Friday, March 16, 2018

The McMaster Facts or Herbie the UnLove Bug

 Herbert your hands are soft like Stormy Daniels
and your shiny head glows like Karen McDougal's bubble butt

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

First up on the Herbert McMaster reality show at 1600 Penn Avenue.

McMaster is deep state globalist. His two cronies are traitor John McCain and colluder George Soros. That kind of backing means you are a tick dug in hard and you just can not get rid of him.

The White House has been trying to get rid of this fracker from Vietnam for most of last year. They have been trying to find ways to get him out the door, from shipping him off to opium Afghanistan or making him a 4 star General. The rub in this is is McMaster has been casting around and nothing his inflated ego wants is 3 star general acceptable. He needs that 4th star.

What few of you probably know is the United States Senate holds the power over military generals in America. You want a star? It means the Senate has to approve that star and the Department of Defense sends the Senate their recommendations, along with leadership review of that officer.

Senate Confirmation of Senior Military Officers
The role of the Senate in confirming senior military officer promotions and
appointments stems directly from the U.S. Constitution. Article II, Section 2 of the U.S.
Constitution states that the President “shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and
Consent of the Senate, shall appoint Ambassadors, other Public Ministers and Counsels,
Judges of the Supreme Court, and all Other Officers of the United States, whose
appointments are not herein otherwise provided for, and which shall be established by
law.” Generals and Flag Officers (Admirals), fall into the category of “all Other Officers
of the United States” and require Senate confirmation. Other military officers also require
Senate confirmation, but this report, will focus on the process for the military’s highest
ranking leaders — one-star through four-star officers

You should get the bald headed rub in this in there has been for over a year, talk of McMaster and that 4th star, but it has gone absolutely nowhere. In military circles, this kind of delay in promotion means the Pentagon wants your pasty white ass gone, and most officers out of duty retire.

This is the key point in this in there is something in McMaster's file which is keeping him from that 4th star. That means the Senate is not going to confirm that promotion and that means what is in that file is going to be made public. So McMaster is house sitting till the clock runs out, as all he has is the NSA to be a disaster in.

McMaster has blown Afghanistan. McMaster has blown North Korea. McMaster has blown Syria. McMaster has blown Iran. McMaster has blown Russia. McMaster has blown China. He like most staff refers to Donald Trump as a f*cking moron which does not endear him to Mr. High Rise.

When Sarah Sanders makes a point of a "good working relationship" between Herbert and Donald,  that is code of Trump hates McMaster's ass and McMaster loathes moron Trump, but they are stuck with each other, as Donald Trump does not have the power with the DIA to get rid of this fracker.

As a background on Herbert, it is a reality of a not very bright brass polisher who put together a boring assessment of Vietnam which blamed the civilian and military and idiots like John McCain were soothed by their cowardice in McMaster blaming others. I can sum up Vietnam in one sentence, US policy was a war of attrition against in killing of communists. They failed in that strategy in body counts as they got too many US Soldiers killed.

That is McMaster's mindset in like all these frackers of that era, they are still fighting Vietnam in all of their actions and Cold War ineptitude. He was put into NSA to make war with Russia, because Mike Flynn was going to make peace. He has been the immovable object delivering the same stone wall and is not bright enough to know that Afghanistan funds opium bankers and it is not meant to be won.

There really is not any place for McMaster. He is a 56 year old petrified tree not advancing and just in the way. Trump does not want to promote him into a civilian post and there really is nothing McMaster wants as he is not going to get Secretary of State. The military does not want him and he is not suited to 4 star command of anything as that elite group knows what a fracker he is. He is a brass polisher to mind the store for the globalists and he is going to be the same problem and impediment until Donald Trump trades something big, so the cartel informs Herbert it is time to go fat himself on some beach as he is done.

That is what is taking place in this McMaster drama. There are loads of people who want him gone. The Kushners and Trump for three. He has not any allies, but only the cartel with the big ruler is what is keeping him in place.

If Trump could handle the heat from the cartel, he should back door order an evaluation of Herbert McMaster which McMaster would have a fail grade on, as that is what is in his Pentagon file, and then the Senate could review it and make it public, meaning Herbert would have the choice of leaving before his reputation was destroyed or leave with his reputation destroyed as an incompetent.

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