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Hmmm that looks like a Trump Bribe

IMF Executive Board


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We have before us a real conspiracy, real collusion and bribery, and it is all linked to the frame up of Donald Trump in Russiagate. What we are now confronted with, is that before Julian Assange was dragged out of the Ecuadorian Embassy, over 4 billion dollars was handed off to that regime.

That was the price on Julian Assange's head, 4 billion dollars and Americans paid this for him, to move him from an embassy dungeon to the towers of London as the money came from the IMF, and there is no doubt about this being a bribe, as it preceded Robert Mueller turning in the report required by Attorney General Barr.

The WikiLeaks founder and editor was dragged into the blinding light of London just 30 days after the IMF approved a $4.2-billion loan for cash-strapped Ecuador, and 18 days after the conclusion of the two-year Robert Mueller investigation, which failed to unearth any trace of Russian collusion. Hang on, that’s not all. One day before Assange lost his asylum, Attorney General William Barr told US lawmakers that he believed the Trump presidential campaign was spied on during the 2016 election.

This blog has long covered the drug traffic in the world as it related directly to Barack Hussein Obama, as Obama overthrew the former drug smuggling routes, and placed his benefactors in control. This blog catalogued  this cocaine flow into Africa, and then into Europe, bypassing the old London smuggling routes.
The worst of this is still being fought over as the Mexican mafia battles MS 13 who Obama turned Chicago over to as the dope hub of America.

Under Obama from South America to Southwest Asia, cocaine and opium production rose 500% in a few years. Obama's benefactors were using FARC in South America and al Qaeda, and then ISIS for this traffic.

Cocaine Production Hits New Record -

The borders with Venezuela and Ecuador are the most affected. • Today, crops produce 33 per cent more leaf than in 2012. • The prices of fresh coca leaf, paste and cocaine hydrochloride fell by 28, 14 and 11 per cent, respectively. • In 2017 cocaine seizures increased by 20 per cent

Ecuador has been seen as a major transshipment point for cocaine for some time. But given a lack or resources, it can only search about 3% of the shipments coming out of those ports, Vigil said.
US law-enforcement ties with Ecuador withered under former President Rafael Correa. His successor, Lenin Moreno, has been more open to working with the US, agreeing in April to allow the DEA and Customs and Border Protection back into the country.

There was so much dope flowing out of South America, that shipments were being captured in the ocean, but never reported on American shores, and in record numbers.

Everything is blog informed you of in 2009, has come true in the Obama dope routes. There were record amounts of drugs flowing in, to new sources, while original syndicates were cut out.

It was a simple matter in Obama came to power, as South Americans were informed in July of 2008 BEFORE THE ELECTION, that Obama would be in the White House, as the fix was in. We know this as a fact that 10 million votes were flipped in that many Republicans disappeared and appeared for Obama.

John McCain and Sarah Palin won 2008. Obama had it stolen for that Birther.

The difference in all this is now, is the old order which was cut out by Obama and his confederates, are moving again under Donald Trump to restore that order. The arrest of Julian Assange is a matter of speculation in he will become a witness for Donald Trump in bringing down this Obama syndicate. You are gaining a glimpse of what all of this has been about. Assange has not been charged with anything.

It comes down to the reality now in who paid a 4 billion dollar bribe to Ecuador for the head of Julian Assange?  This was a pure and simple a bribe in a most criminal act. The "executive committee" handed this bribe over, and who led this was the Americans.


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The question in this is not just this bribe, but in the hell did the United States promise the rest of the board members from the crooks of China to the crooks of Germany.  There is a pattern in this in Donald Trump just bribed the Jews in stealing the Golan from Syria and handing it over to Jews.

People talk about 40 million dollars Robert Mueller spent, but 4 billion is a bit more in this racket as people seem to overlook that all of Clinton's and Obama's investigators which Mueller employed were being paid the big dollars, in that is how you spend 40 million dollars. It was a cash reward for these liberals which everyone is not putting two and two together over.

Now there is 4.2 billion to a dope cartel in Ecuador bribe. That kind of money means Ecuador gave control of that dope hub to the buyers of this. This is the same Venezuela region which like Iran got oil shut down so America would become the #1 exporter of oil as Americans were shorted and gouged. Venezuela is another dope center, and the only reason Venezuela is a focus is Venezuela is cutting out the Americans from gold shipments.

This is serious in what just took place as yes Ecuador just got a 4 billion dollar bribe, but most of that money is already flowing to the cartel bank accounts.

Personally, I could not care what kind of corruption and bribery which takes place among the elite, providing one thing in real Americans are getting a better life and getting a share of the pot. That is not taking place under Donald Trump. Food is over priced. Gas is spiking. Foreigners are pouring in to replace Americans, and America is involved in holocaust, and the American Genocide is coming due.

If Americans were getting their future, there would not be a problem with that 4.2, until Americans get their share, then these bribes will be pointed out.

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