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The Missing Think

LOL! DNA Analysis Reveals Marco Rubio 47 TIMES More Indian Than Elizabeth Warren

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For many of us, our pasts in the year 2015 AD and 2016 AD are a mass of forgotten memories in which we have wiped for more pertinent information like surviving today, but for some of us, we remember passing remarks like Uncle Gordy on the Rense program stating that Donald Trump's people appeared on his doorstep and were inquiring how to gain support of the fringe like Veteran's Today or Alex Jonesas there was a deliberate plan in this from the Trump campaign, to counter what was promoted time and again as the Bush Strategy of winning the GOP nomination without the base.

Those memories refresh ideas we have heard, and I recall Rush Limbaugh name dropping Rand Paul having come to Florida to see hm,and seriously explaining his ideas too of winning the GOP nomination as Jeb Bush was destined to do without Republicans voting for him either.

As the Trump Tempest took hold, the maxim which I stated before 2015 that the powers that be had chosen Jeb and Hillary and all was on course, began one in which the Balkanized GOP field of too many candidates so Jeb would win and the Clintonized filed  of democrats where Bernie sold out to Hillary before a vote was cast,  so Hillary would be the nominee developed a new paradigm where the established absolutes were changing as the field of battle had shifted.

Ted Cruz was backed in Bush Texas, not to win, but to be a Hispanic which Marco Rubio would knock down. Rubio was more attractive, more likeable and more casting couch than Cruz would ever be, and this would be the scenario which Jeb Bush would defeat the field and the Hispanic which hammered Cruz, in Rubio would then be chosen as the Vice Presidential candidate for 2016 AD in the year of our Lord.

As the field changed though, the Bush camp took a page from the Clinton playbook as Hillary was looking forward to wiping the floor with Jeb, and in that she was really enticed by taking on the idiot Donald Trump who would be the easier mark.
To save himself, Jeb Bush coordinated with Marco Rubio's campaign, to create a dirty research dossier on Donald Trump. This would  expand and become the infamous Pissgate Dossier, enhanced when Hillary Clinton's people took it over in her degrees of separation from Fusion GPS coordinating with John Brennan at CIA and James Comey at FBI.

As this evolved, the Trump campaign moved forward with the old established hit tricks which had worked previously to elect George W. Bush, in the venerable Jerome Corsi who went Swift Boat on John Kerry.

All of this though evolved in the body politic out of the bed of Marco Rubio, and in the list of his biggest donors is the reality of everything which became Russian Collusion and Pissgate, as the focus of Robert Mueller, the protector of America in the Trump investigation, began centering on a common question by his prosecutors of Who was it that you were talking to in the information being leaked to Wikileaks. 

That question was asked Jerome Corsi and he stated he did not have a name as he figured things out himself. As time progressed hit pieces came out against Corsi which Corsi indicated were coming from Roger Stone, a fellow indictee in being asked by Robert Mueller too, in who were you talking to at Wikileaks for this information.
 This is a relevant question as Seth Rich working for the DNC was murdered on a Washington DC street, after he learned that Hillary Clinton had worked an early deal with Bernie Sanders to have him throw the election. This Clinton straw man in Sanders, so incensed Rich that he copied the DNC files and turned them over to Wikileaks before he left the DNC for another job. That act sealed his fate and is part of this macabre nature of what was taking place behind the scenes in what was really taking place in the campaigns.

For Marco Rubio, his little hands appeal soon faded with voters, as those who backed him early were proven not the judges of character nor the faithful advocates of how being a number 2 in the Bush john, was something America would choose. Instead America flushed Rubio for the more dynamic Cruz as the #NeverTrump forces chose a fighter and not a pretty gay boy.

In the list of Marco Rubio donors is the genesis of Marco Rubio. They tell the tale of the Hedge Funds and the dirty secret of who this fag billionaire club was created for. These hedgers and their other "investment bankers" coming out of the Obama 2008 AD in the year of our Lord crash, were a product of Karl Rove. See the rich people now were democrats, and the Bush family needed big donations and the way politics created them was not getting 300 million in terror donations in fraud credit cards as Obama laundered in, in 2008 and you paid for in the crash under TARP, but  Rove created fag billionaires in hedge funds to money dump into the Bush GOP as a private vault.

In the list below is part of this funding process which was summoned to back Marco Rubio in Elliot Management, headed by the notorious Paul Singer, another billionaire sodomite with a faggot son of Jewry who was seeking to rainbow the Christian Conservatives  and Rubio was the perfect choice for the bisexual aura of Rubio and his rather degrading condition since in looking a great deal now like Charlie Sheen with HIV and on medications.

