Sunday, March 11, 2018

the primate in the matrix weeds

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Like most posts, this is a post which I do not know where it is going to go as I play the Inpired keyboard, but it has to do with an experience I had in town, which troubled me at the time, but I brushed off, but it came back to me hours later as I was cooking supper.

I have posted several articles on a criminal from the 1970's and 1980's who was called by different names in the East Area Rapist, Original Night Stalker and Golden State Killer. As I  type this, I am reminded of an inquiry I did a few days ago that I still have to post on, but needed to do a few additional inquiries into the matrix.

In reading the police reports on this criminal, as in all instances, I started picking up on the vibes of the situation and the attacks.  As I type this, I know I just contacted the aura of that criminal, and the more I lock into the reading of files, I read the situation in Spirit and I start feeling the emotions of those assaulted, the pets, the criminals and the psychic tear which was this entire evil imprinted as a psychic signature in those neighborhoods and on that particular time.
It is troubling, distressing and for me, the more I feel, the more I focus, the more I lock on and the more I need time to be cleansed to wash this foulness from me. That is the most distressing thing in this, in it feels like a rolling, wet, dark, dream which you can not wake up to, like Jonah and whale. It is all the creepy evil of the demonic.

That is what happened in town at the thrift store. I pay attention to people around me all the time and read them. There was this one male who clomped up the stairs and as I was standing there looking at some tools, he appeared again, and just stood there. I knew he was positioned in an aggressive stance which in my polite society, people move back from. This time something triggered in me and I thought, "I am not going to move".
There was friction and terror in that moment, and although it was just moments, he soon enough broke and vanished away.

It was  not until later that I started to think serial murderer. Perhaps it was not him, but I know I was picking up that same signal off that California criminal. It is hard to explain, but it is like a coyote, poking his head out in surveying the territory in a dominance and then being gone like a wraith. It is that feeling that herd animals always get  when they know they are being watched and yet they can not see anything. Peter Hathaway Capstick, the professional hunter, always termed it, "Don't look at the game too long or you will spook it".
You can recall that Crocodile Dundee when the reporter was spying on him with the aboriginals, and he turned at looked at her. He knew she was there.

I am not stating that this person I experienced was some great predator, but I could feel that same psychic scream, that not human sociopathic aura of things had ceased in the empathy. This was all aggressive projection and it was troubling.

That is perhaps why I was moved to this post in each of you must be aware of your surroundings and the people which enter it. Most are like the baboon clan that is chattering about the forest with the same primal primate inhuman process. But if your alert system starts going off, you should listen to it no matter how stupid it seems. No I am  not saying speed dial 911, but have enough sense to not be alone, extract yourself from the situation and distance yourself.
I am convinced if I would have given ground this person I was dealing with would have dominated, but instead broke and vanished, because his projection of aggression did not work as it always does. I never made eye contact, appeared oblivious to the person as if I was looking at something on the shelf, but I never let him get behind me, and he was always ahead and off to the side.

It is a reality that these serial minds have an ability to cloak their predatory warning signs long enough to make the assaulted passive, until it is too late. There is nothing inside and even the worst looking of the genre still seem to have learned to give off a sort of narcotic psychic imobilization to their targets in order to provide the time to get close to strike.

The California criminal, had an ability where people could not feel him. His aura did not project and wake people, and even when people heard him tearing screens off a house, they were not alarmed as they could not feel his presence.

What I felt today was that lack of projection, like a void, but by God's Grace I have an ability to feel what is inside around the jagged edges and that is what I felt, a really torn primate soul.

That is apparently where this was meant to go, but the lingering effects of all is not right still remain. I will shut the door to this as I will not to feel any of this any more.

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