Thursday, May 3, 2018

Trumperor Ordo

I know you thought it was road kill,
but it's what's for supper Jethro....

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is reminder of leftist Webster Griffin Tarpley's deep state proclamation of 2016 AD in the year of our Lord that the intelligence community in the United States was going to turn the GOP into a 3rd rank party and was about to divide the democrat party into two parties to rule America as communists and socialists. While Hamrod Clinton was ousted by the Trump State Defense Intelligence Agency, what this blog has been warning all of you, as you are being politically aborted, is that Donald John is in the process of creating a Trump Party and it is happening before your eyes and you are being led to accept it, and no more relevant examples are bringing to the forefront the Millennial Negroid as the evolution of Blackness in America utilizes the Black as a revolutionary terror to bring American politics to a new vista.
The English did this in unleashing Blacks on American  Whites in the Revolution. Lincoln did it in the Emancipation Proclamation. Martin Luther King moved Christian Blacks to Black Marxists with Malcolm X, but the Black Revolution out of the Vatican was steered back from Helter Skelter by Jesse Jackson's  fine FBI minding of Blacks for profit, until Obama appeared in his community organized relations to genocide Blacks in favor of the Muslim and the Mexican.

It is this that the DIA for Donald Trump is actively moving the Republican Party left, in what is the Sodomite Socialists. These are a new coalition in the left, of homosexual depravity melded to leftist ideology, in the culimination of CIA operative William F. Buckley's trashing of the John Birchers for Bush  fam leftism to marginalize the right in America.
As you have probably missed it, Red State flushed all the #NeverTrumpers to pinky Erick Erickson at the Maven, with only National Review holding up the Jonah Goldberg diatribes against Trump. This has always been a Jewish based media operation as Jonah Goldberg, Bill Kristol and little Ben Shapiro were the #NeverTrumper center of this. Goldberg is still CIA Buckley, Kristol gives the impression he is vanquished  as Shapiro gleans Texas Christian money for the Wire, as he does the Yiddish stage act in college leftist campus to bring about what Dwight David Eisenhower's original Nazi Military Industrial Complex sought to transform America into, in being more like the Soviet Union as the Soviet Union was brought right to be more like America.

Capitalism meets National Socialism, and that is Trumpism and if Vladimir Putin with the Russian mafia surrenders Russian finance and resources to the internationalists again, it will be one world order again.

In knowing what you are witnessing now, it should be easier to not get all worked up over things, as Trump supporters in Michigan are mixing it up with the Soros funded deep state. It is ok as Donald John in David John Oates Reverse Speech refers to Soros as "George", so it is all on a first name basis and  the pawns on the board are clueless as to their being pawns.

Trump Supporters and Leftist Agitators Clash Outside Michigan Trump Rally

It is of interest in the Black Race in America, being Afroid left, a mongrel mix of Caucasian and Negoid for drug cartel profit and welfare state rapine, has been cropped by Planned Parenthood for extinction. Blacks  are not imported into the United States, except Somali Muslims out of Africa. Instead it is a matter of the Asians and the Mexicans who will dislodge the Black, but in this era of tearing the Afroid from the old Jesse Jackson led order, now has a final purpose in this solution and that is to bring Blackness to the Trump coalition as Blacks utterly failed as terrorists under Obama to intimidate anyone White.

 Is Black a Color or an Ideology?

It was amusing to see the Trump Clappers go ape over Kayne West, who on less lucid days seems to be insane. I honestly like Kayne as I have featured him hear as warning him that the Kardashian phase of his life was the large mistake to his career. He though is Kayne and perhaps someday he will trade up to the vixen of the Kushner Alt Right in Taylor Swift to impregnate her with new Tramp Brand voters.

Rapper Kanye West calls Trump 'my brother' — 'very cool ...

West visited the soon-to-be president in Trump Tower after the 2016 election. More recently, he has mused about running for president himself.

The  problem with Kayne is the problem all of you are going to uncomfortably find, as with lezo Ann Coulter and all of your flat backers like Michelle Malkin who sold out and left you holding the bag of Obama victories, in Kayne after being Trump's brother, came out praising the Bully Band lezbo from the Nikolas Cruz events in Florida.

