Sunday, May 27, 2018

A Geist Be Gone in Jesus Name

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry family is aware of the Richard and Stephanie, Honeywell jet engine air filter which kindly came our way as TL is healing from a bronchial lung burn when dealing with chemical city, but like in all things in my life, there  is always more to the story than what is the story for normal people.

To be plain, TL was coughing up phlegm around 6 AM in the darkness and I have my place in rubbing TL's back to comfort and I had my eyes closed in robot mode when TL said, "Did you see that!!!"

I opened my eyes and saw nothing, but knew TL witnessed something. As TL is not a cat with night vision, it should be explained that the jet engine air filter, has a blue light on it, to show it is working as the jet engine sound would not be an alert that the thing is on.
I like the blue light. It is pretty and it illuminates like a night light, so it is never completely dark in the room.

.......and that is when I saw what TL had just witnessed in it looked like the shadow of a fluttering sheet on the wall and ceiling. I even checked the window to make certain nothing was outside and flipped a calendar on the wall to see if that is what was making the moving shadow that appeared and disappeared, and none of it was creating this manifestation.
It was rebuked in Jesus and it ceased from that point on, but that is honestly the first time we had ever seen anything like that, and I did check the blue light to make sure no insect was on it either or aything else flitting around, but no moth would have transferred to that size.

Scientifically this is fascinating as I have witnessed various geist from literally seeing what looked like black torn sheets flying through the trees to the bumblebee type black fuzz balls, but none of them ever cast a shadow. That is what is odd about this, in we saw no visible object, but only saw the shadow of it in the blue light.
That opens up the Ultra Violet question in do geists or psychic charged evil energies appear in blue light whe white light hides them? I know we both saw something which had no explanation which we have never seen before, and Jesus Name ceased whatever it was, so it is a conclusion this was one of those ragged energies of darkness which indeed does cast a shadow and that part is first, as I have never heard in the paranormal of any geist casting a shadow. That would indicate it has to be a semi energy and yet matter entity, a neither nor and either or, a fluidity of changing it's state, sort of like that Star Trek episode when Kirk was chasing that Dichromium or whatever that gaseous energy cloud was which was a creature.

It is a mixed reality of these things we experience as they are both troubling and fascinating. I would rather have Peace, but every so often something like this happens which just has only a geist explanation.

I had always thought those Legend of Sleepy Hollow and shadow horror movies were just imagination, but now realize that people actually were witnessing dark energies as what we have witnessed are exactly at time what one sees in film recreations.

Nuff Said