Thursday, March 29, 2018

Is David Hogg involved in Tax Fraud against the IRS

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I must confess finally, that I like David  Hogg, survived the Parkland shooting in Florida, even if I was not there, but then again David Hogg was not either.

That is what keeps coming out about David Hogg who is now terrorizing Laura Ingraham, that his interview in a closet or outside with laughing snowflakes as others died, was not during the shooting, because David Hogg was not even on campus.

His circle of theater students, laughing while others died, awkwardly suffer the snowflake narcissism of the selfie generation, which ironically ruined his only shot at journalistic glory. 

What keeps appearing is David Hogg HEARD about the shooting, got on his bike, and then pedaled to the high school as "he just knew there were going to be masses of dead people". David Hogg is an ambulance chaser by what has been hinted at.
So the reality is David Hogg lied where he was during the shooting, and then rode up, did fake interviews after the kids were dead, and then wormed his way into being spokesbabe for the Bloomberg anti gun grab.

Here are the two Hogg Witness accounts of the shooting. In one he lies that he was in a class where the teacher shut the door and in the other account he lied about hearing about the shooting and riding to the scene.

Anti-gun activist David Hogg made contradictory statements about where he was when the Parkland shooting took place, based on several video interviews.For example, in this interview, Hogg describes being in an “AP environmental science” class when he heard gunshots, which he claims prompted his teacher to shut the door.

“So yesterday I was in my AP environmental science class, we had taken out all of our notes and we’re about to pack up to leave school and we hear a ‘pop’ and it happened to be a gunshot that echoed through the hallway,” Hogg told MSNBC last month. “And because of that, my teacher actually went and closed the door but as soon as she closed the door the fire alarm was pulled so this sick man could get more soft targets.”

He repeats the story, more or less, in this video:
But in another interview with CBS News, Hogg says he was at home during the shooting, and had to ride his bike several miles to get to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School to “get as much video as he could” of the event.

Remember though the important part is Hogg remembered to get a camera to do interviews to promote himself as children and adults were dying.

Spokesbabe is not a stretch in this, as Jeff Rense was the first to point out in Reverse Speech that Hogg has a lisp,and if you listen to Hogg, he sounds like a homosexual activist, which would explain a great deal about him in he has no girlfriend and having all of this attention, he has not become a babe magnet like the rock star he pretends to be.

Hogg though in being  Street Tough Sodomite has been bullying others in Alex Jones and now his new target is Laura Ingraham, who he wants to put out on the street to shut that mouthy biotch up.
It has come to a point that Hogg though is being given for as a child, a wee  toddler, an infant against the mean white adult biotchy Laura Ingraham. It is speculated that soon David Hogg will have to play the HOMO CARD in order to protect himself from the Truth coming out about what a fraud he is.

I have to ask — @IngrahamAngle — honestly, what kind of a mother bullies a HS student who survived a school shooting and a massacre?” Congressman Nydia Velazquez, a representative from New York, tweeted. “These kids know more about grace and class than you'll ever understand.”
Attorney Lisa Bloom also called out the Fox News host.

So in that, the Lame Cherry, that just like David Hogg, I was a survivor of the Parkland shooting. Now I was not there seeing someone in helmet, body armour who looked like police with a laser scoped rifle and I was not there stating like Hogg comrades that everyone bullied Nikolas Cruz as it was accepted sport.

Yes David Hogg's crowd at Parkland abused Nikolas Cruz.

Parkland student Emma González. She and her fellow students at Parkland’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School “ostracized” fellow student Nikolas Cruz. Said González when speaking in Washington at the anti-gun “March for Our Lives”:
“Since he was in middle school, it was no surprise to anyone who knew him, that he was the shooter. Those talking about how we should have not ostracized him? You didn’t know this kid! OK? We did!”

Marolo Alvarez remembers students taunting Nikolas Cruz.
“He looked like a school shooter,” Alvarez said students used to say about him.
… Alvarez, who spoke to reporters at a vigil for victims of the area’s second mass shooting in 13 months, said he wishes he had said something earlier. “I could have said something to administrators, that ‘hey this kid gets bullied a lot, please help him, please reach out to him.’ I kind of regret not doing that,” Alvarez said.

So Alvarez and Gonzalez both testify that everyone abused Nikolas Cruz like a lost puppy. It begs the question which has not been asked of David Hogg in what kind of Street Tough Gay did Hogg bully Cruz with? These are all questions which need to be asked and Laura Ingraham should keep asking them, along with everyone else as what David Hogg has been engaged in, receiving funding for, self promoting himself with dead Floridians IS A CRIME. It is called FRAUD when you make a claim and receive benefits from it. David Hogg certainly demands to be  treated as an adult, and it is time the US Justice Department begin an investigation into David Hogg who has been threatening others in rants and begin researching what David  Hogg really knows as in David John Oates Reverse Speech, Hogg makes a most interesting statement about the Florida Parkland shooter.

In the profanity laced diatribe Hogg was recorded in, he reveres in this about the real killer as Hogg is attacking the Governor and Legislators in Florida.


David Hogg

Shitty person does it - Dead killer writes it

We all are certain that Nikolas Cruz is alive in custody. Yet David Hogg says the real killer is dead. In a most perplexing addition, Hogg points to this dead killer as the source who "writes the scenario".
In speculation recall that Hogg's old man is former FBI, that this entire Florida shooting was a set up to make a patsy of Nikolas Cruz, Kamala Harris in her reversals blurted out that 'We are FAKING a bomber" when the Mark Anthony Conditt situation was playing out. Again, what has Hogg been told by his deep state associations? Is the real shooter at Parkland dead, and in that, did the real shooter employ a dead man's switch to explain all of this in sent the documentation to a lawyer or perhaps WIKILEAKS in case he was silenced?
Is that was David Hogg has heard. Is this entire operation so precarious now in silencing Laura Ingraham that if this "information" appears, it will expose those behind this, and therefore the killer is the one who is writing the scenario now.

David Hogg can bully, as he has, and intimidate others in his Gay Street Tough projection, but if the dead killer at Parkland has a dead man's switch out there, that operative will have the last word in this.

David Hogg is a proven liar. It is time the US Justice Department being investigating him and everything he knows about this, as he is talking about a dead killer directing this scenario playing out now. How does a 17 year old kid know this and who informed him of that reality?

I though know nothing of that, and am awaiting my George Clooney and Oprah Winfrey millions and of course my Michael Bloomberg snazzy suit that Hogg received........see this March On Washington, had  numbers of perks it seems, and it is time the IRS begin looking into the thousands of dollars in jet tickets, hotel lodgings, food and suits that David Hogg appears to have received, as that is all income and if this investigation proves true, David Hogg is engaging in tax fraud against the US Government.