Sunday, July 8, 2018

Where have all the young guns gone.......

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At the end of World War II for the German Landser on the Russian Front, their commander relieved them from their oath of duty in order to save themselves from the Soviet communist torture, slave labor and death which awaited them. In that the Austrian Joseph Allerberger in his memoirs stated that he put his rifle down before a tank and had the driver run over it, shattering it to destroy it.

The reason said was that if he was caught with the weapon he would be tortured to death by the Russian communists. This wraps this entire saga up into a neat package, but I simply do not believe the story that myriads of Germans destroyed their rifles as they went west to the American lines.


Sepp Allerberger was a Soldier who took great pains to hide his Marksman rifle for the times the Russians might overrun the German lines.  He created hiding places for that weapon and he valued his weapon, as much as the 3rd Gebrigsjager's Armourer did. It simply is not "German" to destroy things.

It is said that the reason there are not many original German sniper rifles is because they were destroyed. I believe instead the reason they were never found is because they were in mass hidden away by individuals, as Allerberger later stated he hid, along with his comrades their MP 40's along a road in burying them. I would wager that along prominent features,  in buildings which would remain standing, these German Marksmen put their firearms into  a cache.


It was a reality that in Poland, Czechoslovakia or Hungary, that those weapons were unavailable in the Soviet era, but knowing that these borders came down after the Reagan era,  that numbers of these Landsers engaged in a road trip and these weapons came back to Austria and Germany tucked away in the hide away places of their vehicles.

It is the only thing  in Joseph Allerbacher's memoirs which I did not believe. For all the trauma these patriots endured for the Fatherland, none of them went berserk afterwards, as they were  hunted for years and the leftist propaganda even in their own nations would not validate them, when all they were engaged in was fighting communism.
The reality is that America after supplying communist terrorists in  Stalin's hordes for the war, after the war, used the same rhetoric and spent billions in a cold war and termed it patriotism, as they slaughtered boys in Korea and Vietnam for the war machine. For Americans it was a heroic thing, but for Germans who were far ahead of the world in recognizing the evil empire  that communism  was, the German People were branded war criminals.
It is time for the German People to bring out their Grandfather's weapons and start speaking the true history of their heroic fight and who the real war criminals were in their terrorism of the German People.

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