Saturday, April 14, 2018

Yes Mam I am Happy to See You

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is odd in how people look at pictures in the above of college woman, Brenna Spencer, in the thoughts which enter my mind are, "What kind of gun lubricant does that girl use to keep it from staining her pants when she does a belt tuck carry?"

Others though in liberals have reactions like calling the police as ABC did, whereupon the Chatanooga Police ignored ABC as the pest they are.

WTVC, the ABC News affiliate in Chattanooga, contacted the Chattanooga Police Department about the legality of Spencer’s picture, but didn’t receive a reply to their request for a comment.

The nice Italian American girl named Alana, also posted her open carry stance, and again, my thoughts turned to, "Does that carry really work for a right handed draw effectively, as it certainly is more concealable than a hip carry?"

It is always the questions in this as Brenna has a nice single stack while Alana has a nice double stack. One is more friendly to concealed carry while the other offers the high volume of rounds.
It always is as Tom Gresham says on Gun Talk that women have to purchase their own firearms, and no men can do it for them. I am surprised that the larger grip of a double stack in Alana's gun was what appealed to her, as numbers of women opt for the single as Brenna has due to smaller hands. Yet the smaller stack often offers less control and comfort in volumes of shooting, so women tend to evolve to higher capacity guns.

I am though for all of this open carry, exposed midriff though on pleasant looking women as what is more lovely than to see a nice American girl with a nice pistol on her hip. It is why God gave women child bearing hips, so they could carry firearms on them as no woman is prego 12 months out of the year.

Oh so many choices, left handed Brenna or right handed Alana, America certainly needs more additions to these choices though as only informed minds through a woman's existential experience with firearms can answer all of the questions we have.

This fittingly ends with a Lame Cherry quote:

An armed vagina makes for a polite penis.

- Lame Cherry