Friday, May 4, 2018

The Call for Clarinet Control

The evil clarinet now masking itself in sodom pink

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

After lengthy exposure of too many years to classical and other music, it has come to my conclusions in the judgment that the clarinet must be banned as it is menace to human culture and society.

Do you know that before the clarinet became the German bastard offspring of the French folk, chalumeau, that the world had not experienced any revolutions or world wars, but since the clarinet was spawned the world has experienced nothing but upheaval?

Yes it was this German 'Horn Tumer" who caused all of these problems in the world. They were simply fine in the great outdoors making hunting horns, but they had to take a folk instrument and bring it inside and drive the human personality insane with that sex crazed, high pitch, metallic cat sound in sexual positions piercing sound of the clarinet.

Denner was born in Leipzig to a family of horn-tuners. With his father, Heinrich Denner, a maker of game whistles and hunting horns, he moved to Nuremberg in 1666

See a chalumeau in the straw thatched country homes was the perfect interlude on evenings, where the straw dampened the folksy sounds, but then came Germany with it's timber frame, cement homes, which bounced that screeching clarinet off the walls, and types of disturbances occurred around the globe.
The chalumeau is just a naturally sexual looking device or something that one could drive the cows home with from pasture.


The original French folk cow stick or chalumeau

This is a photo of  a disturbance in Kenny G, in you just know something is not right here, a man, a clarinet, and fame. No there is something wrong here as that like being famous for having a stick and screaming at the moon.
This just looks depraved in something which brought fire and brimstone down on sodom and gomorrah.

One has to look no further than to prove the clarinet is evil than the clarinet was the choice of Benny Goodman, and that jazz prevision, which was created by those oversexed Negroids in America, not content to sing Negro Spirituals and accept their place in society, instead of catting around in Harlem clubs all night, having pansy sex with white males whose wives refused to suck or blow the man flute at home.

See we have Negress Jackie Gage, who was possessed by jazz and clarinets. Poor woman would have probably been a Sunday school teacher and fathered an American President, but no the debauchery of jazz robbed her of her virtue and left America with Birther Born Obama ruining the world for Blacks.
Look at her gripping that mic and open mouthed looking at that head. Chis Matthews probably leg tingled his way to a stroke under the temptress of demon jazz by clarinet.

I move that all clarinets be confiscated in Clarinet Control. All  Clarinet must be turned in and of course there must be a public burning of them to rid humanity of this tortuous scourge upon ear and soul.

There are other more appropriate instruments for civilized people to enjoy which would replace the evil clarinet. The Oboe for one is a perfectly melodic instrument, and one can discern that Oboe artists are not demented, but completely wholesome virgins.


The Godly, Chaste, Oboe Artist

The Oboe of course would be joined by the Bassoon, and who can challenge the high moral character of this fine instrument as William Shatner plays such a soothing instrument, and we all love Captain Kirk and trust him unlike that George Takei who probably has a house of clarinets and posters of Kenny G up on the walls.

 The Gift of God to mankind
William Shatner, Master Bassoonist

Finally, if we need sexualized instruments, there is the trusted saxophone, which is perfectly pitched for desire an allure, and never produces any evil in normal souls.

There is also the sensual trumpet in intrigue and allure. Yes no trumpet player ever started a world war or a revolution.

The Lame Cherry demands a federal program of clarinets for guns, in guns in the population are not near the danger of a few clarinets which has tormented the human soul and caused all sorts of human conditions. You do know that every modern plague began after that Horn Tuner assaulted the human populace with that most wicked instrument.

I believe that someone like Bill Shatner should be named ReichsPlayer  to send out myriads of well armed Lute Players to confiscate these clarinets for the public protection, as only Lute Players have been know to have the fortitude to not succumb to the crazed sounds of the clarinet.

 The Godly, Virginal, Lute Player

With that, we all will have peace on earth and good will toward men, as the evil tune of the clarinet will have ceased from the soul of humanity.


 I have always thought the evil that Eve picked in the Garden of Eden
was a clarinet which made all mankind to sin.....

I am Lame Cherry and I agree with this message.

Nuff Said