Marco Rubio


We have proof that Paul Singer was behind the hit file on Donald Trump, in Stone named the fag billionaire as the source of the funding and the file. This was the beginning of what would evolve into the Mueller probe. It all began as Marco Rubio taking on the Joe Biden role of destroying Lawrence Sinclair and Obama homosexual partner for the Vice Presidency. In this case, Singer who detested Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, had a sweaty Marco who would appear as Vice President in saving Jeb Bush for the White House, by creating the dirt file on Donald Trump to ruin him with rumor.

Roger Stone claimed on Thursday that Paul Singer, a Never-Trump billionaire hedge fund manager, was the original funder of the Fusion GPS dossier.
Appearing on InfoWars, Stone asserted that “we can now reveal that hedge fund manager Paul Singer was the original financier of this Trump smear document.”
“Representatives for Singer, a major GOP donor, denied in 2014 that the billionaire had hired Fusion GPS, the company that produced the dossier, to investigate the Argentine government. However, Singer’s team refused to confirm or deny this year whether the hedge fund tycoon had worked on the Trump dossier,” InfoWars reported.

Further, Stone declared that Senator John McCain was the one who acted as a go-between for Singer’s team and the FBI.

This entire Marco Rubio team, was not Rubio, but had appeared as the John McCain group of international trotters, of Lindsey Graham of North Carolina and Rubio of Florida. It was a most powerful group which wrested from Obama the foreign policy of the United States in Ukraine for Nazi's installed there and in Syria in promoting that Civil War.
Singer has made economic war on nations as much as George Soros on the left. The point in this is, if you did what Soros or Singer did in these Jews, you would be in prison or those nations would have shot you. When Singer brought down Argentian in debt blackmail, Obama did not lift a hand to stop him. Obama spoke of the powers that be, and the powers that be are these Jewish bag men who employ policy for the cartel in the guiding hand of how the world is run and in who leads and who is defeated.

Paul Singer Calls Both Trump and Clinton Unacceptable - First ...

Paul Singer spoke at the Sohn Investment Conference in New York in May 2013. ... Paul D. Ryan, has said he is not yet ready to endorse Mr. Trump. ... Mr. Singer described Mr. Trump and Hillary ...

Singer, is the focal point or the Sugar Daddy in a pecking order of investment groups who all claim they know more than you do, but whose reality is as they sit in luxury is that the money is funneled into their investment portfolios.
Ask yourself just where do those billions of dollars come from  that prop up these major investment funds to turn profits?

Under Obama a great deal of it was electronic money dumps from the US Treasury in debt finance. Under Trump we witnessed the repatriation of money from overseas in major players like Apple for lower taxes. But in the Bush form, we revisit the genius of the hedgefunders was not their genius, but the contraband which flows from the street corners, back alleys and whore houses, in the skimming trade of narcotics, human traffick, oil stolen by phantom ISIS groups which turn out to be Kurds selling oil to Turkey  and the coke and opium trade on every American street corner worth 2 millions dollars a year and laundered through franchise food vendors.
What the hedge funds were created by was the Golden Triangle of the CIA war in Vietnam and the same smarmy funding apparatus that Vice President George HW Bush unleashed to fund Iran Contra, which was nothing but coke laundering in Florida and Bill Clinton's Arkansas.

All of these hedgers and investment groups like sitting around giving the image that they know something about investment, but when it comes down to it, scratch the surface of this feeding chain deep enough and what appears is a Paul Singer on top who gleans the world for body politic, and the feeders off of him who are the lesser houses, who are put into place to provide trust funds for the doped out special children of the rich, because they are more important than Americans starving and aborted babies.

It was a well published fact that after the collapses of 9 11 and 2008, European finance only remained solvent due to the the opium from Afghanistan and Turkey, the kickbacks in oil from Iraq, Iran and Libya, arms sales to various dictators like Saddam Hussein, the selling of little Slavic girls to Jew brothels in Tel Aviv and the pilfered United Nations funds laundered through African and deposited in European banks.
You think the nigger communists of South Africa are special or that Robert Mugabe of Rhodesia is a great guy? The reason those regimes exist is for laundering billions of Euros into Europe, just like the various dictators of Latin and Central America exist to bring in billions to the "families" of American finance.

 The GOP sugar daddy, once a happy passenger on the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, was born August 22, 1944 in New York (EWT), as noted in his rather sparse Wiki bio, and the only aspect to natal Sun is an applying conjunction to Jupiter @ 6Vir (an out-of-sign conjunction), which gives an enlarged ego and makes him a natural salesman with broadened, perhaps overly enthusiastic views.

