Sunday, April 15, 2018

William Clinton Advertising The Magic Zipper

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As the Lame Cherry has now joined in Gay Rights with Sean Homo Hannity to provide gasoline and matches to homosexuals wishing to protest their cause bravely, it is time to take another step and advocate for William Jefferson Blythe Clinton, the rapist, as it appears that Bill has reformed in this age of Pussy Grab and found an acceptable way to "come onto women".

See in prison, the sodomites have their pets in lezbo's hang onto the belt of the shemale or the boy holds onto the pocket of the gay ray, as they parade around through the population. Bill Clinton was caught recently implementing his own "cum hither" in the land of Kevin Spacey pedophilia and Donald Trump pussy grab, to simply leaving his zipper down as young women walked by, as an advertisement saying, "Hey baby, I have this cock that has been places and wants you to take him home to your nether place".

I see great benefits in this, as women can join in on this too, beyond wearing low cut tops which is look but do not touch which gets men into pussy grab trouble, so there can be some etiquette involved in this in Rules for Fornication and Adultery.

Say a woman gets hot for sex during her menstrual cycle. All she has to do is what Bill Clinton does, but leave a tampon poking out of her zipper hole. I am sure that she will find deviants who like that kind of stuff and they will be in bliss.

Say a woman is bored out like a freight train tunnel, she could leave her zipper down all the way, as a signal that only horse dicks apply. If she is tampon size normal, she can leave it just half way down like Bill Clinton does.

See Bill has this down. He is telling women, "Hey baby, I don't want your floppy nasty snatch where my organ will be echoing in that theater, I just like the dildo size girls who wear their batteries out each night with cucumber size dildos, but they stretch back for a nice entry and good feel".
See Bill Clinton is really sophisticated in his advertising as he has the entire message down. His wearing jeans means he likes it cowboy style in liking to be rode like a winter storm, as he has Viagra by the case and in for the real pony express.

I am sure there are other signs like some Charmin hanging out for gay males like Shep Smith or a Firestone key chain for Ellen DeGeneres types who are looking for a lipstick lezbo to spend her money.

The main point in this is Bill Clinton is leading the way. We no longer have to have Clinton Rape as an issue, as we can all be like Hillary Clinton in having Huma hanging onto her purse, so there is no doubt who is in it for what. We just need our zippers with accessories at half mast, full mast and then flying the flag that we like.
Of course there are nuances like jeans, poodle pants and other things for leftists to send the message of what they like and what you are answering the ad for, but that can all be worked out in a Bill Clinton book tour of Slick Willy and the Zipper who Would.

The Lame Cherry salutes Bill Clinton for finally producing a legacy which we all can support and get behind, as what is more perverted obvious than a dirty old man on a college campus, standing there with his zipper down as snowflake blondes parade by advertising with their pink ballerina tutu's sticking out, telling the guys that they have thighs like traps and your tongue better be in for the long lick or you are not getting away till the river runs dry.

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