Sunday, July 27, 2008

Only the good die Donald Young

For those who do not know, Donald Young, he was a black Chicagoan who happened to be choir direction at Rev. Jeremiah Wright's church, and, according to what was expressed in the days before his murder to Lawrence Sinclair, Mr. Young was intimate with Barack Obama in the ways of sodomy which Mr. Sinclair has stated.

For some reason though in the ways of cover ups no one is expressing the obvious facts that the Chicago syndicate in it's typical Al Capone way carried out this silencing of Mr. Young who by deduction was giving feedback to the Obama camp or his phone was tapped and was known to be actually developing a camaraderie with Lawrence Sinclair, and, as two birds in a cage singing the same sodomobama love song is one bird too many, the result is what the Young family have been dealing with since December.
One only has to look at Chicago's past in St. Valentine's Day, the 1968 Democratic Convention and Dan Rather getting bounced around there to see the signature of the heavy, heavy fuel of the Chicago boys at play.

All one has to do is take a stroll around the collective comrade block to see what points to Chicago and what points to the way other syndicates handle matters. They all leave the tales of their personal comfort zone of death.

The DC Madam, Deborah Jean Palfrey, was a woman who knew too much and the people who knew what she knew did not like what she knew.
She of course knew what she knew would make the people who knew very embarrassed so if one examines her murder, a crew was sent to Miami, she was stunned as they needed a passive body to string up. No rope burns on the rafters or neck to show she was murdered, a man to lift her, one to tie her off and one to keep look out.
Nice, neat and simple with a tidy note to tie it all up in a case closed package.
This was the professionals of the patricians. They are the most skilled at what they do and it shows.

Enter, John Kennedy, not that much needs to be shown as it was the ex military professionals of the intelligence communities in league with the Chicago mafia. It was brutal like Chicago and precise like a sniper's scope.
If the business went bad, the mafia would have been ratted out to take the fall.
It went bad, but with so many thugs wanting to take credit for it there was no need to keep the dog from catching it's tale, yes tale.

In contrast his son, John John, was the same sanctioned assassination, but now it was the inheritors trying to keep their legacy from being exposed in the first murder.
So one can not triangulate on Martha's Vineyard. One just puts a bomb in John John's plane and blows the tail off.
Not as clean as a DC Madam suicide, but then it wasn't the same people carrying it out. Same bat time, same bat place, but a different bat station.

Then we have Vince Foster, the international bag man for the Clinton's in various bribes, money laundering and Marc Rich the accountant and Saddam the oil for food scandal which bribed the entire socialist world.
Vincent it is said had almost $2 million dollars for his cut which someone liberated from his bank account which Vincent was not at all pleased with in making noise where European misers prefer silence. So to silence Vincent, the grand masters of the game hired some Jewish professionals to convince the world, dead Vince drove himself to Fort Marcy Park to take a nap.
It was though not Fort Marcy the message was being sent, but the Saudi interest section which was across the road which was where the body was placed to point inquiring minds to, but that is another story no one looked into.
As it was an in house cleaning from the Europeans of an American house, no one did anything except put Ken Starr on the trail to keep it in the news so no more nitpicking would go on by outside partners.

J. Edgar Hoover is the quintessential American patrician removal of the old dog taken out and put to sleep with their toxic twist.
Hoover for years built files on everyone and basically kept most of these dirty tricks going on now from occurring, but when you get so old like Tiberius suffocating with Caligula sitting on the pillow on your head the new kids perform a coup. In J. Edgar's case they used poison in the bathroom medicine cabinet.
Hoover though really ticked the patrician liberals off as they just couldn't assassinate him they had to dress him up in a pink tutu and assassinate his character. The operatives who carried the hit out were very professional, but their employers were too thin skinned.
William Colby is what it looks like when the professionals are just left to their task and no ballet costumes are brought out of the closet.

Lastly, but not the end, we have the signature of Alexander Litivinenko, the Russian who was the British citizen exterminated by the Russians using the first nuclear attack in Polonium 210 of the coming Eurasian World War.
It is always amazing in the Russians are so miserable that their books are too long, poetry too cumbersome and when they go on the world stage they have to perform a murder like it is Macbeth.
If one sees the way they slaughter Putin's enemies in Russia, it is just bash and blow brutality, but when it is on the European stage they have to use ricin or in Litivinenko's case they have to pull out all the creative stops and script a drama where everyone in the world knows it is Russians because they are waving their hands hoping to be noticed.

Lawrence Sinclair in this is a perfect example of what occurs when the Delaware Syndicate and the Kennedy clan are running the Obama dirty tricks campaign.
One has the upper class Biden's who use the law to trump up charges in a rather awkward way and tosses in a few Obama supporters in Social Security of Chicago to harass him about his benefits.
The Kennedy's were running things when the money was exchanging hands to create the failed lie detector test.
That is the way they do things. Smear people, use the courts or government agencies to make your life miserable, but everybody lives to drink champagne for another day.
Makes mass go so much better with the Hail Mary's.

That comes full circle to the Donald Young murder which was typical southside Chicago in type. The person sent was not used to the tasks, but being a local boy he knew the moves of heavy handed history and that is what he chose.
Guns mean distance, multiple shots mean fear and open doors mean fleeing and not a professional.
That is why Chicago is second city and New York is first city to it's suburbs reaching to Miami. They just do things different there.

In the end, if this was some white homophobe stereotype Arian Nations type to be an Oswald patsy who was murdering Chicago black gay males, he would have been caught already.
Chicago is wired almost as deep as New York for surveillance cameras on and in everything. All that would have needed to have been done is timeline the murder and check the travel routes.

But like in all these cases, we just do not know who did it exactly, but the motive of operation reveals clearly which group was sipping martini's, vodka, whiskey or ouzo.
They won't ever be caught, but they do appreciate it when people write about them, not insulting them, but instead noting how skilled they had another good one die young or in this case only a good one die Donald Young.

Nope nothing gay about this guy. Nothing black on black crime, nothing about knowing Donald Young, no going to the same church about this guy.
No wonder Chicago PD doesn't consider him a person of interest and why no one in the FBI has been asked to come in and take over this investigation for his own safety as one of his personal friends met a violent end.
If John McCain's one gay friend in Arizona that he used to wrestle with in school was murdered, the media would be all over this story of hate crime.

Wonder why nothing is going on here.