to as the War Powers Clause, vests in the Congress ... Congress did, by roll-call vote, declare war ... a declaration of war or a ...

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