Saturday, April 21, 2018

Sermon from the Jeb

The Line Brothers
Jeb and George Coke Snorin' Miami Viced

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This revelation from Jeb Bush  that politics are embedded in our culture and we are our culture, and it is a dirty little secret, for some reason to Jeb Bush, because where else would politics arise from but the culture of a people and what politics would Americans produce other than American politics?

Bush said, “Here is the dirty secret, politics is embedded in our culture. We are our culture. The interaction of all of us together defines our culture and our culture is more vulgar then it once was. Our culture allows people to act in ways that thirty years ago would never be allowed in politics. Our culture is more reality TV based, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that our politics is that way.”

OK 30 years ago was..........1988, by coincidence that was the start of George HW Bush, whose mantra of "kinder and gentler" infuriated Nancy Reagan in asking "Kinder and gentler than the Reagans?"

This was also the era of Mario Cuomo calling Pat Buchanan a Nazi. This was the era "Poor George, he can't hep it, as he was born with silver spoon in his mouth", stated by Governor Ann Richard. This was Barbara Bush calling Geraldine Ferraro a BITCH or a WITCH.

This was the era when David Duke was elected to Congress. This was the era when Robert Byrd as a Ku Klux Klan leader, led the United States Senate. This was the era that George HW Bush used Evangelicals who trusted Ronald Reagan, to get himself elected,  and then told the Christians to SHUT UP AND GO AWAY.
This was the era when George HW Bush used  the Willie Horton ads to stop Michael Dukakis' challenge for the presidency in pure unadulterated RACISM.


This is the era of foul mouthed BUSH FAM.

This is the era that Jeb Bush celebrates as his Grandfather was the catalyst to murder John F. Kennedy and Roger Stone just pointed to HW Bush being involved in trying to murder Ronald Reagan.
Ask Barry Seals widow sometime about HW Bush drug running into Clinton's Arkansas and do a search about Seal having photos of two boys named George and Jeb unloading their share of the coke in Florida.
Do a search sometime about Neil Bush and the Bush family looting America in the Savings and Loan Scandal.

Jeb Bush, Oliver North and the Murder of CIA Drug Smuggler ...

One week after the phone conversation between Barry Seal and George Bush, ... Raymond said that Vice President George Bush and Jeb Bush had used cocaine at his Miami ...

Tom Cruise as CIA's Barry Seal in 'Mena': movie could derail ...

Seal is alleged to have blackmailed Vice President Herbert Walker Bush by threatening to release surveillance video of brothers George Walker and Jeb Bush using the family's Beechcraft King Air turboprop to accept delivery of two kilos of cocaine during a 1985 DEA drug sting at an airport near Miami.

Jeb Bush wants to talk about his old man's era as the time of civility in things taking place now would not have been allowed in politics. The fact is Bush Fam HIJACKED the Republican party and American politics and in their politics look up the Franklin Scandal in Nebraska where the CIA and DIA were brainwashing and raping children in Omaha Nebraska as part of a national sex cult in human trafficking of children.

I have one thing to say about Jeb Bush, and that is PLEASE keep talking, as America needs to be reminded of Bush civility. Bush fam invented dirty politics and has done nothing but "sliced the hand across the throat" of Donald Trump and every other competitor who ever crossed their path.

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