Thursday, April 26, 2018

911 if you see Seth Green.............

 Seth Green, does he or doesn't he,
only his hair stylist knows for sure....

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry desires to alert the public with numbers of  men transforming into the likeness of Mike Cernovich as has been detailed exclusively on this blog.


That Seth Green keeps trying to grab my headlines!

And how Sam Hyde keeps being mistaken for the principle in every terror event in America, that in the latest shooting of a police officer that caution must be undertaken.

 Man Wanted For Killing Maine Sheriff's Deputy Was Arrested In Mass. On Gun Charges Last Month

Suspect John Williams is NOT Seth Green.

I am not John Williams the Composer
of Star Wars, so please to not arrest me!


I am John Williams the composer and I disavow
Seth Green including me in his alibi.  

Why am I in the known associates file?

911 in California should be alerted that if Mrs. Green phones the emergency number reporter her husband as the shooter, to please disregard it.


 Hello police, I think my husband is a suspect,
is there are a reward and will I get his fortune if 
I get him convicted?

All citizens if they see someone who looks like Seth Green should not ask him for an autograph as we all would, but instead alert authorities,  unless of course it is Seth Green's man friends in Breckin Meyer, who always wants a selfie with his successful friend, but again 911 is cautioned that if Breckin Meyer turns in his successful friend, it should be disregarded as far as we know, Seth Green is not a suspect in any major crime.

911, I think I saw something so I want to say something!


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