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Translating Nuclear Persian and Jewish in Project Amad

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The Lame Cherry is amused over nuclear weapons in the Middle East by the statements leaked today by Iran and the Israeli state.
It is even more tussling and Pat Buchanan gets censored by Sean Hannity, in Buchanan  says like many that Iran has not any nuke and Hannity thinks the Persians use radioactive Jews to read their korans by.

The Lame Cherry will interpret so you know what has been taking place.

According to the PM, Tehran had preserved and expanded its military nuclear know-how in a secret atomic archive after the 2015 deal was signed. He said that “half a ton” of documents from the archives were obtained by Israel in “a great intelligence achievement.” Netanyahu claimed that the files contain incriminating evidence that Iran has been working to develop a nuclear bomb as part of a program called “Project Amad.”

For this you have to understand the Mirage which the Jews flew out of France all through the early 1970's into bits and pieces in their wars with Muslims. The French refused to sell more Mirage fighters to the Jews, so the Jews embarked upon a clever plan in Switzerland, where a Swiss sympathizer informed the Jews that the reams of paper files which  the the French had in storage there were about to be transferred to microfilm, and the  white prints destroyed.
The Jews simply took the piles of paper out the back window for the Mirage and what appeared was the Jewish Phantom.
It is not difficult to connect the dots that the Jewish agents in Iran, put the bug in the Iranian's  ear that their paper files might be  discovered, so it would be best to digital copy them to PDF files and then destroy the paper.
The paper of 1000 pounds ended up in Tel Aviv in this intelligence coup.

"What the US secretary of state describes as Washington’s partnership with Saudi Arabia is a partnership aimed at triggering instability and war as well as promoting arms races and extremism,” Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi said in a Monday.

Saudi Arabia is finished with Syria, Gaza, Hezbollah, Shia and Iran. They desire a cleansing war by the Americans. They are triggering a war footing in the small disruptions in Gaza and South Lebanon. For Iran to be squawking, it means the operation is working immensely well.
The promotion of the arms race and extremism is important, as extremism means "good terrorists" who are going to start lighting things up in Iran.
This will be accepted as soon as President Vladimir Putin agrees that joining the Trump Peace Corp out of North Korea looks better on the resume, and lifts all these sanctions on Russia, meant to bring all this about, along with Russia donating to Wall Street, billions of rubles.

Let's see, what else, oh this means war or Trump dictated peace by what Netanyahu has released to the world. Of course Iran has nuclear weapons, they have been graduating to hydrogen bombs, as Dr. Khan's cone shaped rocket warhead has been in their possession for over a decade, and their good friend Kim Jong Un has the bomb, so Iran does too.

Biblically, this should bring about the rubble of Damascus and Gaza. It is assessed by the seers revelations that Vladimir Putin will reach fallback point, meaning he will keep his port in Syria, but wait for the instability of Iran to become a reality, and then plunge the Russian military into Iran to stabilize it, and sort of drive Americans out of the Gulf in one scenario.

That is the direction this is moving toward now, as Iran was presented a genius idea, but never figured  the paperwork would be shipped to Tel Aviv.

The Jewish intelligence is sound. They have Persian Jews and contacts all through Iran. They burned this line for the simple reason this is red line time, and the next step is meant to trigger a war, as we are in the preliminary phase of....

Mr. President Putin, you are a far reaching man of great vision and diplomacy, you do not want to be on the wrong side of history for your legacy. It would be much better to allow the community to deal with this, so this weapon's technology does not end up in the hands of Chechens or your other Muslim communities.....

Germany and France who are making out like bandits in Iranian Shia commerce deals for Europe are being placed into a position of being sandwiched between Moscow and Washington.


Israel to Send Experts to Germany, France to Share Iran Intelligence
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday he had spoken with the leaders of France and Germany, and that Israel …

Macron should have picked up the Trump tab and the Germans should have paid the Trumps for taking out Krautbank loans.

Kushner diplomacy is bringing all the rewards.

It is probably time to sing, or just enjoy the music.

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