Monday, August 11, 2008

Awakening of Vladamir Putin

One almost feels the need to apologize for not really being that interested in what Vladamir Putin is carrying out in Georgia, because when one is focused on the bigger picture, Mr. Putin being awakened to his heritage and crushing all foes with a brutal force, that is the arena of what is more fascinating in this game.

In America, the ruling elite of the Rockefeller groups, who are in a great part of the Ashkenaz convert peoples from the very region of the Caucasus now blowing up, have made the subject of heritage a subject verboten to use a German word.
It is in their interest to hide who they are as they play more powerful peoples against each other.
The heritage of peoples though are so very necessary in understanding what is going on in this as all of this is as old as the sons of Noah. Vladamir Putin, himself, can trace his lineage to Noah's son, Japheth, the eldest.
Japheth had seven sons and of these was Meshech of the people of the Moscow region. Tubal who lived along the Black Sea. Magog who are the eastern Slavs and into what is termed Russia, and, the various people's allied with the "Russians" in Persians, middle Asians and Indians.

So much of this though gets "mixed up" as for example in modern borders or historians who do not understand the immigration lines, the northern French are of the Shem line of Noah, but the southern French are of the Javan line of Japheth. So to the northern Italian is of the Javan line, but the southern Italian who is darker is of the Babylonian Shem line.
The people who are termed "Russian" where conquered by a small group of red haired people termed the Russ, who are from Sweden and of the Shem line and who for a short time led the many peoples of the children of Meshech who are now the people called "Russians".

The Royal Shem line was removed when the Czars were massacred. The Ashkenaz converts ingrained themselves into the Stalin system and were known as "Marxist Jews", but they are no more Jewish nor loyal to Jews than Robert Mugabe is British loyal to Great Britain.

These peoples all were migrants. For example, the Germani who settled in what is now called Germany were of the Indo European, meaning India Persian region of the Middle East language group. They though were Scythians and incorrectly named of the Japheth line.
The Scyths trace back to being exiles as Khumri and Cimerrians. Khumri was after Omri their king and Cimerrians were after their region of Samaria. The Scyths were the major tribe of the lost 10 tribes of Israel.
After exile and breaking out, they became known as Scythians.
As they migrated they picked up names more recognizable like Celt, Goth, Visigoth, Gauls Royal Scyths as named by the Romans as they moved west.

The Scyths had following them the Assyrian exiles from the Middle East who would move into Germany and become modern Germans. The Scyths would move into Angle Land or England as are known today Anglo Saxons.
All of these exiled Shem groups settled in western Europe and entire villages of them migrated to the United States giving it a distinct identity.

The hiding of the identity of the Shem line has been of utmost importance as there has been an Ashkenaz elitist war to destroy these people in their bloodlines and power for the past several hundred years, since the Ashkenaz converted to their Babylonian rites and want to reincarnate the old Nimrod Semiramis order. The old will become new and the order will come from the chaos.

All of this plays out in the history of the world. Behold the world wars and how they always divide along these ancient lines of tribes who have been fighting against each other for thousands of years.

This barbarianism which has awakened in Vladamir Putin is who he is. He is a virile and handsome specimen of his people's ancient roots. While not meaning to sound to be admiring in the incorrect way his manhood, one can almost envision Putin in the cold Moscow winters of 100 AD, clothed in bearskins, a roaring fire showering sparks into the night sky as he feasts before his brethren on roast wild boar inspiring his hordes to the joy of greater glory.

While it is not a recommended vocation for the non spiritual or easily swayed, there are numerous Catholic or Japheth oracles of the Slavic lands in Europe prophesying of a coming ruler of the sons of Japheth who appears as comrade to all, but in the time frame now working out he transforms into an Ivan the Terrible who leads the world into a world war.

Time will prove if Mr. Putin is this Ivan the Terrible type voracious leader, but it appears the elite of the Ashkenaz in Europe and America, who are from the same Caucusus region now erupting in west central Asia are fanning Mr. Putin's ancient flame.
The Ashkenaz are of the Japheth line of Gomer and like Mr. Putin you can see them by their lovely translucent skin of a specific tone. The leadership of the Israeli state are these Ashkenaz converts and of the same lineage of Vladamir Putin.

