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The DIA in control of the CIA

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While the attention upon Gina Haspel, the Deputy Director of the CIA, nominated to replace Mike Pompeo, who is now Secretary of State, is over 'torture' in John McCain is seeking to destroy one more woman before that friendly cancer he says he has forces him to trust his new son in law to pay the feed bill for the robust Meg's McCain, there is something in popular girls having a talent for reading published information which is like Sabrina Scharff on Hogan's Heroes as a Gestapo interrogator, who in pillow talk got the Frenchman LeBeau to talk about his childhood, where he mentioned he used to play in the tunnels under the train station, which the Gestapo immediately understood was a secret underground base the French had hidden away, that the reality of Gina Haspel is not what has been published in the librarian who was in Massachusetts and joined the CIA.
 The popular girl will submit for your inspection the following Wiki post and see what you make of this information. 

Haspel was born Gina Cheri Walker in 1956 in Ashland, Kentucky. Her father served in the United States Air Force. She has four siblings.
Haspel attended high school in the United Kingdom. She was a student at the University of Kentucky for three years and transferred for her senior year to the University of Louisville, where she graduated in May 1978  with a BA degree in languages and journalism. From 1980-1981, she worked as a civilian library coordinator at Fort Devens in Massachusetts.

Haspel joined the CIA in January 1985 as a reports officer. She held several undercover overseas positions, for many of which she was station chief. Her first field assignment was from 1987-1989 in Ethiopia, Central Eurasia, Turkey  followed by several assignments in Europe and Central Eurasia from 1990-2001.
From 2001-2003, her position was listed as Deputy Group Chief, Counterterrorism Center.
Between October and December 2002, Haspel was assigned to oversee a secret CIA prison in Thailand, code-named Cat's Eye, that housed persons suspected of involvement in Al-Qaeda

Translating the above from an intelligence standpoint, Gina Haspel's father was military intelligence, stationed in the UK at US bases there conducting Cold War intelligence work for the military.
Haspel was educated in proper infiltration degrees in multiple languages and journalism, which allows intelligence agents to embed in Mockingbird funded careers to gather intelligence in being posted around the world.

The librarian part is the most interesting bit of information in this at Fort Devens, because it was from this point that Haspel joined the CIA at 29 years old, which is quite old for a career leap in the CIA to accept your being hired in the Reagan years, and immediately assign you as a Reports Officer, who moving from putting books back into the library, two years later she is running undercover covert operations in some of thee most volcanic areas in the world. One does not get assigned to those areas in not having previous experience.
The deduction is Fort Devens was a Defense Intelligence clearing house, and Gina Haspel was recruited as her father was an accomplished intelligence officer, and Gina Haspel in the below quote is revealed to have been trained at the US Army Intelligence School there, and it is deducted her librarian job there had nothing to do with books, but she was running a vast system of intelligence analysis.
That is how she ended up at CIA and has been rising to the top as she has profound ability to run operations in the worst possible areas most successfully.

Fort Devins

It was home to the United States Army Base Camp Systems Integration Laboratory as well as the United States Army System Integration Laboratory
During the 1970s it became known as the U.S. Army Intelligence School, Devens, or USAISD,

Fort Devens has changed since Haspel was there in being promoted as logistics base of a feeding and clothing the military. The problem with that though is there are numerous intelligence commands and military police stationed at Fort Devens.
The nomination of Gina Haspel therefore exposes a  major DIA network hub which is still operational.

The following military units are based at this location:
  • 3411st Military Intelligence Detachment
  • 3417th Military Intelligence Detachment
  • 3437th Military Intelligence Detachment
  • 366th Military Police Detachment (CID)
  • 401st Chemical Company

When the popular girl informed you several years ago that Control was on the move and that Edward Snowden was part of this realignment, you are now witnessing the Trump Junta the breaking out into the hedgerows of the countryside.
His election was the Normandy landing, and for the past year and a half you have witnessed the ground game. Gina Hapsel is one of the best intelligence agents in the United States. MacArthur would have been pleased with her on his staff.
That is not a reach in this as this all goes back to Truman sacking MacArthur and the cauterizing of the military intelligence in the United States in betrayals and military ineptness due to political weaponizing of the military. It is now coming to the foundation that vital pieces of real estate have been seized and this DIA securing of the CIA by Gina Hapsel in direct leadership is the necessity to rectify the situation which we have all been experiencing and not understanding.

All of you missed this, but this is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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