Sunday, May 20, 2018

FOX You Decide

 Come on Chris, smell my I can smell your's from here.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The new whoring of Brett Baier over at FOX "news" for his book, "How to Blow a Job" is a reflection on the carnality of the audacity of FOX news to attempt to state that Sean Homo Hannity is a problem for them as they are always fair and balanced.

I still remember when Theresa May's MI6 nabbed Rupert Murdoch for spying in England and just like that FOX became Obama friendly all of the time. The shock to me was the first debate between John McCain and Birther Hussein, where McCain wiped the floor with Barry, in how Chris  Wallace and Shep Smith, who for every day before that had reflected the American right wing, suddenly gushed over Obama and pronounced him the winner.
It was the ultimate betrayal, but there was a great deal of that in the media which began with Peggy Noonan at the Wall Street Journal.

To blame the opinion side of FOX is like a whore blaming her pimp for saying she is a bad lay. FOX produces ratings by conning people on the right like the GOP does with the Hannity, Carlson, Ingraham side to pay the bills, but the leftists are what sabotage Donald Trump and Christian America constantly.

Shep Smith is one of the biggest #NeverTrump nutters on the planet as his glowing gayness looks like he is HIV meds turning him into a wax statue.


 I would say Brett has it right there Shep, but that Obama
got me hard for eight years.

I am the fairest and ballancediest there is Chris


If you were a Jew,  your rabbi would beat your ass for that Shep,
but you would probably like that!!!

Why don't faggots get me, as I run the homo page over at FOX.


SEAN HANNITY: People think that we're not friends. Every newspaper local, international, and national.
BRET BAIER: That's right.
HANNITY: And they have a sports section.
BAIER: That's exactly right.
HANNITY: And they have an editorial page?
BAIER: They do indeed.
HANNITY: Am I editorial page?
BAIER: You are indeed.
HANNITY: And you are the news page.
BAIER: That's right.


Yes, I'm fairy and ballbalanced as this is me and my tart
going to the Obama Gala.........

FOX is ..........disgusting to me. I do not care for their whored up tarts, male or female on their talk shows. After the betrayal by Wallace and Smith in 2008 AD in the year of our Lord, I will never trust those whores again.
Megs Kelley doing her Hillary impersonation against Trump was menstrual repulsive, and, having to listen to Homo Hannity fag up the right in forced sodomy wearing down the audience is proof that Hannity is progressing the agenda, which Ann Coulter rolled out for the Log Turd GOP and was rejected years ago.

There is zero difference at FOX news or propaganda. Brett Baier whores for the communists and Hannity whores for the socialists.

Hannity pillow talks to Trump every night. All that proves is Sean Hannity has signed onto every damaging thing from gun control to energy rapine, which is exactly what FOX news promotes.

The reason Brett Baier is not boycotted is because the left agrees with him, as Bill O'Reilly is no longer around to sell his cut and paste books to extort money from the right, and now Baier has inherited the job.

I research and read the news. I do not ever listen to FOX tell me how great sodomite socialism is.

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