While the sons of Japheth are the focus of this commentary, it must be noted that the sons of Shem who are a number of peoples even more warlike are what Mr. Putin must understand as he comes to his awakening and enjoying his brutal power.
On his borders are the same heritage of his in the Slavs. The Poles are of this lineage, but they start becoming more western in action type in actually viewing themselves as the United States of Europe.
Into this, one has the Shem lines in Assyrian Germans and Babylonian Italians. One must pay close attention to the prefixes in those lines as Assyria was the first empire of this world ruled by Nimrod and Babylon was the second in conquering the world.
The Macedonians with the Greeks spawned a third world empire all sitting on Russia's border hearing the calls of the distant tribal past.

Mr. Putin as he stomps on his Georgian brothers venting frustration is not noticing some really barbarous peoples are beginning to awaken themselves.
The Romans who named the modern German Assyrians knew very well what these people were in loosing legions to slaughter from these barbarians. If one searches the ancient annals of history, one finds these Assyrians have always been quick to arise, keep no treaties and were the definition of brutal.
The ancient Israelite northern kingdom records as does other sources that when these Assyrians plundered Gilead and Bashan, they crucified the children of Joseph and skinned them alive.
Those are where those terms came from into history and why they carry on in English language families today in vocabulary. This is what the Germans have been about for their entire history as they couple industrious and quietness in their success.
Mr. Putin by his overzealous nature in Georgia is awakening these peoples on his border and initiating in the old rites that speaks to the blood flowing in the veins of Germans, Greeks and Italians.

One only has to view the Persians of today still fuming over Greeks smashing their empire and still wanting revenge. This same blood lust is all through this region in their ancient memories and is about to awaken.

This is the danger in this as the Ashkenaz elite play these tribes against each other again. Mr. Putin is full of virile power now, but he does not comprehend the fingers he sees in his west are one spasm from uniting into an iron fist who will start punching back.

Mr. Putin does not comprehend that instead of just the United States across the ocean walls that he will have almost 300 million central European warriors, arming for military battle, ensuing monetary battle and deciding that it has absolute needs superior in the Middle East and the oil fields, including Africa that he will have an immense giant on the border that has chewed up Russia many times before.
These Ashkenaz converts of the ancient orders and rites are hidden in the power seats of Europe and they have one driving force in they want Jerusalem as their city. That is what is going on their driving out the Shem line of Abraham of the tribe of Judah from the Israeli state by these Marxist Ashkenaz sons of Japheth and why they are importing Meshech sons of Japheth to do the dirty work.

That is what is breeding literally this coming Eurasian world war which so many now are finally seeing the roots of, but still thinking it is being fought over things from Americanisms, Zionism, against the Russians and Chinese. This is about the old orders, the old rites and the old bloodlines.
This entire friction line reads like the barbarians of history in brutalizing each other. The only reason these people have been behaving in the least the past 100 years is because of the Shem line from Abrahamic lines were dominating and setting about codes of warfare which is quite amusing in only the Shem children would come up with an idea that in the most brutal of activities there must be rules to make it seem less brutal, so all could live and fight another day.

Mr. Putin in all of his glorious beauty of manhood has been awakened. The world has not seen beauty like this for quite some time as the demonic princes have chosen their leader from the east and they always choose well in some glorious form who seems more than human.
In Newtonian law though and all physics, there will be an equal and opposite force arisen to do battle with as the central Europeans awaken to their empire too.

There will be no stopping any of this now, and, only a getting out of the way hopefully. For the United States, it is more vital than ever that the Bush 43 policy of withdrawing and looking strong but engaging in focal beach heads does not transform into Wilson's World War I or Franklin Roosevelt's World War II.
America must not look weak, but it must not become involved in this and yet the forces behind the Democrats are pushing America into this fight. The McCain group is inclined to use peripheral bases, but to keep from being in the Eurasian fight.

This will become more belligerent as friction grows. America will withdraw and the central Europeans will ascend. Assassinations in the Balkans as in World War I will start this again as that is what all parties want in a third Eurasian World War.

Such a magnificent specimen Mr. Putin is, but then the magnificent usually are the ones heralded for the glory of war and as they burn brightest are the most readily extinguished by their own people who will in time turn on them.

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