Monday, September 9, 2019

Trump's Cobalt Wall

Where is the Presidential Leadership/

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It is evident that President Donald Trump is not President Richard Nixon in bombing the communists of North Vietnam into submission, but is instead like Uncle Ho, being bombed into submission by the Taliban in Afghanistan as Trump's envoy makes John Kerry glad hand with the Muslims.

President Trump Stop Negotiating With The Taliban. They Don't Want Peace Only American Lives. - Sara A. Carter   saraacarter

This is all damning in Sara Carter's world, whose husband was blinded in this war serving America. She advocates peace, but not in placing America in jeopardy and without wasting the lives of the people who fought in that war for the Taliban being returned to power.

Donald Trump CONFIRMS he is planning massive Afghanistan pullout amid peace talks with the Taliban saying he could end war in two days but adds 'I'm not looking to kill 10 million people - some of them innocent'

For a real perspective in this, Afghanistan sits between Pakistan and Iran. Afghanistan controls the Khyber pass for Chinese and Russian invasion control of South Asia and the Mideast. I will repeat the reality that Pakistan is a nuclear power, and that Iran was given Dr. Khan's nuclear warhead design, and Iran is a nuclear power.
Sheik bin Laden used Afghanistan as the training camp for 9 11. If the Taliban is handed power in Kabul again, they will become a nuclear terror power, and that terror will end up in vaporizing American cities. This will then be under Chicom control as Peking owns the mineral rights in Afghanistan. What Donald Trump is engaged in, is the ultimate destruction of Jewish cities in America beginning with New York as this is where the Islamic militants will strike as they have struck previously.

It is in this wasted over 3 trillion dollar money laundering to the Nazi conglomerates of America in these Islamic wars, that the Lame Cherry offers the President of the United States the only Jewish way out, in the work of  Sam Cohen, an atomic genius who was the father the Neutron Bomb.

Sam Cohen advocated after 9 11 to not waste trillions of dollars and American lives on Islamic terror wars, but instead to use Neutron bombs to eradicate the terror vermin. It is in that, that this blog calls upon a Neo Trump Doctrine, where the President with full voted support in Congress bombs the hinterlands of Afghanistan with Neutron bombs, and furthermore in key strongholds and the Khyber pass, detonates Cobalt bombs, which according to Tim Riffat will be the perfect humanicide for 5 years in wiping out all terror life in those recesses, and more to the point, end for 5 years any Chinese or Russian use of this passageway into Asia.

This is what is necessary to stop another 9 11 before it starts, and to make certain that a nuclear holocaust does not initiate in the United States, because America handed Afghanistan over to the  Islamists again.

This is a far ranging policy, meant to draw the neutron line in the cobalt sands, for Kim Jong Un in Korea, dictator Xi in Taiwan and Japan, and Vladimir Putin in Ukraine, as much as Erdogan in Turkey. Salting Afghanistan with fire and brimstone, will send the message that the United States will seal all invasion routes and eradicate all armies without any doubts. Begin a war with America in any form, and it will end with the atomic strangled death of all adversaries.

Those against this in the Nazi conglomerate will be so as it will cut off trillions of dollars in war profit in defense budgets. They fund the hysteria against sound US policies.  I doubt that even Sara Carter has the ovaries for even this solution, but America can not afford war any longer. America can not play WMD jeopardy another day. America can  not have another Vietnam as an epitaph on history, as what will follow is a nuclear grave for America.

The United States has been utilizing chemical and nuclear WMD's for years. Phosphorous bombs appear as much as depleted Uranium shells. Donald Trump as President has  been an abject failure, and he has neither the grit to invoke the Trump Neutron Doctrine nor the strength as this is about 2020 polling, and as he handed the Golan to  Jews for an election he will hand Afghanistan to terrorists of Islam for another Trump election.

I could win this war in Afghanistan in 2 weeks as the Taliban would cease. It is time the Peking proxy war against the United States ends.

It was Admiral Thomas Moorer who gave President Richard Nixon backbone, saved our POW's  in Hanoi, but unleashing the US Air Force and Navy in round the clock bombing, which shook  the communists to their terrified knees.

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