All of this political wrangling is a ruse. The guy George Bush loves to cuddle with in public in Michelle Obama is proof of that, just as Bush helped install Obama on Minnesota Al Franken vote fraud, as 10 million GOP voters disappeared twice under Obama for his presidency. These are the same creatures who serve the same system and in 2016 Jeb was to have his chance as Hillary was to have her chance, after being denied by the powers that be for Bill selling uranium out of Islamistan to the Chicoms.


How Barack Obama could end the Argentina debt crisis ...

Aug 07, 2014 · Paul Singer of Elliott Associates. Barack Obama has already capitulated to him in a 2009 battle. Photograph: Lucas Jackson / Reuters The "vulture" financier now threatening to devour Argentina can ...

In this quote on the hedgefunders on the right, it was Singer who was coordinating for the Bush family by his boy toy Marco Rubio, the use of funds to pick the next president and his vice president. The ringer was in the game and Singer was to herd the Nazi conglomerates into position so not to be competitors.

Hedge fund magnate Paul Singer likes to breakfast on decayed carcasses. What he chews down is sickening, but just as nausea-inducing are his new tablemates: billionaires Ken Langone and the Koch Brothers, Charles and David.
Singer has called together the billionaire boys' club for the purpose of picking our next president for us.

And all of this was set up by fellow traveler of the original set in Jewish Russ Feingold of Wisconsin with John the hero McCain, to allow the laundering of money which would then allow the rich to funnel that money back to the political wing of the cartel which made them billionaires for this reason and protects them by the police state.

Roger Stone was on point in this in John McCain in order to help Jeb Bush first, sent in Lindsey Graham of the North Carolina fagland with the gay Marco Rubio to take out Donald Trump early. When that failed, It was John McCain who carried the Pissgate files to the FBI which already had them from John Podesta and John Brennan, to bring down Donald Trump, and began the process of Robert Mueller appearing after the election to bring down Donald Trump.
This is the Rovian web of finance, but it returns to the beginning of this in the Paul Singer connection with the Bush family.

Somewhere in this the answers which the protector of America in Robert Mueller has been searching. There are hints in this as he searches for the missing contacts who his investigators were inquiring about in Grand Jury testimony in who was telling Stone and Corsi their information.

In the old school it is always follow the money. On the one side of this was Hillary and Bill Clinton selling Russian uranium to US consumers from US atomic energy plants, and then selling Vladimir Putin a monopoly in world uranium production, with all of that Putin money supposed to come back to the US stock markets as all of these bubbles were initiated from the Dotcom bust in Europe under Clinton to the busting of Japan and South Korea in the HW Bush era, the money was supposed to return and did not and that is why the Russians have been the target.
On the other end of this is the Rove generated billions in the laundering of contraband into the hedgefunds, in how this all links back to the emergence of Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and other leftists who were disquieted with what was taking place behind the scenes, and whose main agenda was they did not like Hillary Clinton, and the people, including Birther Hussein did not like Mrs. Clinton in the idea of her being in the White House to retaliate on those who denied her the presidency in 2008 when it was handed over to Birther Hussein to plunder the United States and the world in overturning the dope and oil cartels.

In this mix is emerging Elijah Cummings a democrat who has in a Lame Cherry exclusive before all others, revealed that the lucre fingers of Trump Trans was about selling 40 nuclear power plants to Sunni Islam for huge profits, which began with Obamites Mike Flynn and Jared Kushner, at the behest of the Bush family appointees looking to project Bush profits and policy for themselves. Again, who has the uranium but the Russians, so this deal was Russian Uranium for US built nuclear powerplants in Sunni Islam for Muslim nuclear terror.

At the central part of this, is a common core, and at the center are two spheres in what connected the Trump Campaign to the Rubio Campaign. Roger Stone has revealed that it was Paul Singer who funded this connection, but what Robert Mueller has been looking for is who was communicating with Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi. That is where the circles cross in a limited field of the Missing Link.

When protector of America, Robert Mueller finds that primate or primates who connect all of this, then his questions to Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi will be answered. I wonder at this though as soon as this blog started noting the Mueller questions, Lindsey Graham disappeared and Robert Mueller's people were leaking their investigation was about complete. It makes one ponder why a question from the Special Counsel investigators for months, would suddenly not matter as people are going to prison and are awaiting  trial over stating they do not know the answer to that question.

Coming down like a monkey. If it was only as simple a genesis lyric, but then again maybe it is.