Saturday, July 21, 2018

Bill Kristol inks Donald Trump's face on his Penis for Attention

I am confused Bill, as is it your pen is has a tattoo of Trump
or is it your penis has a Trump tattoo.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It was not surprise that SnooperMexican is a huge fan of Bill Kristol the neocon and Trump Hater, but there is nothing that surprises any more, except that anyone pays attention to what Bill Kristol says as this Jewcon creates a new traffic accident to gain attention as no one is interested in his bloody mess.

Why Donald Trump acting Obama and Clinton in creating idiot scams to manipulate his voters over patriotic things bothers Kristol is a mystery as no one cares when Donald pulls out his fife and beats his drum, as Trump voters are not naive to this tune as they heard it now for 3 years and no longer care about the NFL, which is part of the Team Trump's plan to start an alternative league, probably as gouache as when Trump ran the New Jersey Generals as a porn show.

I am waiting for when Bill Kristol tats Donald's face on his Jew meat and flashes someone like Matt Walsh who now vouches for pedophiles in the Catholic religion as the real problem is homosexuals. That is another bizarre Vatican boy offering as a Trump Hater, in you can't have a pedo without the pedo being a queer.

Anyway, Bill Kristol needs to take his game up a few notches so people will pay attention. That means Trump on Bill's Jew meat.......probably wow better if it was Anderson Cooper though as he likes tea bagging.

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