Monday, May 28, 2018

Blake Whitney

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have been watching dinosaur television and there is this series called Hazel, starring Shirley Booth and Don Defore and I enjoy it immensely.

I like looking at actors and actresses to see where I have seen them before, and when I came across the mother lead in the show, Blake Whitney, I was surprised in she wrote with her 3rd husband One Day at a Time, a crappy feminist show in the 1970's, and that one of her children was Meredith Baxter.

Blake Whitney is so pretty as women were from that era when Hollywood did their best to make women look wonderful.
See Blake Whitney had it going on.

So did Meredith the daughter, before she went lezbo

See, Meredith was pretty, not as gorgeous as her mum, but she was pretty, not Jacqueline Smith gorgeous, but she was ok, up until the time she was rolling around in bed with Ed Asner. That was one disgusting sex scene in fat old liberal bald and ape hair Ed with Meredith slumming.

Then she went lezbo, and as you can see the Ellen look does no woman any good.

This though is in celebration of Blake Whitney, a wonderful actress and creative talent, who was the 1960's artistic, businesswoman, mother and wife, who was not in meltdown over her vaginal size being an issue of every conversation.

I like oldster TV, no immoral women, no lezbos, no disgusting Ed Asner sex scenes, no vaginal size debates.

Anyway that is today's filler in past pretty and preset pretty ugly.