Friday, May 4, 2018

Barron Trump Got His Gun

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry rises to protest the bullying of Barron Trump, America's First Son, as it is indeed troubling that First Lady, Marionette and Fur Banner, Melania Trump has been troubled and tears, as young Barron has been bullied and mocked in exclusive Washington DC schools over his father's stormy sex life.

The Daily Caller caught this tidbit in a Hollywood Life article about First Lady Melania Trump, who is also facing a tough time as she weathers a public relations crisis surrounding her husband’s sex life: the First Lady is increasingly worried that her son, Barron, isn’t able to handle the stress of defending his dad to his classmates.
Barron is “reportedly getting bullied for his father’s current problems. ‘Worst of all, her heart breaks for her son who gets regularly teased at school and has a hard time defending his father to his classmates,’ the insider shared,” Hollywood Life writes.
“It’s so unfortunate for someone so young and innocent to have to deal with that so we definitely hope that Barron and Melania feel better soon,” the magazine continues.

It is disgusting that the liberal children of leftists are hearing jokes about Donald  Trump and his beautiful paramours and then heaping them upon young Barron. It is in this, that the Lame Cherry appraises this situation and calls upon Donald Trump to invoke his Presidential Powers in 3 areas.


Today I announce Trump Policy in arming children who 
were bullied like Nikolas Cruz, but doing it 
to save innocent lives and punish the perps!!!


The President must instruct the Secret Service to immediately beat these bullies as Barron's school, and then pistol whip the teachers for allowing this, and warn them hot lead will take place if this ever happens again. Into this the  Secret Service must pistol whip the parents of these bullies, drag them out of their beds a 3 AM for threatening the First Son, and ship them off to various prisons in Turkey, Jordan and North Korea to be dealt with.


Barron Trump needs a gun. The President must sign an Executive Order making Barron a Secret Service Agent, and hand him a pair of small frame Glocks, to fit Barron's teenage sized hands. Barron then can handle this all on his own at school, in any bully bullying him, Barron can  just whip out his 9's and start spraying lead around to teach these bullies a lesson. Barron of course would not be trained, as  the purpose of this would be like the police in Barron not hitting anyone. Just spraying lead around to impress upon these delinquents that Barron Trump takes care of himself and his daddy.


Donald Trump needs to sign a pardon for Barron, open ended, no date, which he can show everyone at his school and tell them all, "Hey I can go postal any damn time that I choose, and I got a blanket pardon to put all your asses in a casket tits up."
The Lame Cherry highly recommends a bazooka as an open carry and perhaps blowing up some cow on the school lawn, to show by example that firearms do have consequences just like people bullying have consequences.

 Don't worry, I'm packing Mom.

We simply can not have First Lady Melania in tears, after she has banned fur in the White House and posed with the pedo Pater Pope as she has enough mistakes to deal with, and America must rise to the defense of Barron Trump in arming him, and giving him a full pardon for any actions which would be deemed necessary to give his Mum peace.

America must make a man of Barron Trump. Hell Indians used to have to initiate themselves into manhood in killing someone from another tribe. We all love injuns and injuns are always right,  so what was good for Tonto is good for Barron.  Get em up Scout!!!
There are many fine Americans in history like Billy the Kid who never kidded around and used his pistols to keep himself from being bullied. In this special circumstance, we really need to protect Barron and let him have at it. His father once boasted he could pull out a gun and shoot people and the voters would still vote for him. So why not the same deal for Barron. Call it Art of the Barron, as we all can agree that Barron Trump has the right of self defense.

Barron Trump gets a gun.

Go ahead Snowflake, make my day!!!

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