Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Donald Trump's Small Heart and Big Koch

Donald John is destroying my farm life,
but that's ok as Ivanka is paying for sending me to whore school.


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Remember the Lame Cherry exclusive in Donald John driving up your fuel prices by selling your gas to Europeans?

Well Donald John is at it again in driving up your fuel prices and bankrupting stressed American farmers as EPA Scott Pruitt has been granting waivers to oil companies to not sell ethanol........meaning this is Big Koch who has a monopoly on ethanol production, will have all competition destroyed by this waiver and it will mean that Big Oil will further short gas supplies and drive up prices.

Oh and for the Clappers who think that America selling oil to Europe.........ah all that is doing is driving up prices on oil which is sold to China which secured Venezuelan oil at over 100 dollars a barrel as China subsidizes oil imports and when oil prices are driven up, it means the same amount of oil is sold, but that terror Muslim nations and Russia get a bigger profit margin to aim nuclear missiles at you.

Farmers, ethanol producers
see EPA waivers as attack

Star Tribune [Minneapolis, MN], by Jim Spencer and Mike Hughlett    Original Article
Washington – Brian Thalmann has been selling corn for ethanol for two decades. In that time the farmer from Plato, Minn., says he has never seen an attack on renewable fuel like the one currently underway by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Using a secretive process, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has increased the issuance of waivers to small oil refineries, absolving them from meeting federal standards that require blending ethanol with gasoline. Corn farmers and ethanol producers across Minnesota, fearing a financial hit, are crying foul. "It´s kind of an ironic twist that you have an administrator of the Environmental

Still think that Donald John is MAGA for you?

This will destroy the corn market, which will bankrupt farmers and send shock waves through rural states again, and agri business corporates like John Deere. But don't worry as Al Gore says you can eat Brazilian poison crops, because you are already eating South American poison beef.

Where does it say in MAGA that destroying what is left of American agriculture is a policy issue that Trump voters agreed to?

Just the facts Mam of cause and effect.

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