Sunday, March 25, 2018

Westward Ho

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I received a nice note from a movie buff who is like our Paul in California in enjoying things on DVD's.  I smiled at the comment below in not liking the  perfect hair on Capucinne in North to Alaska, as in my bizarre viewing I liked that she actually contrasted with Alaska. I dearly adored Stewart Granger in that movie as he is one of the few actors who could not be overshadowed by John Wayne.

The only movie mentioned below that I could think of was The Big Trail, but that is listed on the site, so I doubt it was that movie.
TL has a large collection and we were watching some of the older John Wayne features and I think The Big Trail was in it, along with Red River. I got used to the later John Wayne movies, so it is disappointing to watch the earlier B stuff. I still have not seen Stagecoach as one of my life's goals.

It is hard in what is a Western, as the Ox Bow Incident, another movie I have not seen, is  like so many of that era in they just stuck it into a Western as that is where the profits were. It is like that 4 part series, I think it is, How the West was Won, which is good in parts of it, but it has little west in it.

Broken Trail was from TL and TL deserves full credit. Thomas Hayden Church is such a lumbering actor, but he fits so well in this movie along with Robert Duvall. The only reason I was aware of Open Range was it was dumped in the thrift store for nothing so it got picked up for Duvall starring in it.
I think Silverado is a weak western as Scott Glenn can only hold up Kevin Kline and Kevin Costner so far. Make that Danny Glover too. That was one badly cast movie.

I Liked the Western movie listing – and your comments (and all your other posts!)

I thought that any Western Movie listing should at least have “Ox Bow Incident”

There was another one in late ‘30’s, I believe, – lost the name of it – was re a wagon train (may have been an early Wayne movie)  - the thing that I really liked about it was all of the REAL dust and grime that was NOT hidden – as the wagons and people were moving the dust clouds were right there with them --  also the women did not have $100++ hairdo’s all the way through the film – and they were all wearing big ‘sunbonnets’!

I’d bet that it is in this listing:

Pet peeve of mine (and my late women ancestors) – started in the early to late 1950’s – women on the so called (Hollywood fantasied) frontier with the same immaculate hairdo all the way through the movie – without a hair out of place!   Worst example that comes to mind is “North to Alaska”!  (Side note --- this observation coincides with the commie’s success at the de-bunking of the McCarthy hearings!)

Another oldie but extreme goodie that I only learned of a couple of years ago – “The Real Glory” – I have seen categorized as a “Western”! – I learned of this movie from Pamela Geller listing it as her Saturday night movie – I believe 2-1/2 years ago – re the US Army trying to set up local militias (sound familiar? ) holding off the eff’g muslims in the Philippines OVER 100 years ago – stars Gary Cooper, David Niven, Broderick Crawford! – I recommend!

Thanks again – take care of Daisy and Belle for me!

I am bothered in the Westerns are now filmed in Canada. I have  nothing against Canada and adore Canadians west of Ottawa, their horses are fine stock and cattle are too, scenery lovely, but it is always cold there and that distracts in snow and frosted breaths.

Henry Hathaway directed The Real Glory. He was the genius behind the John  Wayne buddy movies which culminated with my favorite in Rio Lobo. I see that John Wayne and Dean Martin movie always listed in the best westerns and it is like, "What planet were you from to do that but a critic".

Two of my favorite movies which I can not afford are idiot films I happened upon when young in television fill in programming. One is Something Big, with Dean Martin and Richard Harris as a comedy. The other is another comedy in Dirty Dingus McGee starring Frank Sinatra and George Kennedy.
The interesting part in the Sinatra film is Michele Carey plays an Indian princess in love with Dingoose. She is in El Dorado as a ranch girl who shoots John Wayne. I love actors and actresses who surprise me in figuring they are in other roles.
The other night I was watching Sabrina Scharf on Hogan's Heroes and she popped up in something else later and I about fell out of my chair when I noticed she was the Indian woman that Captain Kirk fell in love with on Star Trek.

I should probably wrap this up, but it is hard for me in Westerns in I like John Wayne, and I always sit there thinking, "This is not John Wayne". Someday I want to get Pekinpah's collection of westerns like Ride the High Country..........oh and Charlton Heston was good as Will Penny.