Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Weaponized and Profiteered HAARP

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

 This time HAARP actually has put their play by play on a 6 day notice as alerts started appearing in Minnesota on Sunday night, complete with blizzard warnings and tornado warnings from the same storm which is to smack central and southern Minnesota for several days.

I will repeat that there is a super storm predicted that is to have blizzards and tornadoes in it all in one state.

They are  predicting a foot of snow with this storm, an area which this blog has been watching due to the HAARP being tested to contain radioactive fallout in a nuclear strike on America. Something inside of me tells me that those that Mr. President made deals with, are engineering an El Nina drought across America this year. They have been keeping things frozen in the most horrid conditions that reached into Texas where people have noted how bizarre the weather was in 85 degrees and then in the teens. Freezing does sell energy by impoverishing Americans, but cold weather kills calf and lamb crops, as much as cold delays plantings.
The cartel has effectively delayed the planting of wheat in this region. There is not any way at this juncture that the fields will melt off, unfreeze, dry out and allow planting by the April 18th window which wheat needs to be planted for an effective harvest.
That means that soybeans and corn will be planted in replacement. That means long season crops which require long growing seasons and a great deal of moisture through a hot summer will be planted, which without moisture those crops will be short on production too. Meaning shortages, meaning prices rise, which means speculation, which means China will be shorted, as if someone is seeking to put a great deal of pressure onto Peking.


Literally America has been past the breaking point for months as this HAARP war started out burying Pennsylvania under feet of snow early, smashed George Washington's trees at Mount Vernon and has been making record profits for Mr. President's energy cartels as the piles of dead old and sick people, to the heaps of dead livestock are testimony to the effects of this weaponized and profiteered HAARP

In looking at the NOAH predictions, the weather mods have targeted an area from Bones hometown of Watertown South Dakota and over to Bemidji in Minnesota. All nowhere towns, but this area of the snow target dump is the headwaters of the Mississippi River. Someone is filling that river up for barge traffic later in the year, meaning there must be a suspected drought.
There is reason the weather mod chose snow and not rain. Snow runs off. It does not soak into the frozen ground, which will not help farmers to raise crops, but will fill the lakes and provide a run off into summer.

Just remember in this that HAARP is making a storm which has a blizzard on one side and a tornado on the other, which does not happen, as none of this weather happens as has been detailed only on this blog. Now ask yourself why none of the meteorologists or media are detailing any of this and it only appears on the Lame Cherry?

It pays to have friends like the Viking who mention things so I look at the large busted women with comforting breasts who are in Minnesota media, as they do have exclusives in Channel 5.

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