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Thee American Birthright


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When the German Empress of Russia, Catherine the Great, began the modernization of Russia in the 1750's, her recruiters entered Germany to lure those genetically superior races to develop Russia.
Russia at the time was ruled by the Russ, or the Gothic Israelites who had invaded and conquerred the sons of Japheth by sailing up the Volga in their Viking ships. The sons of Japheth were a slave class of ignorants whose main implement of life was a hatchet which made them a carpenter.

The German migrants were promised the choice of their vocation and their choice of where they lived. All was well with French wine served the Germans on ships as they left port for Finland. Things began to change though once they arrived on Russia territory, as bearded Russians soon began handing them out lumber and twigs to build huts. This was not Russia, but the Germans soon learned that Catherine with her advisers had decided that the Volga Basin wilderness was in need of development, and Russia needed farmers there, so until the Germans agreed that the steppes of Russia was their new home, they were going to stay in Finland until they died as there was no going back to Germany.

The Germans agreed and were on new ships, which they deemed torture ships, as the rations were meager, they were cold, they caught diseases, died and were tossed about by waves and yearned to get off these death traps for barges which took them up the Volga until ice stopped their way, so that was their second marooning.

Some made it to the Volga basin on horses or wagons and were aghast when their Russian guides stopped one day and said, "This is it". The Germans never got off their horses or down from their wagons as there was absolutely nothing there. They had been promised wood to build houses and supplies, but nothing was there except the Russian wilderness.

In order to survive the first winter, the Germans dug caves in the bluffs, three families to a cave in the 60 below zero weather and held out until spring.

Those that arrived the next season had no provisions, so had to beg for food, but things were better as Russian carpenters arrived and stared putting up shelters, and the food stipend was allowed from Moscow for the migrants, along with a most welcome order that no price gouging would be allowed.
The Germans were beginning to witness signs that the almost 20% of them that had died to get to this Russian wilderness were an investment for the living, as perhaps a life could be made out there.

For the most part, and this is remarkable is the German made square houses do still exist in the German parts of Russia in the Volga and Crimea. The Germans did not have lumber, so built homes of manure and dirt, into large bricks, and then waterproofed the outside and inside. These cave homes with thatch roofs allowed for the survival of the people in that harsh cold, along with burning manure bricks to heat their homes.

Catherine would have farmers in her wilderness, but the problem was not all of these German were farmers, and had no idea how to farm. Seed was late from the government and conditions were harsh. In addition as soon as the Germans poured into Russia, the other European powers started complaining to Moscow that they needed peasant slaves for their nation to run too. So Catherine put a limit on the Germans coming into Russia around 1760 AD in the year of our Lord. The people who would become the Christian German community of Russia would be established on the number of the first recruitment.


In a decade, these Germans had transformed the wilderness into the bread basket of Europe. In Crimea there were fruits, and all of these Germans were involved in owning firearms, hunting, fishing and trapping. They were a most industrious people who began the civilization and transformation of Russia.

It was these Germans 100 years later in the 1850's, in balking under the Czar's conscription, began to move village by village to America. These German Russians would join the Israelite Germans of Prussia and western Germany in a second great migration to the American interior for five decades. Their identity would make Wisconsin, Minnesota, Kansas, Colorado, Montana, Nebraska, North and South Dakota in the Great Plains in turning the terror grounds of Indian prairie into the greatest wheat producing region in the world.

For those who do not comprehend the Biblical destiny of these colonizing sons of Joseph, these were the pioneers who broke out of the northern Mideast in exile and spilled out into Asia and Europe as the Scythian or Sammarean Peoples. They were expert cavalry and always followed their pioneer farmers who tamed the great forests of Europe. It is in their genetics in God practiced them in Russia to develop that nation for great fulfillment of the blessing of Jacob and Moses from God on the sons of Gilead and Manneseh, who would create the single greatest nation in the world of the United States.

There is a vast difference from the true inheritors and native children of America in God's Promise in their Birthright in America, which is being stolen from them as genocide is being waged against them again, to the Visa Vermin who are handed tax money and housing, given jobs by the nazi conglomerates and treated as if they are Americans.

Americans have a Birthright and it is not transferable in the Biblical Covenant. Americans are a generational people of the Bible in history and have earned their place forever in the lands they settled. This is their land and it's content is not transferable to foreigners who are taking that birthright.

It is time for Birthright Americans to assert their Right.


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