Monday, May 7, 2018

Eric Schneiderman Puts His Fists Where A Woman's Mouth Is

Women all want an alpha male to make the biotch bark!!!

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

BREAKING: NY Gov. Cuomo Calls on AG Eric Schneiderman to Resign After Shocking Report (AP)
This just in: Eric Schneiderman has resighed.

The Lame Cherry is so disappointed in the democratic party in Governor Cuomo of New York calling on his attorney general to resign after women accused him of slapping them around.

‘Me Too!’ Sue-Happy Democrat New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman Accused by FOUR Women of ‘Violent Physical Abuse’

Eric Schneiderman has explained all of this as it was all role playing. He would proposition the women, they would reject him, he would call them sluts and whore, and he would slap them. I mean it sounds all Teddy Kennedy and all democrats want to grow up to John Kennedy or Bobby Kennedy, and let us remember that Schneiderman did not drown any girls in a river like Teddy did.

Why can we not put all this #MeToo behind us, as Harvey Weinstein got the Jew pass card and Kevin Spacey raped little boys and no one is prosecuting him.


Black is beautiful.
Tan is Grand.
But White is the color of the Schneideman!!!! 
Can we not all just recall the hero Bill Clinton in raping women and having little girl's with cum stains on their dresses. The women were blamed in that age and let us not forget Al Franken in sexually assaulting women and being forced to resign from the Senate is making his way back to the spotlight as Hillary Clinton's attack dog. In view of all of that, can we not agree that Eric Schneiderman has been the victim here in these women have not put party first and the democratic party has been deprived of another shining star.

Is it not more important to get Donald Trump? I mean he was just talking about pussy grabbing and was having sex with women who liked it. What is the big deal in Schneiderman just slapped some women around. I mean is that not what they are there for?
Seriously, a woman shows up around an Eric, what do they expect compliments and flowers? They should know that a good slap is what they are there for, in not being bright enough to know that Eric was role playing and they were too stupid to know what was taking place in adult interactions in democratic circles.


I break women all the time like my wife.

Is that what the new democratic party is? Those tan skins running the DNC and beating up everyone white, while the white males are all resigning and being too much like the closeted David Hogg in bullying people and then wetting themselves when they are caught?

It is obvious that Eric Schneiderman had nothing to apologize for and he has never crossed any lines. Why should Eric be treated like Roy Moore in being lynched by women in the leftist media. Why should Eric Schneiderman be treated like a Christian!!!!

Let us not repeat the mistakes of  democrats forcing Governor Elliot Spitzer for buying whore and biting them or was that an NBC reporter. I forget now, but can we not just all agree that women have one purpose in this world and that begins with a good backhand in foreplay and making sure a man gets his cocktail on time, his slippers at the door, and enough sex with women that she can lure into Eric Schneiderman's bed.

Eric Schneiderman has been betrayed by Governor Cuomo and women of the left. I say it is time for democrats to embrace him and make them their nominee for 2020 AD to beat Donald Trump as Trump is all talk, but Eric Schneiderman puts his fists where a woman's mouth is.

That is the definition of IS!!!!

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