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The Mensab Osa Johnson

 Osa Johnson and her husband, Martin, with the Pygmies of the Congo

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Oh no, my name is,  Osa Helen Johnson , and I am a woman in 1917 AD in the year of our Lord, from flyover Kansas, so my life is over as there are no opportunities, so I might as well drug myself with feel good tonic out of Sears Roebuck and listen to all the other women who say there are no parts in film, no jobs for women and no opportunities for women, even into the Ivanka Trump 21st century..............


I came across Osa Johnson in a very old book which will be featured here as a testament to women of vision and an example for all young girls that you can be whatever you want to be, as there is not any glass ceiling in the world to hold any of you, boys or girls back. If they tell you, that they will not publish your writings as in Lame Cherry, then go on and build the best blog ever, which runs circles around the anal asstards who told you that your style was not understandable and could not be done. You go out and start your own life and leave the others in their gilded menagerie of flat world thinking, as life is to be lived for God and you go live the life you are moved to live by Him.

Osa Johnson was singing in the theater in Kansas, yes she had a job she had carved out for herself, when she met her husband Martin who showing films of his adventures in south Asia. A romance blossomed and they were soon married and onto other great adventures.

Osa with her golf caddy in deep dark Africa

She with her husband would become film pioneers in the wilds of the outdoor world, predating by a generation ABC's American Sportsman and two generations in cable networks Duck Dynasty.

Osa Johnson | American explorer, filmmaker and author ...

Osa Johnson: Osa Johnson, American explorer, filmmaker, and writer who, with her husband, made a highly popular series of films featuring mostly African and South Sea tribal groups and wildlife.

Yes a female explorer, going in most place where men had never gone before. Think about that as thee American woman Osa Johnson was not the first woman after many men had accomplished something, but she was the first human to reach into some of thee most dangerous places on earth from head hunters to man eating animals.

Osa bringing home the guinea fowl for the table.

This is the face of feminism, in God, a wife, an independent woman. She never sat on her beauty,  but was a woman who used her brains and empowered herself, often time with a gun, as life was to be lived, and live it she did.

Osa experienced it all, in driving across Africa without roads, where 100 miles a day was an average in 1920 vehicles without any service stations or AAA to come bail you out. It was a hard life at times, but it was her life and she excelled at it.

Here are some Boy Scouts she came across in Africa, that a lion had eaten their camera. This was before they became the Fag Scouts, and when they were real males growing up to be real men, around real women like Osa Johnson.

The lion ate our camera

Osa was the finest of shots. As her husband, Martin, often said, "I hold the camera and Osa holds the gun". Osa protected them, their bearers and at times small impala fawns that cheetahs attempted to eat. Osa shot the cat down, and then nursed the little fawn which was badly mauled back to health.

Osa Johnson the woman with the gun in the photo protecting man and beast

There are and always have been examples of remarkable women for young girls to emulate and model themselves after. Women of real accomplishment who never forgot what it was to be a lady and never were stopped by anything that they set their minds to.

Osa Johnson, her films, her writings, her life is the perfect example for young girls to learn how to be a woman.

Oh and Boy Scouts in 1928 won competitions to go to Africa with Osa Johnson and shoot lions, that also had eaten on their camera.

 Osa Johnson and Jerramani, her African guide (right) pose with the results of a day's hunt - two dead lions. With them are Robert Dick Douglas, Doug Oliver and David Martin who won a national Boy Scout competition to go on safari in East Africa with the Johnsons in 1928

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