Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A Vatican Guide to not needing Fruity Jesus

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As a  Christian I always am in the thrift store, free Bible section, picking up religious stuff, because I hope one day to gain a Collins Bible, which I think is out of England, as a replacement for  my Bible which wore out from use. Yes I wear Bibles out reading them.

The thing I have noticed is Lutherans never throw their Bibles out. I think it is because Lutherans are trained to be terrified of God in God will send them to hell for anything that is deemed a slight. Baptists could not give a shit and Catholics, you could start global warming for all they toss out.

I have rules in religious things in I always pick up Jehovah's Witness and Mormon stuff to burn, and I should add most Catholic stuff gets burned too, unless it is some beastly huge Bible that it takes a team of mules to transport. This is probably offensive, but in my Spirit, I know I am helping save some miscreants from being led astray by the Tower, St. Lake or the Vatican. The thing is if these religions were so proper, why would they being trying to hook people by planting their dogma into poor people's gazing or not having a proper fear of God?

That is why I found today in The Catholic Youth Prayer Book. The Viking will like this as it came out of Minnesota. Clear across the land and I got a Vatican book from Minnesota. Maybe Catholics do have some fear of God in they think if they dump their dogma in my shit hole that God will not notice their turning their backs on Him. I don't know for sure, but I am going to share with you some of the mystery of this religion of the Seven Hills of Rome.

I always like Mary worship, not just because Melania Trump bans furs from the White House, or worships Mary in praying for kids to die so sick kids will get a heart or something, but because I find that Marionette stuff just the most ludicrous of all things Rome ever dreamed up in their pagan infused religion.

Hail Holy Queen is one prayer that starts out. I like this part, TO YOU WE DO CRY, WE POOR BANISHED CHILDREN OF EVE. I thought Jesus paid for all that, well at least Protestants believe that as that is what the Bible teaches but Catholics are children of the grave, death and satan and on the outside looking in, hoping the Queen of Heaven will show some mercy.....well it is advocacy (again what Jesus is our Advocate with the Father) but who needs  the Bible when you are Catholic and your prayer books smells like detergent.
O clement, show us to the blessed fruit of your womb, Jesus.

No wonder a Catholic kid leaves this at home from 2010 as they are off to college and indulging in fornication, sodomy and dope at the University of Minnesota, and praying to fruity Jesus .......sorry praying to fruity Jesus Mum just does not fit in with what you lust after.
Probably why Catholics toss prayer books is satan will not even answer these prayers to deceive people who are going to give it up for the world once they hit legal age.

O virgin of virgins, no one was left unaided who flew to your mercy. I happen to know lots of Catholics who flew away from their priests and those who do not stand like zombie in pews being mesmerized by nothing ever happening.

The Novena is in there too, and that is the big one. I mean this is the one you pray if you really want some Virgin Mary help. I would  think it was Melania's prayer for killing kids in Italy for organ parts, but the thing is this enchantment takes 9 days and must be said 9 times. I don't know why it only works with 9 and not 900 or why it is not 7, but to be a good Marionette Catholic you got to chant this one 9 times.

Give your loving gaze to me, o Lady of perpetual help. Perpetual only if you do it 9 times though.

Then we come to the Rosary. Now this one is really out there as John Paul deuce appears in the explanation or prayer and the Rosary has 20 mysteries reflected in it.Mysteries are like the Revelation in Mystery, Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots, which St. John records in Jesus Revelation on the church of Rome.

Anyway you got 5 joyful mysteries, 5 illuminated mysteries, 5 sorrowful mysteries and 5 glorious mysteries.

OK now that you got the 20, here are the instructions by John Paul deuce, and it is quite complicated.

You say the joyful on Monday and Saturday. The luminous on Thursday. The sorrowful on  Tuesday and Friday. The glorious on Wednesday and Sunday.
But wait, before you start chanting, these are the last instructions: On Sundays of the Christmas season, the joyful are prayed and on Sundays of the Lenten season the sorrowful are prayed.

I don't know if you go to purgatory or the nun raps your knuckles or what if you violate these pope rules, but those are the rules of the Rosary.

This is interesting too in the Rosary means roses, and it is a wreath of roses for Mary. There is something in this about Monks and the 150th Psalm in they prayed the for all for a month, and if you do the 150 Hail Mary's you join with the Monks who are dead I suppose in their constant praise of God.
This is supposed to be clear now in the history of the Rosary, but how Jews, Jesus and early Christians, yes they are listed that way in Jesus comes in second to Jews who only had the 150 Psalms as their prayer book........I knows Jesus said to base your prayers on the Lord's Prayer and never mentioned no 150 Psalms on a scroll, but what do the facts matter in this, as these Monks are the key to this, in I see a note that they prayed the Psalms, all 150 in a day, a week or a month. I suppose the 150 in a day was for the Monks who didn't have gardening or Gregorian chanting to do.

Any way, that is life as a Catholic and I am suffering greatly as this Kid's Prayer Book for Vaticanites is giving me sinus reactions as it smells like a box of tide. Maybe that Catholic family hid it in laundry detergent thinking that God could not see it if it was hidden in Tide.

If the above sounds like witchcraft that is what it is based upon, in ritual chants, numbers of chants and denying Christ His position for a lesser entity which is worshiped, also called blasphemy. I am not done though reading this book, as it is always interesting to see what kind of people I am helping to save from themselves. The Vatican does not care as the more books I confiscate and burn are more books they can profit off of in selling to right leggers.

All any Catholic needs is the same Jews, Muslims and whatever needs. That is confess your sins. Stop sinning deliberately. Pray to the Father in Jesus Name in professing the Lord Christ as your only Savior as thee only begotten Son of God, and being baptized which is not water only, but the remission of sins and the regeneration of you to eternal life by the Holy Spirit of God, you will be saved, providing you obey the Law and trust in Christ's Mercy and Grace.

It is not difficult so people have to stop running from God as you are going to face Christ as Judge if you do not.

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