Sunday, April 22, 2018

Till 10

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a reality that if Nancy Reagan and Riasa Gorbachev were leaders of their nations, instead of their husbands, that the world would have ended in a nuclear war.

Riasa Gorbachev was a walking propaganda machine from Stalin's Soviet Union. She was short, rude, blunt and dictatorial and lectured everyone, including to ordering the KGB around.

Nancy Reagan attempted to be accommodating but that was viewed as weakness and ended in a White House state dinner, where Mrs. Reagan rescheduled everything in that dinner, to which the Gorbachev's arrived late, Raisa stood in the greeting line rehearsing the KGB files on every person who appeared down to their children, and a night which was supposed to end at 10 o'clock as the Russians requested, was instead a hurried dinner and a later than scheduled evening.

There is one measure which worked for Ronald Reagan and that was mutual respect with the Russians when they attempted to pull things on the President, as is part of Russian negotiations. Reagan never batted the Russians around, and as Bill Clinton warned, "You just can not keep humiliating the Russians and expect them to take it".

That is what is disappointing with President Donald Trump, in his carrot and stick policy with Moscow, which now has Russia openly defying the United States in trading with North Korea, which is supposed to be important to Mr. Trump in nuclear policy.

Everything Donald Trump has engaged in has taught the Russians that Trump will always barter people and money, and in this the Russians understand that war is now a context of the American relationship, a verse which Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev put an end to.

This is all about the raw resources of Russia. The same view which Adolf Hitler viewed Russia. That type of view has always brought war and a war which Russia ended up winning in attrition. Eurasia is now a situation even with nuclear mass kill weapons of China has the human fodder to eat US firepower to nothing, and Russia has the expanse to wear the United States out.
To rule a scorched world  from burned out rifle barrels  and missile silos is a world of radio active poisons which will forever affect global DNA. It does not matter if the immortals appear from the cartel in they will have to look at the grotesque, and there is one caveat in being immortal in one can not earth can be dead as the moon, and you are still stuck on a cold dead rock, in need of transportation to someplace not yet dead.

Would it have been better if the women had ended civilization 30 years ago? Perhaps it all would have been better, but realities are what the world now faces, and instead  of Teddy Roosevelt healthy competition, there is now America the filleted beef and the current Shylocks are taking their share as the Eurasians have been built to barter without the United States.

There was hope once with Ronald Reagan. That hope is not in this process as there is no policy in DC now except war for profit of the few.

Nancy  Reagan belongs to the ages now as does her husband, but how much their lives as those of the Founders have been wasted by this policy which now has overthrown America, in no one wants to make an early evening of it at 10 for peaceful tomorrow.