Friday, November 9, 2018

Ginsburg: Dead Justice Falling

Don't be alarmed, my body parts fall off from time to time

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With the near death experience of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, almost dying in her Supreme Court office, there is a reality that this old woman is eating herself alive, in her body is cancer eating  her bones in order to try to survive for calcium needs.

Ginsburg's fall broke three ribs. This was not the first time she has shattered her ribs as this has happened previously, which means that Ruth is on medication for bone degradation, and it has not helped.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was hospitalized Thursday after fracturing three ribs on her left side in a fall at her office a day earlier, the court said in a news release.
Ginsburg, 85, initially went home after the accident, which occurred in her Supreme Court office. But she later reported experiencing some discomfort, and was admitted to George Washington University Hospital "for observation and treatment.

For those non donor rich people who God is still waiting on your big donation here, you will be reminded that my mom had a nasty set of falls this past week. When she broke her upper femur by the hip, the bone was pinned, and she was put on an experimental drug which cost 10,000 dollars to rebuild her bones. See bones of people deteriorate to mush actually. You can actually break the bones of old people by hugging them.
The drug mom was on 10 years ago, which we injected into her daily for two years, was a success as her falls had her looking like she was beat to hell, but not  any bones broke or she would be dead now. The reason mom was  falling was  water retention in her feet and those toxins affecting  her balance. With Ginsburg, she fell, that means  her balance  is off. She is a frail old woman, who can not keep her balance, because her mental facilities have degraded, as she is asleep at the wheel.
Ginsburg fell, against either her desk or chair. She thought she was not injured but was. That notes she is falling often enough on carpet that she discounts the falls. This time though she struck more than carpet and broke her ribs.

A human can not live without bones. It is a matter of time that this cancer ridden woman will break something major in her hips and there will not be any pancreas cancer fixes for this. It might be her spine which will snap. Either case Ruth Bader Ginsburg is on her way out. This is not something recent, but has been degrading her for years. Cancer treatment has degraded those bones and by her slight build, she is a walking honeycomb bone pile ready to crumble  like a sand castle someday.

If this was a  matter of bones, new treatments could be tried, but she is losing her balance, which points to the same imbalance that has Hillary Clinton causing seismic events as her rotund pounds the pavements like Yellowstone fissures. That imbalance is not going to get better. In nature she is falling, with her bones  breaking, so she can quickly be eaten by a lion for a snack.
As there are no lions in DC,  that means more  expensive healthcare which only rich and  powerful people can afford, while the rest of us change the bandages.
Ginsburg belongs in a walker with wheels, but that is not going to deal with her not being able to pick her feet up in not keeping her balance.

Cancer was nature's message it was  Ginsburg's time to exit the building as her body was bone consuming itself.  Now the bones will be her  end. Somewhere in her are several fracture zones. Her ribs prove she has been robbing peter to keep the limbs working. With the ribs deteriorated, the rest will follow. It is always a matter of calcium degradation, but it is possible to factor out the exact year she will expire given that information.

Donald Trump will if he survives the  Mike Pence coup against him, appoint a Supreme Court justice to replace Ginsburg as it is highly doubtful given her mental state, that she will survive another six years. She is a walking cancer factory, her bones are shot and her mental capacity is diminishing.
That David Breyer is the next bone break candidate, over those two lesbians, as Kagan is a big boned dyke and Soetomeyor has different genetics which will medically end her days.

With that, Nuff Said