Saturday, May 12, 2018

The Edge of Christ

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My Holy Ghost Bible Teaching for today, which was several weeks ago for me, but recorded here is the necessity of confessing that you are a Christian on earth,  so that Christ will confess you before the Father and not deny you before God and the Holy Angels.

Matthew Chapter 10

 32 Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven.
 33 But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.
 34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

This is one of the hardest first steps for any Christian and many fail it, as they do a gut check and remain silent, the moment passes and they feel like Peter ripped apart inside, having denied Christ.

The telling people you are a Christian when it comes up or to state that Jesus is my Lord and Savior, which I post here often enough to greater peril in these persecution times, is more than that though in just talking about Jesus. It is a daily dying with Christ to your rebellious and self serving will. It is a living example of good actions, respectable speech and a countenance which is above reproach. I always think for Americans that President George Washington is such a figure to emulate in strength and self control. It is not to say that Mr. Washington was not fiery with fury which he dealt with, but it is a reality that a Christian must present themselves with dignity in a life of good morals, so that the simple phrase, "Yeah he was a good guy", is what comes to people's minds as who you really are.

Of course Christ is contentious as satan contends for this world and people want their own way, so there is always a battle against Jesus and disdain for Christians. It is a division of light and dark, night and day, and good and evil. You begin the journey with Christ and you discover that people you thought were friends want nothing to do with you, and you will find as the Light grows within you, that 'christians'  will appear to share your stage and when they have required that association which fills nothing in them, they move on as Christ is missing inside of them as they are denying His place of preeminence, a place they occupy.

In posting this example, I am not degrading others by not noting them, but am mentioning what I admire most about the Viking and the verse comes to mind in his kindred of Issachar:

Issachar is a strong ass couching down between two burdens:

The Viking is a big guy and he shoulders a great deal. He also is not some fly by night christian. He is wearied from work and all the disappointments we have in MAGA, but for years he has checked on me to bring normal into the brier patch. I judge this as God does and while they do not put up monuments to the efforts the Viking accomplishes in Christ, he  is someone people can count on. That does not mean he does not struggle like everyone in satanic attacks, but it means he quietly is a Christian, doing the right things and he is steady. He is not German, but is of the same  Scandinavian Saxon lines which built the United States, not with flashing swords, but showing up for work.
This is what it means to not deny Christ. Yes there is the outward profession of His Name, but there is also  the daily step by step of someone who God knows is not going out of their way to destroy other people's lives. When you think about it, the steady hand is what every parent or every employer looks for as there is not any drama, just a favorable outcome each day.

I know the Viking in what he will be thinking in reading this and I will not post the reply he knows would come from me, but he is a good guy and God and people know they can count on him.

How do you become the person Christ will not deny? It is not by being the flash as Christ will deny people who say they cast out demons in His Name, because they denied Him the first place in life.

You be a good person, in keeping the 10 Commandments. You resist satan and struggle in Christ and know that Jesus has the Victory for you when you do not give up. You obey God and you are kind to others. You live a humble life, but do not suffer humiliation as there is a vast difference from turning the other cheek and being a whipping boy. You separate yourself from sinners and sinful situations. With Christ you start building a self assurance that the noble life you are leading for the Glory of the Father is there, no matter if you think the world does not notice.

It is daily and I will assure you, that even if you are someone like me who used to engage in self destructive things, beat myself up for the failure I was, never seemed to be able to get out from under the burden of sin, that one day, if it is 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, with Christ's help and living the Christian life, those burdens will begin disappearing.

People are given at least 70 years in this life to get things right with God. There seem to be threshold maturity levels for all. I remember my Uncle Marv told me, "Get married about the time you are 28 as that is when people grow up". He was right as people do pass a threshold at about age 16, then again around 21, then around 28, and again around 40 years of age. It continues on at about 50 as your well training in Christ solidifies you to the person you were grown in Spirit to be. There is different baggage for all and some never get out from under having their gods of self  indulgence to their ruin, but if you keep professing Christ and denying your destructive urges, the blessing is that time wears the tools of satan thin and you become the edge of Christ.

Sitting in pews does not do it. Creating some charity does not do it. Putting a Jesus pin on does not do it. It is nothing outward, but it is the inward responsibility with the outward of accomplishing acts of kindness when presented in caring for others.

Being good to others does not save you, only Jesus does that, but being good to others is a proof of fulfilling God's directives that all Christians must discipline themselves with as a daily tally of not denying Christ this day.

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