Kanye West Calls Teenage Leftist Anti-Gun Nut Teenager Emma Gonzalez His ‘Hero’

Get used to it my children, as you are going to be broken down, and Donald John's new party is going to be exactly like Kayne West or Neil Gorsuch. You are going to like what they say and then will come the bitch slap to make you exhale and just accept your new political choices are exactly as Webster Tarpley revealed.

You can either vote Kamala Harris Communist
You can either vote for Erick Erickson Whiggery
You can either vote for Trump Brand Sodomite Socialism.

Washington founded America, while I found America in need of being Trump again...

As  you ponder that, let's listen to some  tunes as learning you won the election and lost the politics as this is a 50 year old plan is what is taking place.

Mungo Jerry - In The Summertime - YouTube

Mungo Jerry's "In The Summertime" Official Video Like Red Bus Studios on Facebook here

Perhaps when the Prophetess is informing you of things, as I do live in the future, you people who can afford to donate, should be donating, instead of getting upset at the Popular Girl, because I am regrettably all you have, and knowing the future should make you less upset so you are not surprised and go reactionary in trying to fight the wind.
Put your Faith in Jesus as this is just one more thing for all of us to deal with.

For the future moments, you are witnessing the face of  Trump Brand as the Black vote is leveraged by Black women being ridden by the Plantation Preppy, as every black girl wants a pasty white with a red letter on his sweater and every black boy wants a Kim with her big butt whoring it around.

Conservative Candace Owens Lowers the Boom on the NAACP: ‘Emotional Extortionists,’ ‘A Disgusting Group Who Seek to Extort the Pain of Black People’

Conservative Candace Owens Lowers the Boom on the NAACP: ‘Emotional Extortionists,’ ‘A Disgusting Group Who Seek to Extort the Pain of Black People’

Trump Brand will appear as a national movement, of international trade, with imported legal slavery, in an organized economy of Wall Street, looting American oil to impoverish Americans so they do not start another Tea Party, as the conglomerates employ everyone for their own good.
There is not a great deal of difference in Trump Brand from Obama Brand, except Trump funds this beast with American oil sold overseas, while Obama just created electronic debt.

Be amazed though, as you are witnessing the birth of a new political movement in democrats never change from the mob, but the Hamilton Federalists were degraded to the Establishment Whigs, who were mutated to the Grand Old Party of crushing Southern Individual Rights, and after a brief resurrection under Ronald Reagan of Republicanism, is now about to become Trump Brand. They will probably keep the Republican title, while Pinky Erickson will have chosen for him something like Resurgent that sounds like vomit you just swallowed in being puked up again with the stygma of Bircherism.
Bill Buckley's CIA Catholicism is finally ridding the GOP of Christian Conservatives.

Mama used to sweep them off the porch with a broom
and daddy would fry them up for Sunday supper in a pan........

This is why the Lame Cherry promoted Donald Trump for a Nobel Prize. That is the shockwave in this in Jehu gaining international prestige, where no one foreign or domestic would dare touch him, or his children for the near future.
Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump are simpatico now in they have mutually assured dynasties from their nuclear weapons. Donald Trump makes peace and he pulls the fangs out of the deep state and he castrates Robert Mueller, as there will be zero ability to impeach or prosecute Donald Trump.

The left will be a greasy wet spot and the #NeverTrumpers will be a sweaty wet spot politically.

That is why this DIA summit created by CIA's Mike  Pompeo and DIA's John Kelly is going to happen, and why Rand Paul bent over and voted for Pompeo. Forces are at work which are creating the final political movement in America and all have signed off on it, and no is going to dare to challenge it under penalties of death.

That is why you are fortunate to have the Popular Girl, because Lame  Cherry knows all, and is telling you the order which is forming out of this chaos. This is Trumperer Ordo, the Trump Order which is forming a neo socialist order in carnivore capitalism.

Hmmm, broil one coon lightly peppered......

Kayne West and Meg Kinnard are the body politic of what the Trump Republican party will be transformed into and you will succumb to it.

Junk food baby.

Lexicon - Junk Food - YouTube

Here it is kids! The official video by LA-based band Lexicon. Directed by Eric Amadio and produced by Mike Warner and our friends at Final Cut Collective.

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