Saturday, April 28, 2018

The Conbots of Red Status

Diabetes and Heart Disease 


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It is interesting observing the girl posse of what was Red State fume over their being rejected by the ruling powers, exactly the way the tried to elect Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump by going scorched earth GOP.

These CONBOTS and that is what they are, is a group of dictatorial CONservatives who demanded that their mandate be nominated by the GOP or they would go nuclear on Donald Trump, are the clickers on the internet who rigged the system so that by using the bot system, their sites were elevated to million visitor status as they whipped Congress people into terror if they castigated them on their front page.
Red State was in operation for over a decade and under Erick Erickson, we got Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell, Obamacare, gun control, an overloaded Supreme Court with fag liberals and a cookie cutter image of these fat pink, bearded white tantrum spewers whose entire vocabulary was profanity and hate.

Chris Queen over at PJ Media, and Resurgent, which is Erick Erickson's Trump hating suppository, was lamenting in how bad it was that Donald Trump, or Dorito Lord as he is called by that ilk, was dividing the party. Donald Trump can divide nothing on the right. It is these CONBOTS who did all the damage in their scorched earth in 2016, and in 2017 were pure venom against Trump. They could not just point out the problems of Donald Trump's policies in reason, no they had to use thee most profane attacks and feed into the Susan Wright usage of Congressman Schiff talking points to "get Trump".

It is a surprise to the Conbots now that media, which is corporate, which requires real revenue and not fake internet bot generated revenue, which is all connected to the deep state, DIA and CIA, is discovering that they are all going to be shut down, unless they shut those trolls down who are smearing Donald Trump every second of the day in begging for impeachment, so Mike Pence and Nikki Haley will be in the White House. This is Bush fam, the same Bush fam which started the Pissgate dossier and the same Bush fam whose proxies have been sodomite ruling the GOP since they ripped it away from the Reagan Legacy.

I have zero sympathy for this connected excrement, who take their whore payments from the deep state money laundering while I do the work and this bunch of plagiarists steal content from this blog non stop to bring about "their discoveries" weeks, months or a year later, because I know how vacuous this group is in they are boring, ignorant, ken and barbie dolls who have manufactured talking points to rail on and that is all you ever get from them as they live in luxury and never respond to any of you children, the way this blog has always had an open door to people contacting it, providing they are polite.

I honestly have nothing in common with fat boys who are auditioning candidates for heart disease and diabetes as the image of the movement I was a part in founding they were all too afraid in 2008 to call Obama a Designer Negro, Marxist, Birther. This blog paved the way for the resistance, and all they did was steal content, keep their girl's clique private as they spent the cash on the work of others.


  1. If the only freedom you ever stick up for is the right to be an asshole, you're probably not libertarian. You're probably just an asshole.

None of these Conbots had one solution, just bitching about Donald Trump. Every last prediction about Trump policy which this blog warned of though has come true here. The Conbots would not inform you of that though, because their funding is actually from the Nazi conglomerates who are nation rapists making fortunes off of the establishment oil, slave trade and Obamacare bailouts.

None of these whining morons have any idea what is coming. The same 1950's Military Industrial Complex and Red Scare black lists are the next phase in this. The smart ones like Mark Levin took his 30 pieces from FOX and have shut up. The idiots have left their trails on Twitter, Facebook and their sites, and it is all stored away for the time that ......
Put it this way, there once was a Congressman who railed against Howard Hughes for war profiteering. Hughes took the berating before Congress, but he got got that son of a bitch as word got out later that this guy was last seen begging for a job in DC and no one would hire him, and he just disappeared. That DIA reach is being established and the linens are being washed at Red State, and once the DIA puts an end to the witch hunt, established Donald John as a peacemaker, no one will touch him, and he will make the GOP a third rate party and rule from the sodomite socialists, as power cements. I never took the whore's coin and I have always been fair to Donald John, even though I had the door locked on me as others have now discovered like Alex Jones that he was just a brown shirt means to this coming end.

I remember a story by General William Tecumseh Sherman which I have posted here before, in he had a real prick who stood in his way to the leadership of the army, but when that guy got into trouble and tried making contact with Sherman, Sherman replied, "I received no hand from you on my way to the top, so there is not going to be any hand from me on your way to the bottom".

If you were stupid enough to piss on Donald Trump and get in the way of the DIA, I could not be more pleased that your arrogant asses are going to find themselves in hot water. I didn't get any assistance from anyone when the deep state kept coming after me with the file started on this blog, as all I got was the smears. There were 3 media personas in 2016 who did all the work for Donald Trump, and that was agitator Jeff Rense, the Gayway Pundit Jim Hoff, this blog, and you can toss in the Mike Cernovich controllers who spiked stories and got thrown a crumb of a press pass while I did not get a dime or even a thank you.
So when I hear the Conbots whining about the capitalist or nazi conglomerate system which was great when others like me were being screwed over, and now that the wheel has turned and they are not being herded into the Resurgent Gulag, I find it a reckoning from the brier patch, because none of these self serving asses gave a thought about this blog, other than to destroy it as Sunprancer of Kushner Media tried to smear me in 2016. So now that the tide is turning, and these egotistical thought despots are finding out a new pimp does not like their old nasty snatches, I could not be more delighted as all of these Conbots are being made record of and it is only the beginning from the DIA.

Smart people like Ted Cruz's fornicators learned to disappear. Smart people like Mark Levin learned to get on their knees. That Erick Erickson bunch could not read the smoke on the horizon and keep thinking they will get invited back in. That ain't gonna happen as the DIA has it's own resources and people it will promote.

I got to stick this out for God, as I am still waiting for the Lord to extricate the big donations from the rich who God will visit in time, otherwise I would be prudent in sitting my my pond that I would have built and let this world slide by, as a storm is coming on so many levels and no one wants to end up under the giant's foot.

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