Sunday, April 22, 2018

Death by Sovereign Citizen Suicide

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The case of Travis Reinking is of interest in the murder of 4 people at a waffle house in Tennessee, because of a notation which appeared in he had declared himself a Sovereign Citizen. This is something which should have triggered the FBI and Secret Service, as they have a commitment to listing these tax protestors as terrorists worse than Muslims, but interestingly when Reinking was arrested at the White House last year, he was sentenced to community service and the judge dropped the case.
It seems if a nut is focusing on Mr. President, the judiciary and federal law enforcement are not interested in this kind of terrorist.

This blog has featured Gordon Kahl, who was murdered for being a tax protester, and his son still in in prison for the Kahl's defending themselves as they were set up to be  executed by federal agents in North Dakota, because Kahl was one of the original tax protesters. Kahl sojourned in Texas, became a name in the blossoming movement which would become Posse Comatatus.
To be blunt in this, these people are for the most part harmless in their hundreds of thousands of believers, but it is their toxic ideas which if everyone believed them, including the police, the entire managed nazi state system which is a concentration of wealth would implode and the elite would be like the French monarchs in the revolution.
That is why these groups get paid attention to and if any groups looks like them, on Wiki they appear on the lists too.

Terry Nichols of the Oklahoma City bombing was a Sovereign Citizen, but interestingly like Reinking, the federals knew of Nichols, as Nichols was provided bomb making supplies by an FBI mole. Likewise Reinking was in federal custody and as long as he was prowling around the White House, he was deemed one of those good terrorists.

It is fascinating to read the profiles of these people which Wiki lists, in most of them follow a set pattern of not being violent, but instead talking about thing or filing papers. Gordon Kahl was a pacifist, until the federals tried to murder his son, and then the old man went ballistic. Most file papers, complain in court and the judges throw them into prison for 20 years, which is part of a psychological forensic profile in that is all these people really want is a suicide of their freedom and for the regime to take care of them.

Why Reinking chose a waffle house is an issue which has not been explained. It appears to be something of a reality that when the federals did not throw him into prison for skulking around the White House, he appears to have moved to a next step where he murdered people for his ticket into being taken into the system he was protesting.
That part is fascinating in time and again, these people are screaming they hate government, but do everything they can to become bound by the government. It is a great deal like the bitchy woman being nasty to the guy she likes to get his attention.

This blog always tells everyone to not make themselves a target. To obey the laws, to obey law enforcement, to pay your taxes and just delude yourself you are free, because the minute you start bucking the tax laws which supports this entire nazi conglomerate state, you will find yourself arrested or dead as you do not try to disable the "system".

In this though in the coincidences which keep evolving, Nikola Cruz of Florida was known by the system and it appears someone else was doing the shooting for the gun control promotion for 2018 elections out of Michael Bloomberg's gun grabbers.
Enter Travis Reinking, someone who like Cruz has been known for years to be a bit seeing things and hearing things, and once again no one pays attention to him, even though the federals were alerted on both inividuals there was a problem.
Common cause is mental illness and AR 15's. But in Reinking's case we are given not obnoxious fruit David Hogg, but a Black hero in the South who tackled Reinking in James Shaw jr. Just like it was written in Hollywood in evil white people needing saving from ethnics.

There are things which are off in this case, which there are always things off in these cases, which appear by design. The Sovereign Citizens are perfect for the theater. The majority of them fill the pages of the internet with theories which would have been welcomed by Jeffersonian revolutionary theory on government, but in a group this large who really are focused on liberty, there is a small group which find their liberty in swindling volumes of cash. This then taints the entire pool and as at Hutatree where the BATFE stated they had hundreds of moles monitoring various groups, that it is simple to sow the right words into online social media to taint thee entire pool.

The sovereign citizen movement is a loose grouping of American, Canadian and Australian litigants, commentators, tax protesters, and financial-scheme promoters. Self-described "sovereign citizens" see themselves as answerable only to their particular interpretation of the common law and as not subject to any government statutes or proceedings. In the United States they do not recognize United States currency and maintain that they are "free of any legal constraints". They especially reject most forms of taxation as illegitimate. Participants in the movement argue this concept in opposition to the idea of "federal citizens", who, they say, have unknowingly forfeited their rights by accepting some aspect of federal law. The doctrines of the movement resemble those of the freemen on the land movement more commonly found in the Commonwealth, such as in Britain and in Canada

In examining the numbers of the Sovereign Citizens at 300,000, Wiki lists 35 individuals who ended up in prison. That is 1.16% who are criminals. If one examines the convicted criminals in former FBI agents, that group has a higher percentage of lawlessness than the Sovereign Citizens. Why they are listed as terrorists, is as stated, they challenge the tax or legal confiscation of wealth to fund the system. Do that and anyone is going to the front of the line.
Travis Reinking now is a red flag in the talking points sent to all law enforcement to approach as armed and dangerous, when the statistics prove otherwise for thee entire group. In the end, what does any of this matter anyway anymore, as if this was another triggered person, allowed to act out on society for a greater wag the dog, or whether it was a Bloomberg happy event for gun control,  does not matter as the ends will be produced no matter the means

This is all about declaring certain political movements insane, in order to institutionalize them, as guns are denied "these groups". That will save the 1.16% from auditioning for federal housing in the grey bars, as they can be held in custody for life just for saying things.

I would though appreciate a Congressional hearing in why a judge decided to kick loose someone who was threatening the Secret Service and stalking the President.

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