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How to make a little Trumpageddon

“I would like to state it once again, ahead of the forthcoming meeting, that the Russian state has never interfered and is not going to interfere in the internal affairs, not to mention the election process, of the US,”
“The goal of this meeting, as we see it, is to finally start changing the negative situation in relations between the US and Russia for the better, some concrete steps aimed at … bringing mutual trust to some acceptable level.”
 Yury Ushakov

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The meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin has nothing to do with US and Russian relations, but instead have had everything to do with leveraging Russia into a position where Russia will agree to an American strategic position, which Russia would not normally give ascent to.

While all of you have been focused on Robert Mueller indictments of Russia and Mr. Trump retaliating on conspirators against him in Theresa May and Angela Merkel, in helping to topple their regimes, as the Helsinki meeting between Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin came into focus, there was a much different reality appearing in what I have warned all of you of in America will not fight China in North Korea, nor duel with Russia in Ukraine. Instead America will move to enact a leverage in the Iranian situation, and it begins with the settlement of control of the oil situation in Syria, Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi  Arabia and the key piece of Iran.

What you do not see is that most of the oil in the Mideast goes not to America or Europe, but goes to East Asia and China is gaining more of the glut each year. A war in the Mideast can spike oil prices, but a war in the Mideast will effective immobilize China in a matter of weeks.

"Therefore, a big economic war has erupted between China and America," Kolotov opined. "Beijing understands that [its competitors] will throw a wrench into its works, thus it has taken preventive measures to protect its interests. It is looking for allies and is ready to pay them. To accomplish this task, various proposals and projects are being put forward for establishing cooperation and strategic relations."

The Russian academic pointed out that the most of the oil produced in the Middle East goes to East Asia, Therefore, China needs stability in this region and will work on it, he explained.

See what Zerohedge fails to comprehend in the old Gulf of Hormuz strategy of Iran shutting down oil flow, is that Iran doing this strategy will literally kill China. What you are missing is Donald Trump and the Americans in production have been increasing flow to Japan and Europe, therefore the only nation which will be crippled will be China in an Iranian action.

China is not affected by oil price in Brentwood setting market values as China is state owned and has been purchasing oil at contracts of 100 dollars for years. The key to China is not price, but cutting off supply  or hindering supply.
As one can comprehend by the statistical chart below, China has main suppliers in the Mideast and Africa in a precarious supply line, but it also has a huge supply problem in a number of other very small sources to meet it's oil consumption needs. China instead of needing to protect a few sources has  over a dozen sources of necessary production and that many more from small production which make up the whole.
Seven of the major Chinese suppliers, are American controlled.


Iran could effectively shut down the Strait of Hormuz, the narrow channel connecting the Persian Gulf to global markets. It is the only sea route from the Persian Gulf to the open ocean.
Tankers moving oil from Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates all have to pass through the strait. That translates into roughly 35% of the world’s oil traded by sea.

As new data on this has not been posted, the censoring of hiding this strategic information has begun in the Obama era. Literally China has been maneuvered into  the worst possible situation a Bush fam built this oil consuming cancer and now that cancer has the most precarious of life lines.


Japan: 3534 thousand barrels per day in 2011
China: 2774
India: 2224
USA: 1919
Singapore: 1234

Other Asia-Pacific: 4582  (South Korea, Taiwan, Southeast Asia...)
Europe: 2543
Africa: 524

In total, 75% of Middle East oil exports go to Asia.

Dictator Xi may have the power, but cut off oil supply and Chinese elite and society will implode and make Tienanmen Square ten time zone revolution in China, with the military not able to move their tanks.

This is the game in this in the China Road. China is building a road to nowhere as Europe has looked at China and decided they would rather swindle Americans than be eaten by PLA  raping soldiers. China is moving to buy leverage in the Mideast, but America is already there and as none of you have noticed, America is expanding her military structure.

Beijing has put its words into actions by offering over $23 billion in loans and aid to Arab states, according to The South China Morning Post. Additionally, China has promised Syria, Jordan and Yemen $90.5 million in humanitarian aid.

The United States already has thee most massive military complexes in the world in Saudi  Arabia and Iraq. The expansion of these facilities to protect the American controlled Syrian oil fields, is part of this leaving no stone unguarded with Moscow in Damascus and Peking lurking around.

The Erbil-based BasNews reported on Friday that the US is planning to inaugurate its third military base in Iraq, near the town of al-Qa’im in western Anbar Province bordering Syria.
The report quoted a source from Anbar Province as saying that the new American facility will join the already operating US airbases in Iraq, namely Ain al-Assad in Anbar and Habbaniya, both in Anbar.
The source also noted that the new base will oversee several Anbar cities, the western desert of Iraq and the strategic international road connecting Baghdad to Damascus.

The expansion is moving into Kuwait in an expanded air transportation hub on the Iranian border. The only reason the military needs more cargo space is moving of massive amounts of supply to key choke points which the US will have absolute control over in providing too many targets for Russia and China to hit with conventional weapons.

Separately on Friday, Kuwait's al-Rai newspaper reported that the US will soon open a major military air hub near the country's international airport.
Citing a statement from the US command in Kuwait, the Kuwaiti daily said the facility is intended to serve as a strategic military logistics supply point and the largest aerial port of debarkation in the Middle East.
The facility, the statement said, is further meant to fill the gap until the opening of West Al-Mubarak Airbase in Kuwait in 2023.
“Once finished, the total functional space at ‘Cargo City’ will feature an area of nearly 33,000 square meters,” said Captain Sean Murphy, a civil engineering flight officer in charge of the $32 million project.

In this Kushner Inc. has been busy as the Tel Aviv duo in the West Wing, which saw Benjamin Netanyahu as the ambassador to Moscow for Washington's policies. Netanyahu persuaded Russia to not sell advanced missile systems to Syria, and in return for allowing President Assad to stay in power, and American control over Syrian oil fields, Moscow will do use it's leverage to get Iran out of Syria and Lebanon.
That means the Shia are in retreat and Moscow is conducting the policy.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu signaled on Thursday that his government will accept President Bashar Al-Assad staying in power in neighboring Syria, as his government consolidates a string of military victories.
Netanyahu's statement came after Israeli sources said Assad's ally Russia had agreed to help bat away Iranian forces from the Israel-Syria border in exchange for Israel adopting a policy of non-intervention in the Syrian civil war.
“We haven't had a problem with the Assad regime, for 40 years not a single bullet was fired on the Golan Heights,” Netanyahu was quoted by Haaretz newspaper as telling reporters who accompanied him on a visit to Moscow to meet President Vladimir Putin.
“I have set a clear policy that we do not intervene and we have not intervened," the premier added.

Of course trusting Tel Aviv is like trusting Washington as once the Americans obtain Iran, which is what the Trump Putin Summit is primarily about, along with obtaining  Russian assets for Wall Street, then with Iran cut off, then Damascus will suddenly appear on the stage to be annexed by Tel  Aviv again.

This though is a little Trumpageddon. You  fight Chinese hordes not in North Korea, but you cut them off by having control over Mideast oil, and by providing Russia with greater power in oil imports for China, one gives Moscow the leash on the left hand of the Peking dragon which Moscow desires while America holds the leash of the Peking girl in the right hand.

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